Another Shill Outed - s3. s wealth that Jos Rizal and ... virtually, documentary, physically. They...

download Another Shill Outed - s3.  s wealth that Jos Rizal and ... virtually, documentary, physically. They ... what is your evidence to support the assertion that Donald Trump has an ...

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Transcript of Another Shill Outed - s3. s wealth that Jos Rizal and ... virtually, documentary, physically. They...

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    Another Shill Outed

    Karen Hudes Fri, Dec 30, 2016 1:30 PM To: Rose Knows You have just confirmed to me that you are a Banking Cartel shill. I am a lawyer for the Board of Governors, not the state-captured secretariat. You have ignored humanity's wealth that Jos Rizal and Marcos, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower deposited with the Bretton Woods institutions at the end of WWII in the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement. John F. Kennedy accessed the Global Debt Facility in the Green Hilton Agreement 8 days before his death. (see p. 16) You are now preaching gloom and doom instead of what is more likely according to the US National War College's Power transition model, a peaceful Global Currency

    Reset, as was agreed by the Coalition for the Rule of Law already in the Sequel to the

    Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement in 2014,

  • 2 and fleshed out subsequently.

    The Board of Governors fired Bertrand Badr, then Acting as President of the World Bank, after they fired Lagarde Kim, Aviel, McGrath, Sobel, McGuire, Hagan, and some of the Banking Cartel's other shills in the Bretton Woods Secretariat, (who were busy trying unsuccessfully to steal the world's assets managed by the Board of Governors). You, dear sir, have proven that you are a Banking Cartel shill. On Fri, Dec 30, 2016 at 9:45 AM, Rose Knows wrote:

    Karen Hudes

    Lawyer For the World Bank

    Lawyer for the "Global Debt Facility"

    Full Time House Nigger with a Brief Case?

    Possible Respected Field Nigger

    Dear Karen;

    The Promotion of the "Global Debt Facility" is Your Agenda Not Mine.

    My Agenda is to Educate to My Inner Circle that the Dollar is in Serious Peril and with All of the Implications that It Imply's Such as Bail-ins, Negative Interest Rates, the Escalating War on Physical Fiat Currency, Crashing Bond Markets, a Minsky Melt-up in the Stock Market that is Symptomatic of Impending Hyper-Inflation.

    Karen You are a World Bank Lawyer.

    Need I Say More.


    A Bank Who Profits from a "Fiat Currency Paradigm".

    The Current "Fiat Currency's of the World" are in their Death Throws and Will Evolve into a Global Fiat Currency Called the International Monetary Fund IMF, Special Drawling Right SDR.

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    Karen,,,Your Credibility is in Question Simply because You are.

    1...A Lawyer. [I have called out the entire legal profession KH]

    2...Work for the World Bank. [I work for the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF, who manage the Global Debt Facility containing the world's assets. (here is an inventory list, which needs to be confirmed: I also work for the rest of humanity, and am taking direction from them during the interregnum in the legitimate governments, which have been incorporated. KH]

    3...Your Personnel Beliefs of a Super Intellectual Race who live among us with Cone Shaped Heads Called Homo-Comprentis. [I have disassociated myself from this unproven theory for the past 3 years and said that there is no proof for this theory, which was passed to me in an attempt to discredit me and which the Banking Cartel and you are now trotting out in a misguided attempt to discredit me. Instead, you and the Banking Cartel are simply identifying themselves with this KH ]

    4...Your Failure to Prove that the Gold at the "Global Debt Facility" Actually Exist in Physical UN-Encumbered Fashion.[unencumbered: see the statute of limitations, which voided any claims in 2005; the existence of the assets is shown by the attempts of the Banking Cartel to steal the assets from humanity. John F. Kennedy accessed the Global Debt Facility in the Green Hilton Agreement 8 days before his death. (see p. 16) On information and belief, Wolfgang Struck specified the location of many of these

    assets in his last emails to me KH]: 12.27; "But I can show you much more than the

    world allows, starting with 150,000MT in DBS, 50,000MT in WestPac Melbourne,

    10,000MT in Papua New Guinea, 10,000 MT in Citibank Labuan, 7,000MT in UBS

    Zuerich, 47,000MT for the ECB in HSBC Brunei, 5,000MT in National Bank of

    Dubai, 5,000MT in Bank of Dubai, 5,000MT in Bank of Commerce in Abu Dhabi,

    170,500MT for Bank of Hawaii in Honolulu, or simply hands-on 172,000MT under

    the swimming pool of the Philippine Plaza. Tell that to anyone in Europe and they

    will tell you that that is absolutely impossible, total nonsense. Hold, wait! Tell them

    that the good old royal families of Europe had stolen the gold in their colonial

    powers and cut the tongue of anyone who would tell the truth. In 1921, the royals

    and their Jewish bankers made a gold pact to forever hide the truth about the gold.

    Nobody in this world is allowed to tell the truth.WS

    12.26 "There is an office in New York, JPMorganChase, sitting on the treasures of the Federal Reserve New York Bank, virtually, documentary, physically. They have a TV set (CCTV courtesy of Ferdinand Marcos) connected to 34 "registered sites" in the Philippines." WS

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    Casey Hughlett

    Karen, what is your evidence to support the assertion that Donald Trump has an ongoing campaign

    aimed at dividing the country along racial lines?


    I Suspect that the "Global Debt Facility" is a Illusion to Lend Credibility for the Creation of a International Global Fiat Currency Such as the IMF SDR.

    Furthermore I NEVER asked You to Publish My E-Mails.

    You Did so on Your Own Accord.

    I Suspect that You saw a a Certain Reasoning and Logic in My E-Mails and Ran With Them to Promote Your Claim of Hidden Gold Captured During WW2 to Create the "Global Debt Facility".

    Karen,,,I Must Now ask You.

    Can You and the World Bank Show Us this Claimed Gold in a Physical UN-Encumbered Fashion?

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    If Not that I have No Choice but to Suspect that You are Also Just Another "House Nigger With a Brief Case" in a Long List of House Niggers.

    With Deserved Respect in Your Challenges.

    Steve Guiliano REAP

    AKA "The Sacred Clown"

    AKA "Field Nigger"

    From: Karen Hudes Sent: December 29, 2016 9:45 PM To: Rose Knows Subject: Re: Margret Wente and The "Toronto" Globe and Mail Can Not Handel the TRUTH you have never acknowledged the Global Debt Facility, ergo you are a shill. I will not publish your gloom and doom garbage. good bye

    On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 6:15 PM, Rose Knows wrote:

    Margret Wente


    The Globe and Mail

    The Woodbridge Company of Spin Doctors and the Tainted Legacy of George Brown

    News Paper of Political Correctness and Tilted Record.

    Cannon Fodder for Inspirational Television Production for Ian McLead

    Full-Time House Nigger for the Lame Stream Media

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    Dear Margret;

    "Those who Do Not Read the News are Uninformed".

    "Those That Do are Misinformed". MARK TWAIN

    I am Sure that Your Intentions are Pure and Nobel as Sighted in Your Areas of Expertise in the Subject Lines of Your Chosen Articles Surrounding the Social Issues of Your Politically Correct Feel Good Social Safety Net Causes.

    Your Utopian Mindset is a Beautiful Thing, and I Must Admit that when I Read Your Articles I am Left With a Overwhelming Sugar Rush Almost to the Point that I Feel Compelled to Go and Get a Insulin Injection to Counteract Diabetic Shock.

    As You Know I Consider My Life's Journey as a Journey of Truth Discovery from a "Field Niggers" Perspective.

    Margret,,,Your Version of Truth is One Told from the Opposite Perspective.

    That is to say,,,the Perspective of the Masssster.

    Margret,,,Your Version of Truth that You Put Forward After the Approval of Your Massster,,,for a Fiat Currency Pay Check is What makes You a House Nigger.

    Margret,,,Your Version of Truth No Longer Stands Up to Scrutiny With the Informed Viewers of the Alternative Media.

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    Margret,,,Your Lame stream Media Demographic is in its Death Throws Continually Looking for a Brain Dead Viewership Without Critical Thinking skills.

    Margret,,,I Wish You Well for You are a Dinosaur and Your Lame Stream Media World Will Soon Become Extinct Because Of Your Inability to Stand Up to Your Lame S