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This slide deck is dedicated to retailers looking for a better understanding of Twitter and how it works for businesses. Implementing these 9 ideas can completely change the way you use this social platform. Happy tweeting.

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I FEEL YOUR PAIN Ive heard a lot of people say it, I dont understand Twitter. And Ive heard this from a good amount of my friends working in bike retail. I understand, Twitter can be very confusing and time consuming Hopefully this slide deck will shed some light and give you some ideas on how to be a rock star on this platform.

CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? You see, Twitter is a very busy place. Crazy busy! There are 58 million tweets everyday. Which is why I Twitter isnt the best platform to talk about yourself or your business. Twitter sucks as a broadcast tool because everyone is broadcasting! Broadcasting on Twitter is like hiding a needle in a stack of needles. Twitter is better used as a platform to engage and talk with other people.


Twitter is not a traditional media platform like television, print, or radio. Posting your advertisements, campaigns, newsletters, or sales wont get you anywhere. Think of Twitter like a party. Its all about the conversations youre having, and the insight youre providing. Imagine standing in the middle of a party and shouting, We have 30% off all helmets this weekend only! You may not be kicked out of the party. But no one is going to talk to you. other people make.



On Twitter, what you say is not as important as how you respond. Dont stress yourself out trying to create the worlds greatest content. Instead, focus on listening to people . See what theyre posting. Read what theyre reading. Then create a relevant and helpful connection with them. Your voice will be heard best when you add insight to other peoples lives, solve their problems, or have an idea to help them overcome a challenge.

9 TWITTER IDEAS Id like to walk you through some of the most common missteps on Twitter and show you how some bike shops are getting it right.

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1. You will be judged by your responses The majority of Twitter users are just shouting. They are shouting into a dark Twitter void of loneliness- hoping that someone hears them. Hoping that someone cares. If you want to be great at Twitter focus on responding to people. That is what people want when they use Twitter. To know theyre being heard. Creating content = Ok at Twitter Creating engaging content = Good at Twitter Responding to people = Amazing at Twitter

1. You will be judged by your responses Winning at Twitter is all about how well you respond to your customers. How quickly you respond, how genuine your response is, and how helpful you are being. Your worth on Twitter is measured in your ability to respond, not necessarily your ability to create content. Although having great content never hurts. Gary Vaynerchuk may have said it best

1. You will be judged by your responses The reason I was able to grow my businesses was not because I was putting out good content. Its because I was answering every single persons Twitter @ reply and created context and relationship with that end user. These are the ####ing people that buy our sh##! These are the people that are putting cash in your wallets. Gary Vaynerchuk Over 1,000,000 Twitter followers

2. Join conversations, Dont create them. If youre posting and posting and just waiting for someone to care. Youre going to be waiting a long time. Some people can get caught up in their own ego and think, What I have to say is important and special. People always want to hear me talk. In truth, what you have to say only matters if it can help someone else. Thats how Twitter works (and life really). Its up to you to find the right conversations and join in. The easiest way to do that is with Twitters advanced search tool.

2. Join conversations, Dont create them. The advanced search tool lets you look for keywords and quickly find conversations about cycling, bike repair, bike fitting, or whatever. Then you can jump in on those conversations and start adding value immediately. You can also filter the search by location. One of my favorite things to search are the words bike and ride near San Francisco, CA. This will filter out everyone in SF who has posted a tweet with those two words. twitter.com/search-advanced

2. Join conversations, Dont create them. And here are some results. Each one of these people might benefit from a discussion with someone at a bike shop. As a bike shop, do you want to know about these types of conversations? Of course you do because youre a wonderful and helpful person. Rather than standing behind the counter and waiting for someone to walk in, you can get on Twitter and start talking to people who might need your help.

2. Join conversations, Dont create them. If I were in your shoes, this is the type of stuff I would be searching for on Twitter. Bicycle Bike Cycling Bike and ride Bike and stolen Bike and fit Bike and fixed Bike and flat and tire Bike and need and new Also search any topic that relates to your business. Like downhill or triathlon and dont forget to search your bike shops name.

3. Post photos. A lot of photos. They used to say a photo is worth a thousand words. Now a photo is worth a thousand characters. Tweets with photos are a way to supercharge your content. They can get double the response over a text-only tweet. But always try to post the photo directly to Twitter instead of posting a link to it. When posted directly to Twitter the photos jump out of the Twitter feed to grab readers attention.

3. Post photos. A lot of photos. Remember, when posting a photo youre posting to ALL of your followers. So its best to post the photos that will have the widest reach. Posting a photo of a mountain bike youve just put on sale might be relevant for 1 or 2 people. These tweets are great examples of photos that have a wide reaching audience. Videos and infographics are also great to share on Twitter. Whenever you can use a visual, you should.

4. Link back to your site Sometimes you cant say it within140 characters. Sometimes you need to show them an article, a series of photos, or a buy-now button. Links are great, but remember when you post a link youre asking your reader to leave the party and go somewhere else. Where do you want them to go? You want them to go back to your house (website). Taking them to a product review on Bike Radar, or a great video on PinkBike is cool and all but that means they are less likely to visit your site. Links drive traffic away from Twitter. Some of that traffic should go back to you.

5. Hashtags can create great connections Hashtags create connection and conversation around a single topic. This hashtag by Wiggle Bike Shop was a big serving of awesome-sauce. They touched on two things their customers love to do; ride bikes and take selfies. They created a great call to action, posted it with a wonderful image, and their customers followed. Dozens of people posted a selfie and each one further established their relationship with Wiggle Bike Shop.

6. Dont post Facebook links on Twitter. What do we want? Engagement!! Where do we want it? Somewhere else!! It breaks my heart when I see bike shops posting this type of content on their feed. This is called Blind Tweeting. Where you post to Twitter through some other platform or software. Blind Tweeting is addictive, because it allows you to create one post and have that post delivered to other social platforms. It sounds like great multi-tasking, right? Sorry to say but the only thing Blind Tweeting succeeds at is telling your followers that you dont care, or dont know how, to use Twitter.

6. Dont post Facebook links on Twitter. Blind Tweeting is like meeting someone at a bar and the first thing you say is, If you leave this bar with me right now I will show you a picture of something. Yeah, like that doesnt sound sketchy as hell. At least buy me a drink first. If people are engaging with you through Twitter, its probably because they dont want to be using Facebook to talk to you. If people find you on Twitter, and youve created an account on Twitter, then you should be engaging them on Twitter.

6. Dont post Facebook links on Twitter. See that post by @EriktheBikeMan? It was an awesome photo! Like, really good. They posted it at 8:27am. At the end of the day, no one had commented on it, hit the star button, or retweeted it. That post will disappear into oblivion. And that makes me sad.

6. Dont post Facebook links on Twitter. A big reason Facebook links dont work is because Twitter is primarily a mobile platform. Over 75% of people access Twitter through their mobile devices. A Facebook link turns into a total crap-show when I attempt to open it on my phone. On a phone- the link doesnt send me to the Facebook app. It sends to me a webpage where I cant like it, comment on it, or share it unless I log in. It adds so many steps it becomes a barrier for a lot of people.

6. Dont post Facebook links on Twitter. So I asked @ErikTheBikeMan to repost it. This time uploading the photo directly to Twitter. Now everyone following could easily see the photo, comment on it, and favorite it. Within an hour they already had some engagement.

7. Dont post Instagram links either. While were on the topic For all the same reasons to not post Facebook links, lets stop posting Instagram links as well. I know Instagram makes it really, really easy. But since Twitter users are on mobile.

7. Dont post Instagram links either. that link to Instagram may not take them to the app where they can comment or like it. S