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Newsletter Vol. XLI No. 1 Commemorative Issue July 2018 Commemorative Legacy 35th Anniversary Edition Greetings from the 1983 International Daughters of Utah Pioneers Board Standing left to right: Diana H. Coonradt, Betty M. Sorensen, Pearl Brooks, Ruth C. Garbett, Lila P. Burgoyne, Norma B. Winn, Margaret P. Gasparac, Elva K. Smith, Thelma P. Woodward, Moneta S. Baker, Lela N. Fackrell, Louise B. Pearce, LeVerne K. Downward, Beatrice B. Malouf. Seated left to right: Eileen R. Dunyon, Elaine P. Kirkpatrick, Mary S. Peterson, Mary Louise Popkins, Emma R. Olsen, Louise C. Green, Virginia P. Sorensen, Thelma M. Holbrook. Not pictured: Joellen P. Dillard, Iris Motzkus, Barbara B. Nielsen, Gloria Scovill, Alice K. Slusser, Beulah F. Spencer, Thelma S. Steadman.

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Commemorative Legacy PDF_Layout 1Commemorative Legacy 35th Anniversary Edition
Greetings from the 1983 International Daughters of Utah Pioneers Board
Standing left to right: Diana H. Coonradt, Betty M. Sorensen, Pearl Brooks, Ruth C. Garbett, Lila P. Burgoyne, Norma B. Winn, Margaret P. Gasparac, Elva K. Smith, Thelma P. Woodward, Moneta S. Baker, Lela N. Fackrell,
Louise B. Pearce, LeVerne K. Downward, Beatrice B. Malouf. Seated left to right: Eileen R. Dunyon, Elaine P. Kirkpatrick, Mary S. Peterson, Mary Louise Popkins,
Emma R. Olsen, Louise C. Green, Virginia P. Sorensen, Thelma M. Holbrook. Not pictured: Joellen P. Dillard, Iris Motzkus, Barbara B. Nielsen, Gloria Scovill, Alice K. Slusser,
Beulah F. Spencer, Thelma S. Steadman.
The Legacy Newsletter came about when Emma Olson decided it was time for the Daughters of Utah Pioneers to have a new image. Mrs. Olson, a “woman of action,” took it upon
herself to hire some local advertising consultants. Her inquiries resulted in an initial meeting with Larry Winborg and Jim Wilson, both of whom had their own businesses but collabo- rated frequently in the design and writing of brochures. This first meeting occurred in the early 1980s. Mr. Winborg and Mr. Wilson first became acquainted while employed at Gillham Advertising, Inc., in Salt Lake City in the early 1970s.
After touring the DUP museum, Emma Olson listened to their recommendations to give the museum and the organi- zation a face-lift. In the months that followed, the Legacy newsletter designed by Winborg with graphic icons, was printed in sage green and black. Wilson wrote copy and Winborg designed two brochures for the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Eventually Elaine Kirkpatrick supervised the work created by Winborg and Wilson.
The Legacy newsletter was printed at Paragon Press because both Winborg and Wilson were impressed with the high-quality brochures being produced by Paragon for their clients.
Legacy • Commemorative Issue 2018 –2–
2017 – 2019 International Daughters of Utah Pioneers Board, Museum and Office Staff
Top row left to right: Joellen Dillard, Cathy Tingey, Sheryl Nabrotzky, Jeneal Wilson, LeeAnne Whitaker, Lynnette Hanson, Julie Thompson, Marilyn C. Workman, Madeline Barlow.
Middle row: Marsha Bryant, Phyllis Griffiths, Kari Main, LeeAnn Nelson, Kay Ann Saxton, Claire Olsen, Verna Hazelbaker, Judith Obray, Linda Hamilton.
Front row – Executive Board: Ruby Fielding, Jeanie Bowerbank, Maryann Jensen, Ellen Jeppson, Cheryl R. Searle, Billie Allred, Katherine T. Brimhall, Carol Billings. Not in picture: Constance Huntsman.
The old Paragon Press building on Pierpont Ave., 245 South 200 West, where the Legacy first edition was printed in the spring of 1983.
. . A Look Back in History: Paragon Press By Jim Wilson
Happy 35th Anniversary Legacy! I would like to pay tribute to
the outstanding women, who under their respective president’s leadership, brought together information from across our far-reaching organization to provide a lasting bond among the Daughters. We acknowledge these editors for their historical contribution to the Legacy newsletter and we want them to know how much we love and appreciate their service: Eileen R. Dunyon, Emma R. Olsen, Mary A. Johnson, Elaine P. Wilde, Denise Wheeler and Verna Hazelbaker.
As you read the names of these women, you may recognize Eileen R. Dunyon, Emma R. Olsen, and Mary A. Johnson who also served as presidents of our grand organization.
We have been able to draw from the incredible talent of Daughters past and present to preserve this historical organi- zation. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us to continue on and proudly bear our banner. In keeping with our past, our forebearers were conscientious in moving us forward. We also want to be conscientious in moving DUP forward in the future. To do so, we need to simplify our processes.
One of the ways we are moving forward is identifying who in the camps and companies have computers. Knowing who has computers enables us to take advantage of the internet and email. Using this technology saves the DUP money and gets information to you sooner. We are working on this process.
Consider scanning DUP records, and personal records, so future generations will want to utilize them. Many of you have produced beautiful works to lay out your family history only to have our younger generation inform us they do not want all that paper. So Daughters we are taking the lead on this project and will be using digital information more and more.
We will not leave those who do not have computers or access to computers behind. We want to identify who you are so we can provide the information in a way that will assist you.
Along the way, we may just save a few trees. We, the Daughters of DUP value trees: family trees, the Tree of Life, and trees we labor to plant for future generations to enjoy.
Plant trees for your great-grandchildren – for future generations.
Create a legacy of a better world. Leave this world a better place than you found it.
Literally planting trees for your great-grandchildren is a wonderful idea, but far more important…use this
symbolism – this imagery – to represent the kind of legacy you want to leave to future generations.
— Jonathan Lockwood Huie A fun way to spend a few moments would be to browse
through past issues of the Legacy. You might just see a picture of you from the past.
Enjoy your summer Daughters. We love you and wish you a wonderful summer.
SPECIAL RECOGNITION We want to recognize the following women for their
outstanding work and contribution to the Pioneer Memorial Museum databases. This was an extensive update to lessons, artifacts, photos, histories and FamilySearch. Marsha Bryant worked on the lesson and music databases. Kari Main worked on the artifacts database. Claire Olsen and Cathy Tingey worked with FamilySearch. Senior volunteer missionaries from the LDS Church digitized pioneer histories and photos under the direction of Cathy and Claire over an eighteen-month period. Thank you everyone for your invaluable work and supervision in improving our records.
–3– Legacy • Commemorative Issue 2018
The President’s Pen International News
The International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers announces a change in lesson procedure effective for the 2018-2019 DUP year. We are excited to announce that future lessons will be written and published in a book and available for purchase before the lessons are given. This change has been requested by daughters to eliminate issues regarding the mailing of monthly lessons and picture CDs. The International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers Board are enthusiastic to announce this new procedure. To facilitate the change, lesson leaders will choose lessons for the 2018-2019 year only from any DUP publication series including Heart Throbs of the West, Our Pioneer Heritage, Treasures of Pioneer History, An Enduring Legacy, Chronicles of Courage, Pioneer Pathways, Museum Memories, and Tales of Triumph. See back page for full details of ISDUP Lesson Calendar 2018-2021.
Left to right: Marsha Bryant, ISDUP Pioneer Memorial Museum Secretary; Claire Olson, ISDUP Photo Department;
Kari M. Main, ISDUP Pioneer Memorial Museum Curator; Cathy Tingey, ISDUP Specialist.
Cheryl R. Searle
DAYS OF ’47 ROYALTY ANNOUNCED FOR 2018 Royalty for 2018 Days of
’47 were crowned Saturday, May 12, 2018. The queen is Lauren Bell. She is the daughter of Russell and Barbara Bell of California. She is a student at BYU and served an LDS mission in Seoul, South Korea. The First Attendant is Heidi Farley, daughter of Tracy and Dan Farley. She served an LDS mission in Arkansas. The Second Attendant is Rachel Roy, daughter of Marianne and Randall Overstreet and Doug and Tonya Roy.
Sabrina Wheeler of Plain Cty, Utah, received the Annie Taylor Hyde Award from her
fellow contestants. Sabrina is the daughter of Todd and Cristine Wheeler. She will be attending Weber State University this fall, studying dance. She previously served on the Plain City Youth Council where she worked as a volunteer serving local youth groups.
The Royalty were chosen during a pageant held May 12 at the LDS Conference Center. They were selected by a panel of judges based on talks centered on this year’s theme, “Pioneer Stories — Foundation for the Future.” Their goals, accomplish- ments, poise, leadership, answers to judges’ questions, and family genealogy with pioneers who came to the Salt Lake Valley between 1847 and May 10, 1869 were other qualifications. They will represent the Days of ’47 and International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers.
CRANDALL HISTORICAL PRINTING OUTING In July 2017, members of the Honey Bee Camp, Utah
North Company, Highland, Utah visited the Crandall Historical Printing Museum in Provo, Utah. From a working replica of Gutenberg’s printing press, we watched as type was cast and pages of the famous Bible were printed. The invention of this printing press included everything from discovering the correct metal alloy for the type to inventing the perfect ink. Also, included on the tour was the Benjamin Franklin press and a working replica of the Grandin Press that printed the first Book of Mormon. We were amazed by how much we learned about history and printing. Our day ended with a delightful lunch and great memories.
too young to enjoy a day out with the DUP,” say Daughters of the Prairie Schooner Fort Lane Camp, Davis Layton Company, Layton, Utah.
Legacy • Commemorative Issue 2018 –4–
Camp and Company News
CAMP AND COMPANY JUBILEES Lincoln Company, Star Valley, Wyoming. Honored Brigham Young’s birthday by telling stories from their lives. Tooele County Camp, Tooele, Utah. Celebrated Brigham Young’s birthday with a luncheon and guest speaker.
Wanda Shumway holds 7 month- old Charlie May as they enjoy a spin through the Layton Museum
Members of Honey Bee Camp visit the Crandall Historical Printing Museum in Provo, Utah
2018 Days of ‘47 Royalty from left to right: Heidi Farley, First Attendant; Lauren Bell, Queen
and Rachel Roy, Second Attendant
Sabrina Wheeler, Annie Taylor Hyde Award
Beginning in 2018 ISDUP and the Pioneer Memorial Museum will change to summer hours Memorial Day to Labor Day. The building will be open to the public during that time from 9 am to 5 pm. The remainder of the year hours will be 9 am to 4 pm. We are no longer open Wednesday evenings. Large groups can make an appointment to visit the Museum during the evening on weekdays by calling Marsha at 801-532-6479 x200.
Bonita “Bonnie” Dee McCullough Morton passed away May 24, 2018. She served on the Board for 10 years in addition to being a docent. Norma Laxton Jones Moyes passed away June 11, 2018. She served on the Board for 25 years.
KNUDSEN CABIN OUTING Following the lesson given in March of 2017 about the
Knudsen Cabin in Brigham City, Utah, a group of daughters from Brigham Young Camp, Cache North Company, Logan, Utah, visited the cabin during the summer of last year. DonNell Astle, 2nd vice president of Box Elder South Company which maintains the cabin, was the guide who explained its history and the restoration work done on the structure.
According to camp captain, Nona Hess, “Following the tour, our group and a few guests met at a local park for a picnic lunch and everyone had a very enjoyable day.”
The Fort Pearce Camp, Washington Company, Utah enjoyed two activities in the spring of 2017. With husbands and guests, we went to the newly expanded Santa Clara Pioneer museum which has exhibits and stories about many of our St. George Utah pioneers. We attended a play at the historic St. George Opera House, built in 1875, called “Over the River and Through the Woods,” a humorous and yet touching message about the importance of family relation-
ships; especially grandparents! Later we went to Seegmiller Park which is a restored historic farm. The cabin there belonged to the family of our lesson leader, Winona Stanley, who shared special family remembrances with our group.
During the year we also sang at an assisted living center, donated food to the Utah Food Bank, and gave diapers, books, etc. to our alternative high school to help the babies of students. The result of reaching out is that we had a great year with many new members enrolling!
THEN AND NOW THE MARY ANN BARRETT BURNINGHAM CAMP The camp was established in May 1979. To celebrate the
camp’s 38th Birthday, the camp honored Mary by visiting her grave site (for the first time) and read from her history. Mary Ann was 15 years old and her brother, John, was12 when they came alone to the valley with the William Hyde Company in 1864. Like many pioneers she was afraid of Indians, but unlike many pioneers she herself was traded for a gun to a demanding Indian! Young Eli Manning, whom she was staying with, thought the Indian was joking when he stated, “Heap fine girl, what you take for her?” Thankfully she was rescued and later married Alfred Burningham of Bountiful, Utah. She lived to be 92 years old and is buried in the Bountiful City Cemetery. One member of the camp is related to Mary and another to Mary’s husband, Alfred Burningham.
–5– Legacy • Commemorative Issue 2018
Members of Fort Pearce DUP Camp left to right back row, Betty Brigham, Verna Erwin; middle row, Linda Lou Bills, Bonnie Rawson,
Anna Field; front row, Winona Stanley and Shauna Niederhauser.
Daughters at the Knudsen Cabin are back row left to right: Marilyn Maxfield, Barbara Sharp, Elaine Seeholzer, Nona Hess, and Bonnie Hoth. Seated left to right: Sharmeen Moore, Leatha Curtis,
Jeri Anderson and DonNell Astle.
ATKIN CAMP SOCIAL The Emma J. Atkin Camp of Tooele, Utah, held its
closing social at the Pioneer Memorial Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah, in spring of last year. Mae Freestone gave the lesson entitled, “Legacy and Clothing Styles in the 1800s.” After the lesson, we toured the museum and enjoyed looking at the 1800s period clothing on display. We gathered at a nearby restaurant for lunch following our tour.
ADVOCACY DAY AT THE CAPITOL Several ISDUP Satellite Museums participated in Advocacy
Day held at the Utah State Capitol earlier this year. The Utah Museum Association sponsors this special event for museum leadership to meet informally with state legislators about museums. It is also a time to network with other types of museums in Utah.
The Provo DUP Museum (Kathleen Eckhard and Martha Winson) displayed a large picture of the first Utah Territorial Legislature showing Martha Hughes Cannon, who was the first woman to hold office as a State Senator in the United States. The Springville-Mapleton Museum (Susan Bartholomew and Tanya Dyer) featured a “movie contest” held last year and had iPads playing the three winning movies.
The ISDUP Satellite Museum poster showed the 131st Satellite Museum in Spring City and the Drown Cabin Museum’s recent landscaping project which will allow visitors to visit the cabin located in Midvale. The Morgan DUP (ShaRon Williams and Dorothy Little) had a table and poster and talked about their plans to add on to their Museum. Sharon Johnson of the Cache County DUP displayed a poster telling about the colorization workshop they sponsored.
“Community Impact” was the theme for the annual Utah Museum Association Confer- ence held in Vernal, Utah, October 11-13, 2017. The Conference opened Wednes- day morning with three field trips. In the afternoon, Kay Ann Saxton, ISDUP Satellite Museum Director, presented in the poster session. Saxton’s poster titled “The Other Side of the Mountain,” focused on the historic impact of the area as well as the impact of the Uinta Mountains.
Daughter Sharon John- son of the Cache County Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum in Logan was named a member of the Board of the Utah Museum Association in the Business Meeting. Daughters attending the conference representing DUP were Nancy Lincoln and Sharon Johnson of Cache County DUP Satellite Museum and Kay Ann Saxton of ISDUP.
Springville, Utah sponsored a Film Festival last year. Producers of the three winning film entries received cash awards as well as the honor of having their films showcased in the Festival and on the Springville Pioneer YouTube channel.
Winners were: 1st place to Lauren Whiting, “The First Eight”, the stories of the first families to officially settle Springville; 2nd place to Tona Cyer Cox and her grandson Jason Haymond Jr, “Life of Cynthia Davis Clyde”, a pioneer grandmother and first Relief Society president in Springville; and 3rd place to Steven and Susan Bartholomew, “How the Halls Came to Springville” including an interview with Norley Hall about his ancestors Edwin Hall and his twin brother Edward.
The Springville-Mapleton DUP received a grant last fall from the Springville City Arts Commission which was used to fund the Film Festival awards and to purchase a new projector and screen which will be used by the DUP and the Springville Historical Society for future events and presentations.
To view these short films, visit the Springville/Mapleton Museum.
Legacy • Commemorative Issue 2018 –6–
Satellite Museum and Cemetery Highlights
Sharon Johnson, recently appointed DUP member to the
Utah Museum Association Board
Back row left to right: Jolynn Gubler, Nancy Thompson, Maureen Brandon, Colleen Bennion, Joyce Tate. Middle row left to
right: Norma Worwood, Carol Cluff, Michelle Whitehouse, Judy Proctor, Mae Freestone. Front row left to right: Rosalie Reed, Cindy Bolinder, Jo Ann Vernon, Bonnie Miller, Maryjo Alexander.
Martha Winson (left) and Kathleen Eckhard (right) of the Provo DUP Satellite Museum show some of their displays.
In October 2017, Provo Company DUP President No- rene Petersen, welcomed 125 visitors to the dedication of Marker #579. The new plaque was added to the south side of an existing monument “Utah Lake Resorts,” at 4090 West Center Street, Provo. The marker is dedicated to the fish of Utah Lake and to Peter Madsen, Danish convert and fisherman who moved to Provo. Madsen
was instrumental in saving many from starvation; he knew how to make nets to seine fish. Pioneers and Native Americans, during 1858, had suffered from a multitude of life threatening events — grasshoppers, crickets, drought and severe winters. More than 3,000 lives were on the line, with converts arriving daily. Brigham Young instructed those from Weber County on the north to Sevier County on the south to come to Provo for fish. All day and night the fishing went on. People remained on the river until enough fish were caught and salted to alleviate their hunger. The hungry gathered around campfires, broiling fish and eating them with such relish that only those who have been through similar experiences can imagine.
Relva S. Bowring, Primrose Camp Captain welcomed a crowd of over 200 for the dedication of ISDUP Marker #584, the Old Settlers “Swallow’s Nest” in November of 2017. Remarks were made by Mayor Clavin Balch, a reading of the plaque by Ruth Johnson, granddaughter of Albert R. Lyman, the founder of Blanding. Additional remarks were given by Cheryl R. Searle, ISDUP President and Katherine T. Brimhall ISDUP 2nd Vice President. Two musical numbers, “Man to Man” and “What Would Albert Say?” were composed and sung by Stan Bronson especially for the dedication. Dedicatory prayer was by Jed Lyman, Blanding Stake Patriarch.
MEMORIAL DAY PIONEER TRIBUTE In the spring of 2017 the Honey Bee Camp, Box Elder
North Company made tombstone markers for the pioneers interred at the Honeyville Utah Cemetery. The camp placed the markers on the graves this past Memorial Day weekend. After the holiday the markers were gathered up and now every year the camp can place the markers back on the graves. Bryon Bingham along with Mr. Banner cut them out and placed the wire in them for use.
HOBBS POND OUTREACH The Hobbs Pond Camp, Davis Company, Layton, Utah
wanted to help the students of the fourth grade understand more about Utah’s pioneer heritage. The students were studying Utah history. We traveled around the three classes, telling stories, showing pictures and talking about our own pioneer ancestors. We dressed up in pioneer clothes and even had the kids taste some horehound candy (which most of them liked). We plan to expand this program next year and hope to do it for years to come.
Outreach Programs
Members of Box Elder North Honey Bee Camp hard at work on their tombstone markers.
–7– Legacy • Commemorative Issue 2018
Utah Lake-Western Sea of Galilee Marker #579
Katherine T. Brimhall, Cheryl R. Searle and Relva S. Bowring at the dedication of Marker #584 Swallow’s Nest.
Members of Hobbs Pond Camp left to right: Dorothy Barlow, Janet Gardiner, Elaine Smith, Jaque Swenson, Janet Grant and
Ruth Ann Davenport.
THUMB BUTTE CAMP, YAVAPAI COMPANY The Thumb Butte Camp, Yavapai Company, of Prescott,
Arizona researched Adelia Adeline Ballard Teeples, born May 6, 1878 in Payson, Utah. Delia died in Walker, Arizona in 1901 and was laid in an unmarked grave. We were able to locate Delia’s family and with their encouragement and the assistance of the Citizens’ Cemetery Association in Prescott, Arizona, we purchased a headstone and placed in on Delia’s grave. The Camp held a memorial service and dedication of the grave. Delia’s great-grandson, Barry Carlile and his wife, were able to attend the service. Delia was born to William Henry Ballard and Sarah Delecta Hancock. Her family moved to Pima, Arizona about 1882. She married John Albert Teeples and had three children. In October of last year, the DUP participated in a Cemetery Walk. We portrayed Delia and told her story to well over a 100 people. We are privileged to have discovered Delia’s story and share her legacy in Utah and Arizona.
Tooele Valley DUP Company and the Tooele County Historical Society recently completed nine historical panels for the Tooele Pioneer Museum in Tooele, Utah. The panels advertise the community and its unique features. This was a great Outreach project for both organizations. Everyone who attends meetings in the museum can browse through the photos and stories and learn more about the history of Tooele County.
Alice Dale, Historical Society President; Merna Dalton, DUP Company President and Michelle Brinkerhoff, Outreach Coordinator all worked together in creating this joint endeavor. Assisting were Julie Hunt, Don and Patti Johnson, Annette Richardson and Ronald and Alice Dale.
CAMP COTTONWOOD REACHED OUT! In the fall of 2017, Cottonwood Camp, Lincoln
Company, Wyoming, held their monthly meeting at the Beyond Home Assisted Living Center in Afton, Wyoming. Twelve Camp members and nine Beyond Home residents enjoyed the lesson on the Pioneer Era. After the lesson, a light refreshment was served as everyone visited and got better acquainted. Some of the residents expressed an interest in DUP; they indicated that they would like to attend more meetings. A few said they had attended meetings in other camps where they were members, and they were glad to get reacquainted with the DUP organization.
LONE STAR BLUEBONNETS This past Christmas, the
Lone Star Bluebonnets Camp, Tarrant Texas Com- pany, Fort Worth, Texas contributed items for the residents of the Legend Assisted Living & Memory Care, Fort Worth, Texas. Velda Reed, Cameron Taylor, Caitlin Taylor, and Douglas Reed, with assistance at the delivery site by Melissa Rivera, Life Enrichment Director of
the facility delivered the items in plenty of time for the staff to wrap the gifts for a wonderful Christmas morning of gift giving.
The donations of sixty-four lap quilts, over one hundred containers of body care items, assorted personal care items, and over two hundred suckers with an attached inspirational message on each sucker, were greatly appreciated by the care facility. The lap quilts were amazing! Many of the quilts were hand pieced and machine quilted, others were fleece and machine sewn, and many were fleece with hand-tied edge quilts. They were all beautiful.
We want to acknowledge the Young Women from one of our local wards of the LDS Church, who contributed several of the quilts for this project and assisted with the assembly of the sucker and message project. Several women who were not members of DUP also contributed goods or services for this project. A young daughter of one of our members contributed four lap quilts.
Our camp is the first DUP camp in North Texas. We were organized in 2012. We currently have nineteen members.
Standing left to right: GayLynn Cole, Nicole Bates, Ginger Park, Susan Tognazzini, Leslie Tippets, Polly Erickson, Dianna Coles.
Sitting: C. Jensen, E. Dana, M. Haderlie, L. Barber, L. Anderson. Present but not in photo: Angie Muir, Marilyn Parker, Judy Palmer,
Diane Milne, Sue Buckley, Helen Merritt, S. Wolfe, B. Block, E. Thornock.
Attending a memorial service for Adelia Ballard Teeples are (left to right) Sue Williams, Gary Williams, Carolyn Ridenhour,
Virginia Grundvig, Shawnee Carlile, Barry Carlile, Carlyle Tippetts, Barbara Tippetts, Norma Kurr and Margaret Roselle.
Left to right: Melissa Rivera, Velda J. Reed, Camp Captain, Cameron Taylor and her daughter Caitlin
Daughters from the El Dorado Company were asked to share a display at the annual El Dorado Family History Center Open House held during the summer of last year in Placerville, California. Our table was set up in the middle of the display put up by the California Living History Missionaries. We had someone at our table throughout the day on both days answering questions regarding Daughters of Utah Pioneers. It was fun being with the Living History Missionaries and feeling a part of their beautiful display. There were other organizations represented at the Open House as well: Daughters of the American Revolution, El Dorado County Historical Museum, Roots and Gold Dust Genealogical Society among others. Five of our daughters volunteered their time: Collette Cook, Carol Frazier, Gayle Hillenbrand, Karen Miles and Sharon Pew.
DOROTHY PAGE SWOFFORD Dorothy Page Swofford was
born February 16, 1920 and is a member of the Riverton Camp, Salt Lake South Point Company, Riverton, Utah. Her pioneer family names are Dansie, Crane and Page, all from England. Dorothy’s ancestors settled in Herriman and Riverton, Utah. She grew up in Riverton where she met her husband Harry Swofford. There they raised six children and presently has posterity of nearly two hundred children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren. She still lives in Riverton. At 99 years young, she has
served as camp captain, held many offices, and has been a member of DUP for forty-two years. She followed in the footsteps of her mother, Florence Page, who was also a long- time member of DUP. She has four active DUP daughters. Dorothy says she has always cherished the legacy left to us by our faithful Utah Pioneers.
BETTY WELLARD AND 300 HATS! Betty Wellard has been crocheting newborn and preemie
hats for the past 5 years. She has crocheted around three hundred hats that have been donated to a local hospital. She will soon be 92 years young and is slowing down a bit. She said she doesn’t mind buying the yarn as it gives her something to do during the day. Betty has been active in DUP for about eighteen years first in the Tyhee Camp and then Rainbow Camp, Bannock North Company. She lives at Cottonwood Cove in Pocatello, Idaho.
LANORE KATIE LINK Lanore Link who is known
as “Katie,” was born on a day that everyone celebrates, July 4, 1917, which puts her at the age of 101 years young. Katie was born in Sunnydale, Idaho the second daughter to James and Velma Muir. Katie main- tains her good health by doing 100 sit ups each morning, eating healthy food and enjoy- ing a cup of hot water each evening.
All her grandparents and every one of her eight great- grandparents were Utah pio-
neers. Many of Katie’s ancestors joined the LDS Church in the days of the prophet Joseph Smith and were eyewitnesses to many important events of the restoration. To put her age in perspective, she was born during WWI. Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States and Joseph F. Smith was the 6th president of the LDS church. This same year Buffalo Bill died, bread was six cents a pound and fresh milk was 10 cents a quart. Katie is one year older than the pop-up toaster and 11 years older than sliced bread and antibiotics.
Katie brings honor to the title of “Daughters of Utah Pioneers.” Formed in 2008, she is a charter member of the Cactus Rose Camp, Washington East Company, St. George, Utah. Her camp is affectionately referred to as the Snow Bird Camp. Katie is an awesome lady! Thank you, from all of us for your friendship.
Pioneer Women of Today
Dorothy Swofford
Karen Miles and Sharon Pew in front of the Display Table. Note: Karen Miles passed away in October 2017. We all miss her
beautiful spirit in our meetings.
–9– Legacy • Commemorative Issue 2018
Betty Wellard with her knitted newborn and preemie hats
Katie celebrating her 100th birthday!
ISDUP 100-Year Young Club
DUP International Board Members recognize the influence for good and unselfish service of each of these daughters and express condolences to their loved ones.
Donation not necessary to be listed in Legacy Daughters’ Memorial. Name Camp Company State
ABBOTT, LOVA MAE MONTAGUE Wild Rose Utah South Center UT ABBOTT, FERN RASMUSSEN Purple Sage Washington East UT ADAMS, ARITA RAE STAPLEY Iron Mission Iron UT ADAMS, BERTHA ELTHERA BREMS Box Elder Peak Utah North UT AHLSTROM, JULIET NUTTALL Columbia River Benton WA ALBRIGHT, BARBARA CARRUTH Prairie Sunset Clark Desert Springs NV ALLEN, VIOLA MARY RICHINS Cricket Weber Far South Center UT ALLINGTON, BILLIE JOYCE BUNNELL Dilworth Salt Lake East Bench UT ALLRED, RITA SORENSEN Uinta Springs Sanpete North UT ANDERSEN, LEORA McLAIN Jane Davis Bear Lake ID ANDERSON, JOAN LaVON BROWN Capital Puget Sound South WA ANDERSON, MARY JANE PARKINSON Taylor Creek Bonneville ID ANDERSON, MATHEL WALKER Coalbed Sanpete North UT ATKINSON, NANCY LOUISE HATCH Sugar Factory Salt Lake Far South West UT AUSTIN, V ARDUS GREENE Windy Rivers Benton WA BAGLEY, DIANA LYNN BODELL North Field Utah Old Bell School UT BAKER, CAROL GENEVIEVE HANSEN Edgemont Utah Squaw Peak UT BALLARD, MAXINE HIRSCHI Patchwork Maricopa East AZ BARFUSS, ROENE POTTER Squaw Creek Caribou ID BARKDULL, SALLY ANN BENNETT North Field Utah Old Bell School UT BARKER, DOROTHY ANN SPARR Ammon Sage Bonneville ID BARKER, VERA “PAT” PIXTON Royalty Member at Large UT BARNEY, MARY DONNA JENSEN Purple Sage Clark Legacy Meadows NV BARTON, NOLA HESS Timp View Utah North Center UT BASCOM, ILLA FAYE ATWOOD Buena Vista Uintah UT BASTIAN, LORA JOHNSON Garland Box Elder North UT BEARD, MERIAM JANE PETERSON Midvalley/Union Fort Salt Lake Far South East UT BEARDSLEE, IRIS PEARL Roseville West Placer CA
HELLEWELL HABEL BECK, CAROL LUDLOW Stephen Markham Utah South Center UT BECKHAM, VERA JONES LOCKWOOD Ivans Anasazi Washington West UT BECKSTEAD, ANNE BENNETT Spring Creek Franklin ID BECKSTEAD, MARGIE ANN KELLER Indian Hills Washington West UT BELLOWS, RUTH JOAN BRIMHALL Escalante Utah South Center UT BELNAP, VEORA SARAH OLSON Mound Fort Weber North Center UT BENNETT, CONNIE JEAN Cedar Springs Millard East UT BERRY, ESTHER TELINTHA COBURN Gold Rush Sacramento CA BICKMORE, MAURINE JENSEN Settlement Creek Tooele County UT BIEDERMANN, MARDITH MITCHELL Enoch Johnson Fort Iron UT BIKMAN, ERMA RASMUSSEN Glad Alberta CAN BISCHOFF, NADINE TONKS Grandview Farm Utah Provo UT BOLTON, MARY JANE WILLIAMS Iron Mission Iron UT BRANCH, REVOLA PARKINSON Westward Ho Davis Layton UT BREWER, VERLLAIN JENSEN Taylorsville Salt Lake West UT BROWN, FARREL WALKER VAN TASSELL Bingham Junction Salt Lake Far South West UT BROWN, ORA MARY KIRKMAN Seagull Davis Clearfield UT BROWN, RUBY WEEKS James E Steele Bonneville ID BUNN, MARY BOLTON Elizabeth Passey Bear Lake ID BURRASTON, RUTH FARNSWORTH Moab Grand UT BUTLER, BETH MARIE CRANDALL Phillips Davis Kaysville UT BUTLER, MARTHA JEAN HICKS Willow Creek Tooele Grantsville UT BUTTERFIELD, BERNICE HATCH WOOD Leavitt-Layne Cache Far North UT BUYS, LORRAINE HAWLEY Terrace Hills Salt Lake Canyon Trails UT CAMPBELL, SHIRLYNN WILSON Hunter Salt Lake West UT CANNON, CAROL BETH HUNTINGTON Member at Large Member at Large UT CARLTON, LOIS GATES Honeycomb Weber Far South UT CARNAHAN, RUBY JOYCE TANNER Sagebrush Minidoka ID CARTER, AUDREY JONES Adamswood Davis Layton UT CARTER, FONNIE RUTH HANSON Grandview Salt Lake Canyon Trails UT CARTER, GLENNA DEE GRANDY Adams Utah Timp Valley UT CARVER, MARGARET THOMPSON Pleasant Hill Contra Costa CA CARVER, SHIRLEY STRUHS Fiddlers Creek Davis Layton UT CATTEN, BARBARA ANN GRIGGS Bingham Junction Salt Lake Far South West UT CHAMBERS, EVA MARIE CORBETT Mills Valley Davis Heritage UT CHAPPELL, BURLA SHURTZ Thousand Lake Wayne UT Mountain CHRISTENSEN, LAUNA STOLWORTHY Fremont Salt Lake South UT CHRISTENSEN, MARIE ADELE HANSEN Thomas Tarbet Smith Cache North UT CHARLESTON, ELINOR Golden Gate/Sunset San Francisco CA
COFFMAN, ILENE ALVEY Cottonwood Utah Springville/Mapleton UT COLLIER, GLENNA DORIS WALKER Summit Cache Far North UT CONOVER, ALICE YOUNG Old Mill Emery UT COOK, ARLENE POWELL Granite Trails South Salt Lake UT COOK, ENID CALDWELL Compton Bench Davis Farmington UT COOMBS, REMA KIDD OLIVER Sagebrush Minidoka ID COTTRELL, VIOLET HOLLAND Old Ben Weber North UT COULTER, JOYCE CARROLL GROGAN Helen Gillespie Shields Tooele Valley UT COWLEY, LAVON LARSEN Venice Knoll Sevier Center UT COX, JANE BRINTON Lakeview Davis Bountiful East UT CRANE, GWENYTH JAE JENSEN Blackhawk Sevier North UT CRAWFORD, VIVIAN ANN HENRIE Member at Large Member at Large UT CRIMIN, GLORIA DEAN HALL Sego Lily Weber North East UT CROWTHER, MARJEAN GIBSON Kimball Davis Bountiful Central UT CROWTHER, VALEEA MANGUM Crescent Salt Lake Far South East UT CURTIS, ANNA LOUIE LIDDIARD Brighton Salt Lake Far South East UT CUTLER, MARTHA N PYNE Los Altos Santa Clara CA DANIELSON, IDANAH ROBERTSON Temple Falls Bonneville ID DAVIS, MARY LOIS STEPHENS Mueller Park Davis Heritage UT DECKER, ADELE SEVY Coal Creek Iron UT DeGROOT, DEBRA JEANNINE PEHRSON Sandbur Weber Far South West UT DIAMOND, BETTY FON GUYMON Cottonwood Utah Springville/Mapleton UT DOXEY, OLIVE JANE Y Beehive Weber South UT DRAKE, BETTY JOYCE LYTLE Veya Washington West UT DRISCOLL, DEANNE YANCY Bingham #1 Bingham South ID DUNCAN, VERA JOYCE BROWNING Lydia P McCauley/ Fresno CA Fort Miller EADS, BESS TUCKER FISHER Big Cottonwood Salt Lake Olympus UT ECTON, LaRUE (PEGGY) LEILA Val Verda Davis Heritage,UT EDMUNDS, MARY JUNE BROWN Coalbed Sanpete North UT EGAN, AULENE CUSHING Bountiful Peak Davis Bountiful East UT ELDREDGE, MIRIAM JOYCE WILSON Phillips Davis Kaysville UT EVANS, ELIZABETH LEAVITT Alberta Rose Alberta CAN EVANS, VIVIAN SEASTRAND Midland Box Elder North UT FARNSWORTH, JOANN STEPHENS Frances Elizabeth Bear Lake UT Bridges FARRIMOND, JOY KERR Kearns Salt Lake West UT FITZGERALD, ARLINE QUANSTROM BUSH Snow Canyon Washington West UT FORBUSH, CONNIE QUARNBERG Mountain View Salt Lake South UT FOXLEY, BETH SMITH Bloomington Washington West UT FRAZIER, THERESA ELAINE WESTOVER Valley West Salt Lake West UT FRYER, MARGUERITE LOOSLE Big Valley San Joaquin CA FUGAL, VENICE JACOB North Field Utah Old Bell School UT FYVIE, DONNA LOU BOND HOPKINSON Anna K/Wagonwheel Maricopa East AZ GABERT, GWEN MARIE THORNOCK Deseret Stars Canyon ID GALLAGHER, JOAN SHIRLEY GREER Mountain View Utah South Orem UT GARD, DONNA MAE FARTHING Rock Creek Hollow Fremont WY GARRETT, ENID GARVENE FAUX East Antelope Davis North West,UT GINES, BEVA WHEELER Taylorsville Salt Lake West UT GOODLIFFE, ROSE ELOISE PUGSLEY Midland Box Elder North UT GOODFELLOW, DORA MAY FULLER Sunny Oaks Washington OR GRAVES, DORIS CLUFF Foothill Salt Lake East Bench UT GREBE, MARY ELIZABETH JACKSON Meadow Lark Jefferson CO GRAHAM, CARMEN E STEPHENS Moon Valley Maricopa West AZ GREENE, MAXINE HOLT Cotton Mission Washington UT GREER, CAROLYN CONSOLE BACCELLIA Member at Large Member at Large CA GRIFFIN, THAIS ROE Escalante Garfield UT HALE, RITA RAE WILLIAMS Riverside Bingham South ID HALL, NELLIE LaREE JACKSON Fiddlers Creek Davis Layton UT HALLIDAY, PAULINE JENSEN Shadow of Yosemite Stanislaus CA HAMBLIN, RENE IONE RAYMOND Lone Mountain Clark Centennial Hills NV HANKS, DORA CLAYSON Greystone Salt Lake Calder Park UT HANKS, MAXINE CHRISTENSEN Member at Large Member at Large UT HANSEEN, MELBA STEPHENSON Member at Large Member at Large UT HANSEN, BETTY JEAN CRYSTAL BALL LuAnn Jefferson ID HARDY, JOY HUNT Ivins Anasazi Washington West UT HARRIS, LUREE CONDIE Member at Large Member at Large UT HARTLEY, LOURNA DEANE BRISCOE Centennial Bannock North ID HARWOOD, JACQUELINE RAE IRVING Sunflower Carbon UT HAWKER, THELDA LAVERN HIGGENS Centennial Bannock North ID HATCH, ANNETTE SHURTLEFF Topaz Salt Lake East Bench UT HEATH, JOE ANN POULSON Christine Sevier North UT HECHT, JACKIE LOUISE CORBETT Sunbonnet Park WY HENDERSON, DAVONA THOMAS Mueller Park Davis Heritage UT HENDERSON, JACKIE WHITESIDES Infred Park Davis Heritage UT HENSON, LARETTA MAY DRAPER Ferry Butte Bingham South ID HERZINGER, HELEN RICE Kimball Davis Bountiful Center UT HESS, CAROLNAN BECKSTRAND Pilot Peak Washington West UT HEWARD, DORA WRIGLEY Sarah Yeaman Cassia ID HIRSCHI, BONNIE BETH HANSEN Marriner Wood Merrill Cache South UT HUNSAKER, NANCY LUELLA ROHWER Willow Creek Box Elder South UT HUNT, ZENETTA WINSOR Ivins Anasazi Washington West UT HUNTER, KAY ELLSWORTH Coldwater Springs Weber North East UT HURST, DALENE SMITH Lake Shore Utah South Center UT HURST, DORINE ELLA HANCOCK Mountain View Salt Lake South UT JENKINS, SHEROLYN ROGERS South Morgan Morgan UT JENSEN, EVA JONES DAWSON Pearl Child Weber West UT JENSEN, LaREE ADAMS Sego Lily Utah South Orem UT JENSEN, MAURINE ANDERSON Sevier Sevier Center UT JENSEN, MONA MARIE KEPPNER Valeska Madison ID JENSON, JOYCE LOVE Parleys Salt Lake Canyon Trails UT JESSOP, ALTA Lusannah G Hovey Cache Far South UT JEWELL, DONNA MARY HATCH Holladay Salt Lake Olympus UT JOHNSON, AFTON STALLINGS X-Rollins Whitaker Weber North Center UT JOHNSON, LOIS YORGASON Member at Large Member at Large UT JOHNSON, THELMA SATTERTHWAITE Ithaca Rich UT JONES, JOYCE MAXWELL Muddy River Clark Legacy Meadows NV
Daughters’ Memorial
Legacy • Commemorative Issue 2018 –10–
JONES, VALENE PEARSON Valeska Madison ID KARREN, LORRAINE STEWART Alva Keller Salt Lake Canyon Trails UT KASHOW, SUE DAVIS Nimbus Sacramento CA KAY, MARILYN MITCHELL Margaret Cowan Davis Heritage UT Bryson KELLER, JANET LEE WILLES Portneuf Bannock South ID KERN, NAOMA CLARK WABEL Monroe Mountain Sevier South UT KING, AGETHA BUTTERFIELD Heritage/L Weber South UT KING, CONSTANCE LOIS PRITCHETT Mulberry Washington East UT KING, DOROTHY CLARK PRICE Malad Valley Oneida ID KIRKHAM, JEAN ANDERSON Member at Large Member at Large UT KNECHT, EUNICE HARMON Graystone Salt Lake Calder Park UT KNOWLES, JOANN PAUL Wagon Wheel Davis Kaysville UT KOPLIN, JOANNE WITSOE WALLACE Indian Hills Salt Lake East Bench UT LARSEN, KARREN BARKLE Elizabeth Mathews Cache Far South UT LARSON, MARY ELAINE CRANE Ferry Butte Bannock South ID LASH, BETTY JEAN BROOKBUSH Holladay Salt Lake Olympus UT LEMON, LENORA HARROP Nerva Lane Box Elder South UT LENKERSDORFER, LURLENE SKINNER Sage and Sand Benton WA LINDLEY, SARAH BANKHEAD Peter Maughn Cache Far South UT LLOYD, MARIE MORGAN SMITH North Farmington Davis Farmington UT LLOYD, MYRTLE JEAN BAGLEY Brown’s Meadow Salt Lake Far South West UT LOGAN, CHARLENE GAYE ROLLINS Adamswood Davis Layton UT LOGAN, DEBRA LEE LOVERIDGE Ivins Anasazi Washington West UT LONDON, SANDRA CLEGG Harmony Weber Far South CenterUT LOVATO, ESTELLE SPENCER Rock Creek Hollow Fremont WY LOVERIDGE, EDNA LEONA SMITH Evansville Utah Lehi UT LUCAS, JEANNE MOYES ANDERSON Golden Weber North Center UT MADSEN, MARJORIE MANGUM Old Dominion County Old Dominion VA MAHONEY, RUTH ELLEN EVERS Scrub Oaks Salt Lake Olympus UT MALAN, TESS WHITING Indian Paint Brush Minidoka ID MALMSTROM, MILDRED LORRAINE Welby Salt Lake Far South West UT MANGUM, MARION POLL Scrub Oaks Salt Lake Olympus UT MANN, RAMONA ROLLINS Heritage Roy Weber Roy UT MANNING, MARILYN KOTTER Three Mile Creek Box Elder South UT MARSH, MARGENE ADAMSON Box Elder Peak Utah North UT MATTSON, GLORIA DUNKLEY San Luis Rey San Diego North CA MAYBEE, ZINA LIMB Member at Large Member at Large UT McBRIDE, RHEA LUELLA HOWARD Moreland Trail Bingham South ID McCOY, CATHIE BROOKS SAMPSON Courage Utah North Center UT McDERMOTT, WALDENE BODILY Rachel Layton Warren Davis North West UT McKAY, VIVIAN DIXON Leona G Holbrook Salt Lake East Bench UT McMURTREY, THELMA RUTH SUMMERS Golden Grain Jefferson ID McNULTY, JOYCE REEDER SMITH Knudsen’s Corner Salt Lake Olympus UT MELLOR, FAE Member at Large Member at Large UT MEMMOTT, MELBA IVIE Round Valley Millard East UT MERKLEY, MERLENE DAVIS Gardner’s Mill Salt Lake Calder Park UT MILES, KAREN LARSEN ANDREW Melissa Coray El Dorado CA MILNE, BETH OSGUTHORPE Highlanders Salt Lake Canyon Trails UT MITCHELL, MERNA HALTERMAN Elizabeth Iron UT MORRIS, LUGENE WADDOUPS Tatanka Bonneville ID MORTENSEN, LILLIAN BURTON Mary S Wilcox Madison ID MOSS, CAROLYN DIANE ROE East Antelope Davis North West UT MUHLESTEIN, FAY LUNCEFORD Monticello San Juan UT NEBEKER, DELORA JENSEN Fort Wall Juab UT NELSON, GAIL KINGHORN Snake River Crossing Jefferson ID NELSON, NANCY JOY MARTELL JEX Handcart Utah South Center UT NELSON, PEARL WHICKER Saltair Salt Lake North West UT NIELSON, LISA LYMAN Oak Creek Millard West UT NIELSEN, LUDELLA JENSEN Sage Junction Bannock North ID NIELSON, ULEDA HOVINGHOFF Hunter Salt Lake West UT NOBLE, HELEN ERICKSON Helen Mar Miller Davis Farmington UT NORMAN, DONNA BINGHAM Eagle Mountain Utah Lehi UT OLIVAS, GLORIA MAURINE DRAPER Prairie Belle Davis Clearfield UT OLSEN, BEBE JANE REES Sugar Factory Salt Lake Far South West UT OLSEN, JOAN MARJORIE Summit Utah Chief Peteetneet UT
THOMAS RUSSON OLSEN, NORMA SMITH Mendon Cache South UT OWENS, JULIA PEARCE Cynthia Benson Cache Far South UT PEARSON, LEAH MAY PRINCE MIDGLEY Grandview Farm Utah Provo UT PANTER, ILEAN ATKINSON Fort Bingham Box Elder South UT PARKIN, MARILYN REESE Stone Creek Davis Bountiful Center UT PERME, LAVENA M TWITCHELL Thelma Olson Jerome ID PESHELL, MARY CALLEEN BALLARD Hannah England Tooele County UT PETERMAN, RETA SMITH Sequoia San Mateo CA PETERSON, SHARON ELIZABETH Valley Rancheros Inland Empire CA PETT, CAROLYN LEE PHILLIPS Deseret Box Elder South UT PICKETT, BERNICE NELSON Dixie/Manomas Andrus Washington UT PIKE, DARTHEL BYBEE Rachel Layton Warren Davis North West UT PIPER, KATHLEEN DERRICK San Jacinto Harris TX PISANO, LYRIL ANN GIBBS JOHNSON Bernard Creek Davis Centerville UT POPE, THELMA MORRILL Monroe Mountain Sevier South UT POPPLETON, DELORES Elizabeth Mathews Cache Far South UT
RITTEL, IDA MARY PRICE Sarah Yeaman Cassia ID ROBERTS, JUDITH GARDNER Fort Bingham Box Elder South UT ROHDE, ARDELLA MABELLE GATES Elizabeth Iron UT ROSENVALL, EVELYN ANDREWS Kimberly Sevier Center UT ROSS, GLENNA WALLACE BLISS Highland Utah North UT ROSS, MARIANNE Taylorsville West Valley UT ROSSER, PAMELA MAYLEN Adamswood Davis Layton UT ROUNDY, DOROTHY LEONE ELLSWORTH Maple Mountain Utah Springville/Mapleton UT ROWLEY, BARBARA MAE MECHAM Theodore Duchesne UT RUSHTON, YULENE ANDERSON Phyllis Warr Salt Lake West UT RYAN, MARILYN JEAN LINDSEY Sunbonnet Weber Far South West UT SAVAGE, FLORENCE BROWN Member at Large Member at Large CA SCHOLES, MARJORIE VIE WEEKS Summit Cache Far North UT SCHULTHES, MINNIE PHYLLIS HUNTING Vernal Uintah UT SEARLE, LU ANNE HALL Tokawana Uintah UT SEAMONS, MABLE ALLEN KLAUSER Camelot Davis Heritage UT SEIFERT, DORIS MARILYN BYTHEWAY Infred Park Davis Heritage UT SHARPE, LINDA GARRARD MAY Spinner Weber Far South Center UT SHINKLE, ELLEN PREAL CHENEY Corinne Box Elder North UT SHORT, MARILYN GLINES Member at Large Member at Large UT SIPLE, WAVIE MARIE ROUNDY Taylor Creek Bonneville ID SMITH, ELVA TODD Member at Large Member at Large UT SMITH, EMMA GENEAL GREAVES Lakeview Davis Bountiful East UT SMITH, GLENNA RAYMOND Locust Box Elder South UT SNYDER, JOANN DARNEY San Luis Rey San Diego North CA SORENSEN, DARLENE DAVIES 33 Farr West Weber North West UT SORENSON, DONNA RUTH NIELSEN Purple Sage Weber Far South Center UT SOWER, HELEN LILBURY Jordan Ridge Salt Lake South Point UT SPENCER, JANICE POLAND Rock Canyon Trail Emery UT STAHELI, GLADYS LENA EWELL J Wylie Thomas Utah South Center UT STEENBLIK, POLLY FAYE THOMAS Gardiner Orchards Salt Lake East Bench UT STEWART, JANICE VONDA WOODS Coldwater Springs Weber North East UT STEWART, LUCY BETH KELLER Meadow Lark Jefferson CO STEWART, SHIRLEY JANE PAUL Silver Desert/ Beaver UT Hornsilver STOKER, CAROL LURANA Josephine Sevier Center UT
NELSON COONS STROBELT, LARAINE PEARSON Margaret Ann Cache Far North UT Adams Benson SUTTERFIELD, VALATE WAITE Wild Rose Davis Clearfield UT SWENSEN, CARMA ASHBY Hinckley Millard West UT SWENSEN, MAURINE WOODRUFF Valley View Salt Lake Canyon Trails UT SYDDALL, VEON ALLRED Monroe Mountain Sevier South UT SYME, RACHEL HANSEN Uinta Springs Sanpete North UT TABOR, ZINA LaRAETA WINDER Sarah Jane Powell Carbon UT TELFORD, SHERRIL JEAN ADAMS 31 Plain City Weber North West UT TENNEY, LINDA LEE TAYLOR Hooper U Weber West UT TERRILL, HELEN TAYLOR Santa Fe Trail Los Angeles Covina CA Central THOMAS, JENEAL ENGLAND SKEEN 31 Plain City Weber North West UT THOMPSON, MILDRED RUTH RICE Myrtle Ririe Barker Weber North East UT THOMSEN, BARBARA JEAN LARSEN Oquirrh Salt Lake West UT THOMSON, MAR JEAN SORENSEN Crawford Mountain/ Rich UT Amanda THORNE, LOIS VENETA STRAUBHOOR Deseret Stars Canyon ID THORNOCK, ERMA L HYSELL Centennial Bannock North ID THORPE, VONDA ALICE JENSEN Ellen B Loder Davis Bountiful Center UT TRONE, DARLENE DRAPER Clackamas Clackamas OR County Camp TURNER, EMILY MYRLE FREW Member at Large Member at Large UT TURNER, JUNE PULSIPHER Cactus Rose Washington East UT TURNER, LOTA FERN CRAZIER Gold Country Pioneer Sierra Nevada CA TURNER, WILDA BARRUS Jane Davis Bear Lake ID TYSON, JEAN Soos Creek Puget Sound North WA UNDERWOOD, ESTHER Poplar Grove/ Salt Lake North West UT A W Hoagland VALETTE, MAIDA RASMUSSEN BELL Elma Taylor Clark Cassia ID VENIS, HELEN MAURINE PETERSEN War Bonnet Ada South ID VERBANATZ, DOROTHY GRACE OLNEY Timp View Utah North Center UT WAKLEY, LAURA MYRL JARDINE WILLIE Malad Valley Oneida ID WALKER, ANNA LOUISE PETERSON Eagle Gate Salt Lake North UT WALLENTINE, VIRTUE PATTERSON Elizabeth Passey Bear Lake ID WATTS, ANNA JOY WOFFINDEN Porter Lane Davis Centerville UT WAYMAN, ALICE CAROL HANSEN Manti Sanpete South UT WELCH, UINTA WOODLAND City Creek Canyon Salt Lake North UT WESTERBERG, SARAH McGREGOR Aunt Margaret Iron UT WHITE, ALVERA OLSEN Call’s Fort Box Elder South UT WHITE, GLORIA BUCHANAN Golden Spike Box Elder North UT WILLIAMS, WILMA JOYCE Malad Valley Oneida ID WILSON, LOUJEAN HOKANSON Eden Weber North Center UT WEST, MAUREEN MARTIN Member at Large Member at Large UT WESTENSKOW, NINA MAY KESLER Christine Sevier North UT WETMORE, HANNA IVORY Wasatch Salt Lake Gilmer Park UT WILDE, ELAINE GENEVIEVE PUGMIRE Centerville Davis Centerville UT WILLDEN, TWILA WASHBURN Monroe Mountain Sevier South UT WILSON, EUGENIE MEDORA COLDRIN LaNaranja Orange CA WINN, MILDRED LAVERYL KELSEY Birch Juab UT WOFFINDEN, MURLENE HARDING Lehi Bluebell Utah Lehi UT WOLFLEY, MARSHA BARBARA Silver Star Lincoln WY WOODRUFF, SHIRLEY JEAN BUTLER Temple View Salt Lake Far South West UT WOODY, MARGARET LARSEN FAULKNER Shambip Tooele County UT ZABRISKIE, KERRY JANE FERR Pleasant Green Salt Lake West UT
–11– Legacy • Winter – Spring 2018
Vol. XLI No. 1 Commemorative Issue • July 2018 Editor: Verna Hazelbaker Address: 300 North Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84103-1699 (801) 532-6479 • Fax (801) 532-4436 Website: www.isdup.org E-mail: [email protected] Submit articles for Legacy [email protected] Summer Legacy submittal deadline: August 6, 2018 Like us on Facebook Extensions for specific departments within DUP: Office. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 History Dept. and Librarian . . . 205 President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 201 Photo Dept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 206 Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 202 Artifacts, Museum Dept. . 207, 211 Markers, Music . . . . . . . . . . 201 Gift Counter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 214 Membership, Lessons . . . . . 204 1st Vice-President (Conventions)
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Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Daughters of Utah Pioneers
OCTOBER 2018 Tales of Triumph Volume I is published. This book is the first in the new lesson book series and will contain the lessons from September 2017-May 2018.
SEPTEMBER 2018 – 2019 Lesson leaders will choose the lessons for this season from previous DUP lessons. Lesson pamphlets and CDs will no longer be mailed.
JUNE 2019 Tales of Triumph Volume II is published and will contain the lessons for September 2019 – May 2020. Photos for these lessons will be found at isdup.org beginning the month prior to a lesson and will be removed at the end of the month that the lesson is given.
SEPTEMBER 2019 – MAY 2020 Lessons will be given from Tales of Triumph Volume II.
JUNE 2020 – MAY 2021 Tales of Triumph Volume III will be published and the lessons for September 2020 – May 2021 will be given from that volume. The photos will be available on the isdup website following the same schedule as the previous year.
JUNE 2021 AND BEYOND The schedule will continue with the lesson book being published at the beginning of the season.
The music CDs are not affected by this change. They will be ordered as in previous years.
SUPer DUPer Day at This Is The Place!
The Sons and Daughters of Utah Pioneers invite you, your friends and family to This Is The Place Heritage
Park for a fun filled day of events and activities!
Special price of $5 per person for ALL DAY, from 10 am - 8 pm Purchase all tickets at the Park Your all inclusive ticket for activities at
The Village includes: • Panning for Gold • Train Rides • Native American Dancing • Craft Projects • Pioneer Games • Petting Corral • Native American Village • Pony Rides
• and much more! Also available for additional charges • Great Grub at the Huntsman Grill
• Flavor Burst Ice Cream • Brigham’s Donuts • Shopping at the Heritage Gift Shop and
ZCMI Candy Shop • Food Trucks