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Transcript of Ancillary Product Textual Analysis Digipak 2

Textual Analysis: Digipak

Textual Analysis: DigipakMorgan Redman






Colour SchemeBlack, white and pastel blush pink.These colours are for the deluxe digipak, the original without additional songs is lilac, white and pastel blush pink featured on the following slide. Black and white are colours that often connote a sense of nostalgia due to black and white photographs and cinematography.Pink is a hopeful happy colour and one that is associated with love.This links well with the themes of the songs which focus on relationships between couples and family members. The acoustic renditions of some songs on the deluxe album have an evocative feel of nostalgia and thus the black and white colour scheme adds to this.

Colour SchemeWhite font opposed to pink, same typefaceBlue lilac additional graphics on standardThe font is larger on the deluxe albumPink font opposed to white, same typefacePink font instead of pink background

LayoutSimplistic, centred typography, bold font, capitalised font, narrative layout of lyrics opposed to paragraphing, justify column alignment of lyrics, letterbox photographs, symbolic semiotic sign logo. Simplistic centred bold capitalised fonts make it easier for the text receiver to read.Column narrative lyrics for aesthetic and fitting it within the square booklet template. Semiotic symbolic sign of logo on inner booklet instead of front cover for aesthetic appeal. The logo is a deconstructed moose head.


Central column alignment of information

Rule of ThirdsFont is in the central column in the rule of thirds grid composition.Letterbox images are placed in the top horizontal third of the leaflet followed by song lyrics. Central vertical third of the grid is reserved for writing such as lyrics, song titled and band name as this is where the text receivers eye is automatically drawn to. Letterbox image ratio provides an interesting alternative to the typical layout of images in the central horizontal and vertical regions of the rule of thirds grid.

Rule of Thirds

Top horizontal third letterbox image Font in central column of rule of thirds compositional grid; central focus of the eye

Image, Text and FontBlack and white images edited in post-production to have a blush pastel pink colourisation hue. Neon sign-like capitalised bold italic typeface for title of band, album and songs.Lyric text is sans serif italic easy to read. Black and white colours and pastel pink hue evoke ideas of nostalgia and romance, fun and happiness.The neon sign style font connotes small town motel signs and other such establishments or also Hollywood fame. The font used for lyrics is simple to read due to the nature of band name, album and lyrics being extremely significant to the music.

Image, Text and Font

Neon sign font styleBlack and white photographs, increase in contrast, post-production colourisationLyrics in simple sans serif font, text in paragraph layout opposed to lyric genre structure

Design ConstructionSimple two pocket diptych style digipak.BackFrontGatefoldDisc pocketBooklet pocket

Design Construction


Application to Individual ProjectThe ideas that can be taken from this for the individual project include:Post-production colourisation editingRule of thirds central alignmentVarious fonts throughoutPrint on CD matching the album coverLogo importanceUnorthodox genre conventions such as lyric layout in booklet/ leafletIdea of various styles for individual albums/ singles meaning that less necessity to conform to the bands current cover art etc