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4-D Wx Data Cube Data Formats & Decoders. Introduction & Overview. Agenda for the Week. Monday Logistics (host) Introductions Meeting Objectives (Tom & Mark) Major Activities/Milestones Through End of FY11 FY10 IT Demonstration Objectives Participants Demonstration Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of 4-D Wx Data Cube Data Formats & Decoders

  • 4-D Wx Data CubeData Formats & DecodersIntroduction & Overview

  • Agenda for the WeekMondayLogistics (host)IntroductionsMeeting Objectives (Tom & Mark)Major Activities/Milestones Through End of FY11FY10 IT DemonstrationObjectivesParticipantsDemonstration PlanDemonstration Test PlanProduct Format & Decoders4-D Wx Data Cube Product Overview4-D Wx Data Cube Decoder OverviewTuesday & WednesdayData Format & Decoder Discussions & PlanningThursdayGeneral Discussion

  • Meeting ObjectivesDevelop a plan forproceeding with developing additional data formats: a prioritized list with assigned organization & completion date for eachwhich data sets can be published as part of the FY10 IT Demo and by whomDiscuss issues with decoders as related to the 4-D Wx Data Cube and develop a plan with dates for resolutionGain a mutual understanding of high-level schedule of 4-D Wx Data Cube activities through the end of FY11Gain a mutual understanding of objectives and current planning status for the FY10 IT DemoGain an understanding of significant issues and concerns

  • Major Activities/Milestones Through End of FY11

  • Design ReviewThe 4-D Wx Data Cube Team has decided to schedule a Cube Design Review early in CY10The purpose is to conduct an in depth look at all aspects of the development efforts including:ArchitectureRIsReg/RepService AdaptersThe Design Review will be discussed this Thursday

  • FY10 IT Demonstration ObjectivesUtilize: NOAAnet & FTI to communicate between NOAA & FAApresumed elements of operational architecture to the maximum extent possibleMaximize products published by NOAA & FAADemonstrate a SAS-like capability (manual & automatic)Measure & report communications & processor performancePublish NEVS dataImplement security measures Utilize appropriate standards

  • FY10 IT Demonstration OtherUtilize a simulator to make requests for data in order to exercise the softwareClearly separate non-Cube functionality from Cube functionality Develop our own front end (separate from ADDS)Develop and exercise more rigorous testing, followed by a demonstration

  • Lessons Learned - 2009 IT DemoPreparation (including dry-run)

  • Lessons Learned - 2009 IT DemoFormal IT Demonstration

  • Lessons Learned - 2009 IT DemoFormal IT Demonstration (cont)

  • Lessons Learned - 2009 IT DemoMiscellaneous

  • FY10 IT Demonstration Demonstration PlanPurpose: Provide a single point of reference for all aspects of the demoOwner: 4-D Wx Data Cube TeamInput from: all players

  • FY10 IT Demonstration Notional Test OutlineTest Case 1: WFSRI version 2.0Test Case 2: WCSRI version 2.0Test Case 3: SASTest Case 4: NEVSTest Case 5: Service AdaptersTest Case 6: Performance & LatencyTest Case 7: SecurityTest Case 8: StandardsRegression Test: WFSRI version 1.0 WCSRI version 1.0WellFleet Registry/RepositoryStandards

  • FY10 IT DemonstrationProcedures FormatFollow FAA AMS Guidelines for test document developmentWill incorporate the following:Test step w/ expected resultsSpace for to indicate step completed (or Failed)Reference requirement being testedSign-off sheet for each Test Case noting time/date of completion, section for comments, signatures for Q/A and Test Conductor

  • FY10 IT Demonstration Demo Test Procedures1.0 Introduction: Includes Purpose and Scope2.0 Reference Documents:3.0 Test Description3.1 System Under Test3.2 Interface Under Test3.3 Test Setup3.4 Test Equipment3.5 Personnel3.6 LocationSchedule

  • FY10 IT Demonstration Demo Test Procedures (cont)4.0 Test Conduct4.1 Safety Considerations4.2 Requirements Under Test4.3 Procedures4.4 Test Data Reduction and AnalysisAppendix A Requirement Traceability Matrix

    (More information and description of each section can be found in Appendix C-6 at http://fasteditapp.faa.gov/ams/do_action?do_action=ListTOC&contentUID=20 )

  • FY10 IT Demonstration Program Trouble Report (PTR)Form used to identify issues that are encountered during testingEach failed test steps will result in a PTRPTR from will consist of:Time and Date of PTRTest Case / Step / PageWho generated PTRIssueExplanationResolution

  • FY10 IT Demonstration Simulator / ToolsiTKO Lisa Toolhttp://www.itko.com/lisaProgress Software Actionalhttp://web.progress.com/actional/ESRI ArcGISUnidata Integrated Data Viewer (IDV)http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/idv/ NextGen Evaluation Weather Tool (NEWT)

  • FY10 IT Demonstration NOAA Testbed Design

  • FY10 IT Demonstration NWEC Testbed Design

  • FY10 IT DemonstrationMilestones (requires dates)Draft 1 of Demonstration ProceduresDraft 2 of Demonstration ProceduresSoftware baselined / frozenDry-Runs at NOAADraft 3 of Demonstration ProceduresDry-Runs at FAAFinalized Demonstration ProceduresTest Readiness ReviewFormal FY10 IT Demonstration (Full Test)Formal FY10 IT Demonstration (High-Level Test)FY10 IT Demonstration Quick Look ReportFY10 IT Demonstration Report

  • Product Format & Publishing DiscussionFormatsSome formats have been developed; others are under developmentGoal is to plan, through end of FY11, for developing formats beyond those already completed or plannedincluding which organization is responsible for which product formats, and when they will be completedPublishingGoal is to decidefor the FY10 Demowhich products will be published and by whom

  • Decoder DiscussionWednesday, November 18Scope of Decoder DiscussionWhat Decoder-Related Problems Should Be Anticipated?Based on experienceBased on foresightWhat Standards Apply (OFCM, WMO, )?Differing standards versionsDealing with overlapping standardsLegacy Systems TransitionDecoder Metadata & Need for ConsistencyExample: Site Identification InconsistencyRules (what is allowed, not allowed?)Example: METAR remarks fieldExample: Concatenated messages

  • Decoder Discussion - continuedWednesday, November 18Local TablesOther Decoder Challenges (Input from Group)GovernanceDefinition and establishment of governanceLeveraging existing governance bodiesAuthoritative (oversight) and technical (execution) layers neededNeed for ongoing interagency collaboration a long-term activity Next StepsVery near term (e.g., FY10) and beyond FY10

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