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    International business negotiations: presentknowledge and direction for future researchNina Reynolds, Antonis Simintiras and Efi Vlachou ___________________ 236

    Social capital and the dynamics of businessnegotiations between the northern Europeans and theChineseRajesh Kumar and Verner Worm__________________________________ 262

    International MarketingReview

    International business negotiations

    Guest EditorsAntonis Simintiras and Nina Reynolds

    ISSN 0265-1335

    Volume 20Number 32003


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  • Negotiation approaches: direct and indirect effect ofnational cultureXiaohua Lin and Stephen J. Miller__________________________________ 286

    A comparative analysis of sales training in Europe:implications for international sales negotiationsSergio Roman and Salvador Ruiz __________________________________ 304


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  • IMR20,3


    International Marketing ReviewVol. 20 No. 3, 2003p. 224# MCB UP Limited0265-1335


    David BallantyneMelbourne Business School, Australia

    Professor Jean J. BoddewynThe City University of New York, USA

    Dr Marylyn CarriganUniversity of Birmingham, UK

    Professor Tevfic DalgicUniversity of Texas at Dallas, USA

    Professor Adamantios DiamantopoulosLoughborough University Business School, UK

    Professor Manucher FarhangLulea University of Technology, Sweden

    Professor Krzysztof FonfaraWielkopolska Business School, Poland

    Professor Nigel J. HoldenCopenhagen Business School, Denmark

    Professor Constantine S. KatsikeasUniversity of Wales, UK

    Sam OkoroafoUniversity of Toledo, USA

    Professor Stan PaliwodaUniversity of Birmingham, UK

    Professor K.N. RajendranThe University of Northern Iowa, USA

    Professor Ilkka RonkainenGeorgetown University, USA

    Professor Saeed SamieeUniversity of Tulsa, USA

    Professor Bodo B. SchlegelmilchWirtschaftsuniversitat, Wien, Austria

    Professor Vern TerpstraUniversity of Michigan, USA

    Professor Sandra VandermerweImperial College, University of London, UK


    Dr Jim BellMagee College, University of Ulster, UK

    Dr Roger BennettLondon Guildhall University, UK

    Professor Paul ChaoUniversity of Northern Iowa, USA

    Dr Irvine Clark IIIJames Madison University, USA

    Dr John B. FordOld Dominion University, Norfolk, USA

    Dr June FrancisSimon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada

    Professor George T. HaleyUniversity of New Haven, USA

    Professor E. KaynakPennsylvania State University, USA

    Professor Leonidas LeonidouUniversity of Cyprus, Cyprus

    Professor Dale LittlerUMIST, UK

    Professor Thomas J. MaronickTowson State University, USA

    Professor Hans MuhlbacherUniversity of Innsbruck, Austria

    Dr Helen PerksUMIST, UK

    Professor C.P. RaoKuwait University, Kuwait

    Professor Ronald SavittUniversity of Vermont, USA

    Dr Vivienne ShawUniversity of Otago, New Zealand

    Dr K. SivakumarLehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA

    Dr Chris StylesUniversity of New South Wales, Australia

    Dr Isabelle SzmiginUniversity of Birmingham, UK

    Professor Michael J. ThomasUniversity of Strathclyde, UK

    Dr P.M. WilliamsonLiverpool John Moores University, UK

    Professor James E. Wills JrUniversity of Hawaii, USA

  • International business negotiations:present knowledge and direction forfuture research

    Nina Reynolds, Antonis Simintiras andEfi Vlachou

    Keywords International business,Negotiating, National cultures, Research

    Global companies increasingly rely on theeffectiveness of business negotiations for theirsurvival and growth. As an importantbusiness function for creating andmaintaining successful relationships,international business negotiations duringthe last decade (1990-2000) have attractedconsiderable attention among researchers.Although these research efforts have shedlight on several aspects of internationalbusiness negotiations, there has been neithera comprehensive assessment of the knowledgegained, nor a systematic analysis of the issuesthat this research appears to have leftunexplored. It is the purpose of this study toprovide a thorough review of the publicationson international business negotiationsgenerated in the last decade, identify trends,assess where the discipline currently is andwhere it might be going.

    Social capital and the dynamics ofbusiness negotiations between thenorthern Europeans and the Chinese

    Rajesh Kumar and Verner Worm

    Keywords Nego