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Mid West Displays offers a huge range of acrylic displays including, acrylic leaflet dispensers, acrylic poster holders, slatwall, hook on pockets, easy access pockets, bespoke acrylic displays, freestanding acrylic panels, etc.

Transcript of Acrylic displays from Mid West Displays

  • 1. Acrylic Displays
    Mid West Displays
  • 2. Mid West Displays
    Since 2004 our growth has been phenomenal - a fact that we attribute to our quality products at extremely competitive prices, excellent customer service, short lead times and next day delivery.
    we are shipping a huge range of cable and rod display systems, sign supports, lighting, freestanding displays and rotating displays to customers worldwide
  • 3. Manufacturer of Acrylic Displays
    U Shape Pockets
    Display Cases
    Bespoke Acrylic
    Cable & Rod Acrylics
    Wall Mounted Acrylic
    Freestanding Acrylic
  • 4. U Shape Pockets
    A3 Portrait U Shape Pocket
  • 5. Cubes
    Acrylic Cube (Hinged door & lock)
    Acrylic Cube (Concealed Lid)
    Acrylic Cube (Front & Backless)
  • 6. Display Cases
    Cricket Bat Display Case
    Sport Shirt Display Case
    Rugbyball Case
  • 7. Bespoke Acrylic
    Red Cube Plinth
    450mm x 450mm x 1050mm
    White Cube Plinth
    300mm x 300mm x 750mm
    Set of Three Cube Plinths
  • 8. Connect-It
    Connect-It-5F (frosted)
    Connect-It 5c (clear)
  • 9. Cable & Rod Acrylics
    A3 Portrait Light
    Panel on Cables
    A4 Light Panel with
    Bevelled Edge on Cables
  • 10. Wall Mounted Acrylic
    A0 Portrait
    Wall Mounted Poster Holder
    Double 1/3 A4
    Wall Mounted Dispenser
    A0 Landscape
    Wall Mounted Poster Holder
  • 11. Slatwall
    Slat Wall Pocket 1/3 A4 Portrait
    Slat Wall Pocket 1/3 A4 Landscape
  • 12. Freestanding Acrylic
    Acrylic Book Stand 70mm x 230mm
    Acrylic Bridge 100mm
  • 13. Contact Mid West Displays
    The Display Centre
    Knights Way
    Battlefield Enterprise Park
    SY1 3AB
    T: +44 (0)1743 465531
    F: +44 (0)1743 465532
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