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Transcript of Ancillary Product Textual Analysis Digipak 1

Textual Analysis: Digipak

Textual Analysis: DigipakMorgan Redman






Colour SchemeBlue, black, white, sepia, red.Blue to connote sorrow and sadness, themes of songs in the compilation such as Heaven Knows Im Miserable Now.Black and white to imply the darker themes of society and belief systems. Sepia to convey the nostalgia of youth.Red and pink colourisation to imply danger, romanticism and being free.

Colour Scheme

Sepia colourisation to evoke nostalgia, blue connotationsRed, pink warm colourisation links to the romantic style of the music

LayoutNon-standard capitalisation, rule of thirds composition, large format images, diptych CD case inside, plastic inside casing, repeated cover image on booklet. The band name is placed in a significant position over the album title due to font size and the capitalisation of THE SMITHS. Large images take precedence in the booklet as there are too many song lyrics for a small leaflet with 45 songs.Dual CD is good for this number of songs but for a single only one would be needed and thus the layout is less significant.Repeated use of cover image on leaflet for impact.


Diptych disc layout with continuous background to link the layout together seamlessly

Rule of ThirdsBand name and compilation title in the centre third of the rule of thirds compositional grid. Band name in top central third due to the layout of the photograph as the cover image but also as the centre is the main focus of the eye of the receiver.

Rule of Thirds

All band members framed in grid squares except for lead singerComposition of title in central column

Image, Text and FontVarious images: black and white, sepia, colour, blue hue, red colourisation etc.Adobe style typography in varied font colour: non capitalised in white and capitalised in blue. The colours evoke sorrow, nostalgia and romanticism to match ideas and themes of the lyrics of the songs in the compilation.The typeface and font colours link to the romantic style of the lyrics.

Image, Text and Font

Colourisation of fonts to match the rest of cover art

Design ConstructionComplicated diptych dual two disc CD layout with singular pocket.Back 1Front 1Secondary fold out back 1Secondary fold out front 2Disc compartment 1Disc compartment 2Singular pocket

Design Construction

Application to Individual ProjectThe ideas that can be taken from this for the individual project include:Post-production colourisation editingVarious fonts throughoutPrint on booklet matching the coverNo logo usedUnorthodox genre conventions with no lyrics in the booklet