26th GBG Dhaka - Creating Content for a Digital Audience

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Learn about creating content for a digital audience from local Bangladeshi companies and entrepreneurs

Transcript of 26th GBG Dhaka - Creating Content for a Digital Audience

  • Creating Content for Digital Audiences

    Saturday, May 3, 2014 Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Event Partner:

  • Welcome from GBG Dhaka (5 min)

    Digital Video Best Practices (15 min) Sidrat Talukdar, Director of Social & Digital Media, Maverick Studios

    Future Content Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Experiential Marketing (15 min) Shaheem Siam, Deputy Managing Director, Ice9

    Digital News & Blogging (15 min) Salman Hossain, Founder, Jhalmoori.com

    Digital Growth & Development (15 min) Shourav Islam, CEO, Unifox Digital

    Building Restaurants with Social (15 min) Sakib Noor Billah, Business Development Manager, Magnito Digital

    T O D

    A Y S A

    G E N

    D A

  • Welcome from GBG Dhaka

  • Our Objectives

    Increase adop%on of internet technologies amongst Bangladeshi organiza3ons. Plan events that appeal to a wide variety of key audience segments e-commerce, marketers, students, women, mappers & more Build a community that gets to know each other by hos3ng atleast 1 live event per month

  • Our Team GBG Managers


  • Googles Objective with GBG

    Build a non-technical community run by local volunteers to share knowledge and best prac3ces for Google web technologies. The GBG is an experimental ini3a3ve started in 2012, and is based on the success of the Google Developer Groups worldwide, where developers meet to discuss building applica3ons with Google products. See detailed informa3on on GBG on Googles ocial GBG page

  • GBGs Worldwide

    100+ GBGs worldwide

    20+ GBGs in South & Southeast Asia Nearby GBGs include Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam & Philippines

  • Our Events

    See pictures and presenta3ons on our Blog, Google+ & Facebook page.

    Weve organized 20+ successful events so far, reaching more than 1000 local digital professionals, entrepreneurs & changemakers. We are a community of technology thought leaders

  • GBG Dhaka 2013 Events Jan 6 E-Commerce Hour & Startup Weekend Mini Bootcamp Feb 1 Building Brands with Digital

    Feb 16 Educa3on & Collabora3on Online

    Mar 29 Mapping Bangladesh April 25 GBG @ PMO Innova3on Adda

    May 10 Mapping Experts Meetup

    May 21 Empowering Project Management with Web Tools June 1 Women on the Web Workshop #1

    June 30 Student Leaders Workshop Sep 7 Mapping Banani #1

    Sep 8 Dhakas Tech Communi3es

    Sep 14 Mapping Banani #2 Nov 3 How to Make a Good Website

  • GBG Dhaka 2014 Event Roadmap Mar 22 Intro to Mapping

    Mar 26 Hangout Training: Adver3se on the Web

    Mar 27 Search Trends product training

    Mar 30 Search Trends product training

    Mar 31 Latest in E-Commerce

    Apr 12 gDay Bangladesh

    Apr 28 Adver3sing on the Web May 3 Crea3ng Content for a Digital Audience

    MORE COMING UP !!! (Check for Trainings next week)

  • Digital Video Best Practices

    Sidrat Talukdar Director of Social & Digital Media

    Maverick Studios

  • Video Best Prac3ces for a Digital Audience

  • Agenda

    Intro to MVRK

    Why Video?

    Video Best Prac3ces

  • A multimedia production rm Founded in 2009 Focused on creating mind-blowing digital content!

  • What we do

    Videos for Social Media

    Corporate Documentaries

    Event coverage


    Social Media Management

  • Who weve worked with

  • Why Video?

  • A Picture is worth a thousand words.

    1000 pictures... With voice and music Conveying a coherent message

    How much is that worth?

  • Why do people like Video?

    Saves Time

    Less Eort

    More Interes3ng More Memorable

  • Why should Brands like Video?

    1 Billion Unique Monthly Users on Youtube 100 hours of Video uploaded to Youtube every minute 170 online videos watched per person per month on average 1 billion views come from mobile 1 in 2 people regularly share a video on Social Media Videos on FB are shared 12x more oqen than links & text posts combined.

  • The Worlds Largest Search Engines

    #1 #2

    3 BILLION searches per month

    In US, more popular than

    TV for 18-34 yr olds

  • Is Bangladesh Ready for Video?

    Berer Content

    Faster Internet

    Capable Devices

  • Best Prac3ces for Berer Video

  • The Video Crea3on Process


    Idea3ng Scrip3ng Storyboarding Planning


    Shoo3ng Music VO Recording


    Edi3ng Visual Eects Rendering Publishing

  • Tip #1 : Know Your Audience

    What are they interested in? What language do they use? What videos do they watch? What music do they listen to? What resonates with them?

  • Tip #2 : Set a Goal

    A user who watches my video will a) Share it b) Learn about my products features c) Learn about my companys services d) Learn about an event by my company e) Subscribe to my newslerer f) Visit my website g) Like my Fan page Pick ONE as your primary goal, and make your video around it

  • Tip #3 : KISS


    Unless youre telling a great story, in which case go longer. (Very risky, but can be very rewarding when done right!)

    General Targets: 0:30 1:30 for short; 2:30 4:00 for long

  • Tip #4 : Aim for the Heart

    The best videos generate an emo3onal response. Joy, Outrage, Pride are all op3ons pick one! Videos with human elements are more relatable - Faces - Voices - Human interac3ons

  • Tip #5 : Be Smart about Branding

    Overbranding pushes people away. Underbranding is a missed opportuni3y. Integrate your brand into the story, in a natural way.

  • Tip #6 : Render for quality

    Recommended resolu3on for upload: 1280 * 720 Full HD (1920 * 1080) is pointless on most mobiles and laptops Both Youtube and Facebook enable downscaling for limited bandwidth users Recommended format: MP4 (supported on virtually all devices)

  • Tip #7 : Youtube vs Facebook video Youtube Facebook Video

    Good for sharing and embedding anywhere

    Looks berer in Newsfeed and Timeline

    Easily found through Search Engines

    Goes into the Videos gallery of the Page

    Great Analy3cs Can tag users

    Tend to receive more shares Tend to generate more comments on Facebook

    Pick based on your priori3es. If you cant decide, upload in both!

  • Tip #8 : Never Stop Learning

    Learn from user feedback Learn from analy3cs Learn from success stories Your next video should always be berer!

  • Whats next in Video?

    Ultra-shorts: Instagram video (15s); Vine video (6s); GIFs Interac%ve Video: Allow users to change the story 3D: Added depth for more immersive experiences 4K (Ultra High-Def): 4 3mes the delity of current high-def (1080p)

  • Final Remarks

    Rich Media is the future, and video will be a big part of that Video crea3on and consump3on will become easier, but quality content will always be in short supply. Brands that create quality content will stand out.

    Berer Content

    Faster Internet

    Capable Devices

  • Thank you!

  • Future Content Augmented Reality, Virtual

    Reality & Experiential Marketing

    Shaheem Siam Deputy Managing Director, Ice9

  • Ice9 Interac3ve Ltd.

    Interac3ve Marke3ng Solu3ons provider

    Established: 2012

  • Technology and Marke3ng Evolu3on

    Future content

  • The changing marke3ng environment

    Tradi3onal marke3ng dead or dying

    Signicant 3me between previous marke3ng eras. Gradual shiq

    Technology and the rate of change of technology

  • Giving todays era a name

  • Experien3al Marke3ng

  • The Bangladeshi Context

    Is tradi3onal marke3ng really Dead and dying?

  • The Bangladeshi Context

    S3ll the norm in most cases

    But changing sector by sector, demographic by demographic

  • Fear of new technology

    From a marketers perspec3ve

    Tradi3onal concepts tried and tested

    Afraid to gamble on something new

  • Our role in the evolu3on

    Not just provide the solu3on

    But also educate

  • Augmented Reality A live view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented(or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics

    Changed the way the world does marke3ng By altering the rules themselves

  • Print ads no longer bound by size

  • Sta3c has become interac3ve

  • Augmented Reality

    Endless opportuni3es

    Glaring limita3ons

  • Auleek

  • Robi Store locator

  • Inevitable rise of AR due to Google glass

  • Virtual reality

    A computer simulated environment that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world or

    imagined worlds

    Its nally here

  • The oculus riq Closing the gap between just a 3D experience and fusing reality itself

  • The oculus riq

    Most excited - The entertainment industry

    Recently bought by Facebook

    Soon to be released commercially

  • VR and marke3ng

    Unimaginable levels of customiza3on

    Not one world for many, but many worlds for one