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Term Paper OF Marketing Management Topic : Ajit Newspaper

Submitted To: Submitted By: Mr. Parveen Singh Kalsi Gagandeep Singh (Faculty dept. of management) R315-A23 MBA- 1st Sem. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI feel immense pleasure to give the credit of my term paper not only to one individual as this work is integrated effort of all those who concerned with it. I want to owe my thanks to all those individuals who guided me to move on the track. This report entitled NEWSPAPER MARKETING PLAN for AJIT

I sincerely express my gratitude and lot of thanks to Mr. Parveen Singh Kalsi for helping me in completing my Term paper and give me a ideas for doing my job and making it a great success. I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to staff of LOVELY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS who introduced

me to the subject and under whose guidance I am able to complete my project

PREFACEAs MBA degree require equal attention practical as well as theoretical aspect of the business, various problems are to be dealt with in these courses, that is why research programs are there to give deep as well as through knowledge of the subjects. I have attempted to live up these requisites while preparing this term paper. It is a part of professional courses. With the help of term paper we can able to understand the deep knowledge about the specific topics assign to us. During my project work I observed some the aspects of making a market plan. and gathered all the necessary information regarding it.

It is hoped that this report meets the given expectations and various requirements of the research

AN INTRODUCTION TO AJIT NEWSPAPERThe most favourite newspaper of the punjabis AJIT is the worlds largest newspaper that is printed in Punjabi language. The newspaper is called as PUNJAB DI AWAAZ. Now I am going to discuss the brief history of the AJIT newspaper. It was first printed at Lahore, in Urdu language in 1941. then it was only of 4 pages and was printed only weekly. After that it started printed daily in 1942 and was conducted by the civil supply minister of that time S. Baldev Singh. The first chief editor of the AJIT newspaper was the MLA of that time S. Lal Singh Kamla Akali.

After the independence, It was started printed at Jalandhar and S.Sadhu Singh Hamdard was its chief

editor.In 1955 it was started printed in Punjabi language as AJIT PATRIKA. After that it was again changed to Punjabi AJIT in 1957. This newspaper had a great success. After that Most of the punjabis started reading this newspaper regularly.

After the huge success in Punjabi newspaper the AJIT group comes in to action again with the launch of the Hindi newspaper called AJIT SAMACHAR in 1996. So in this way they started giving competition to their competitors in the segment of Hindi newspaper.

They took their first step in the world of internet in July, 2002 by launching their website of Punjabi news www.ajitjalandhar.com. From this website the readers can read their news in Punjabi language very easily and effectively. Because of these efforts by the AJIT group the AJIT newspaper becomes the No.1 selling Punjabi newspaper in the world.

An introduction to a Marketing Plan of a NewspaperMore than in most other businesses, the need for good planning in the newspaper business is essential. Newspapers are subject to major economic cycles. They have a high level of variable costs. They benefit from shortterm initiatives. The newspaper industry is highly competitive, and threats are changing all the time. They are uniquely dependent on inter-related revenue streams provided by sales and advertising. And newspaper companies are fast moving. "Good planning is the route to accelerated growth," says this report, which offers a examination of the main techniques that newspaper companies use in their planning processes. "It is the means by which market difficulties and internal

blockages can be anticipated. It is the way to forecast resource requirements such as staffing technology and newsprint. It is also the best way to encourage teams of managers to work together."

Making an Effective Marketing PlanHow well your advertisements and promotions draw customers will ultimately determine how effective your marketing strategy is. It becomes your responsibility to cultivate your designated market, if you decide to market your invention yourself. One of the ways to do this is through advertising and promotions. Remember the aim of the advertising and promotional strategy is to create awareness of your product, to arouse customers' needs and expectations to the point of consumption and to create a loyal stream of satisfied customers who continue to patronize your business.

A marketing plan aims to help organise the strategy for a company, its products or services. Planning is essential in all organisations and company plans should be documented. A marketing plan is not a unique document within an organisation. Production would have a Production Plan, Human Resources a Human Resources plan and so on. .

However, all good plans must support the overall corporate objectives of the organisation, the corporate objectives maybe to be global leader in the next five years, all individual plans must support this. A common method used to help plan a marketing plan is an acronym called AOSTC. It simply stands for 1. Analysis Of environment. 2. Objectives Setting yourself SMART objectives. 3. Strategies For segmentation and growth, targeting and positioning. 4. Tactics Used i.e. marketing mix

5. Control. How you will monitor that you are achieving objectives.


As we all know in India a lot of newspaper are publishing in different languages. Altough AJIT daily newspaper is having share in overall market share, but still more than 20 lakh readers daily read newspaper and AJIT, a newspaper from AJIT group is having a large no. of readers daily. , it is still a leader in punjabi newspaper in the market. And have the pruod of becoming the No.1 selling Punjabi newspaper in the world.


Market demographics means the demographic factors which influence the market of Ajit newspaper which are as follows:

Age-The is Ajit newspaper having the readers of every age because it is printed in Punjabi as well as in Hindi language, both of the languages are the mostly used by the Indians as Hindi is our national language and Punjabi is also very popular language

Occupation- In this factor, we can talk about the occupation of the readers of Ajit newspaper which are professionals, students, and even every little and older member of an Indian family.

Generation-The existing generation is having great interest in knowing what is happening in the state and country and how the markets are performing. so this demographic factor is influencing the marketing strategies of Ajit newspaper.

your marketing plan should include strategies typical of any marketing plan. The plan should especially include what marketers dub as the four P's of Marketing:


Review your plan. Make certain it contains the strategies listed below and on the next page and then determine how these strategies will be applied by you. Include a brief explanation for each strategy.

Identifying Competition: By market research data By demand for product By your nearest direct and indirect competitors By the strengths and weaknesses of competitors By an assessment of how competitors businesses are doing By a description of the unique features of your product By the similarities and dissimilarities between your product and competitor's By a pricing strategy for and comparison of yours and the competition's

Identify the five nearest direct competitors and the indirect competitors. Start a file on each identifying their

weaknesses and strengths. Keep files on their advertising and promotional materials and their pricing strategies. Review these files periodically determining when and how often they advertise, sponsor promotions and offer sales.

Ajit group competitors newspaper successful Samachar. competitors

becomes successful in identifying their and become able to be no.1 selling Punjabi in the world. And they also become in their Hindi language segment Ajit They are giving hard competition to their like Punjab kesari , Denik Bhaskar etc.

Develop A Marketing Budget Operating an effective marketing plan requires money, so you will have to allocate funds from your operating budget to cover advertising, promotional and all other costs associated with marketing. Develop a marketing budget based on the cost for the media you will use, and the cost for collecting research data and monitoring shifts in the marketplace. Ajit group has make a good use of their marketing budget that is why they became successful in every new segment like Ajit Samachar, Ranjit Weekly .


The most commonly a person always compare price of the newspaper to the other newspaper. The Ajit newspaper is the no.1 selling Punjabi newspaper because of their lower prices in comparison with their competitors the price of the Ajit newspaper is only Rs.2 in their regular weekdays, while the Sunday edition is of Rs.3 only. While other newspapers like The Economic Times and The Financial Express price their Saturday and Sunday editions at Rs.7 to Rs.10,. Other Business newspapers like Mint and Business Standard don't Publish on Sundays. If your product is sold at the lowest price regarding all your competitors, you are practicing competitive pricing. Sometimes, competitive pricing is essential. For instance, when the products are basically the same, this strategy will usually succeed.

- Like, Ajit newspaper is having competition with the Jag Bani wh