8 Easy Tips for Greening Your Library's IT

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A presentation by Jim Lynch and Sarah Washburn for Amigos' Going Green at Your Library 2 conference. Visit

Transcript of 8 Easy Tips for Greening Your Library's IT

  • 1. 8 Easy Tips to Green Your Library and Save $$$Amigos Going Green at Your Library 2 Nov. 2010

2. TechSoupforLibraries.org
(save 80-90%)
FREE content
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FREE resources
3. GreenTech: www.techsoup.org/greentech
Mission: To help nonprofits, NGOs, and libraries worldwide use technology to reduce their environmental impact and reduce the environmental impact of their technology.
4. Lets find out a bit about you.
5. 1. Use sleep settings
Why its green: dramatically cuts the amount of electricity your computers uses
Free and easy: save $60/year per computer
Monitor/display sleep: Turn off after 15 minutes or less.
Turn off hard drives/hard disk sleep: 15 minutes or less.
System standby/sleep: After 30 minutes or less.
Flickr user: stuant33
6. 2. Buy smart strips
Why its green: turns off power of computers and peripherals when not in use to save energy.
Inexpensive and easy: $20 to $30 per computer. They pay for themselves within a few months.
How to do it: purchase and plug in
Flickr user: villagelinca
7. 3. Print double-sided
Why its green: significantly reduces the amount of paper you buy and also waste.
Free* and easy: it could mean changing a setting to duplex OR *buying* new printer
Flickr user: Walter Parenteau
The average American uses 37 reams of paper a year.
8. 4. Use an online fax service
Why its green: largely paperless and doesnt require any additional hardware, ink, or toner.
Easy: Sign up, pay, and start using it.
Cost: $25-$200/year
MyFax (donation through TechSoup Global)
Flickr user: Jeremy Brooks
9. 5. Buy EPEAT rated equipment
Why its green: rated equipment uses less power, has reduced toxic materials (like lead and mercury), and is more easily recyclable than conventional equipment.
Free AND easy
How to do it: Visit www.epeat.net and search for the highest-rated technology
toxics reduction * recycled content and recyclability * product longevity end-of-life management * energy efficiencypackaging * corporate responsibility
10. 6. Buy refurbished computers
Why its green: extends the life of computers; 75 percent of PC energy consumption has already happened before a new computer is switched on.
Inexpensive & easy: refurbished computers are 50% less expensive
Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program Worldwide DirectoryTechSoup RCI Program
Flickr user: lungstruck
11. 7. Get in the cloud
Google docs * doodle.com * skype * IM
Why its green:
Decreases the amount of IT infrastructure that an office needs because computing power is shared and concentrated more in high efficiency data centers and less in the millions of office computer networks.
Mostly free and easy: many cloud services have a free version.
Flickr user: Librarian by Day
12. 8. Recycle your old technology
Why its green:Computers contain many toxic materials that pollute the environment if not properly recovered.
Free or inexpensive: Computer recycling is free in about half the US states and costs $10 to $20 per computer in states that dont have e-recycling systems
How to do it: visit www.earth911.com
Flickr user: cizauskas
13. Lets hear from you
Jim Lynchjlynch@techsoupglobal.org
Sarah Washburn