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  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    Travel Intelligence

    Vietnam ranked among

    top growth tourist destinations

    Schedule for the 1000th anniversary

    of Thang Long Hanoi

    India is gearing up for

    PTM 2011 in New Delhi

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


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    Travel Intelligence




    Vietnamranked among

    topgrowth tourist destinations

    Schedulefor the1000th anniversary

    of ThangLong Hanoi



  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    09. German beer festival to come to Hanoi

    04.Phan Thiet sets for Charming KateFestival


    06.Movenpick Hotel Saigon debuts fol-

    owing full-scale renovation

    05.Vietnam inbound tourism poised to

    zoom during 2010-2013

    10. Bangkok Hanoi cultural tourismprogramme

    Schedule for the 1000th an-

    niversary of Thang Long


    17Thang Long - Hanoi has 1000-year history and is the

    concentration of countrys quintessence. The 1000th

    anniversary of Thang Long Hanoi is the opportunity

    to express gratefulness to ancestors effort and honour

    countrys traditional values. The 1000th anniversary of

    Thang Long Hanoi will take place in 10 days (from 1-10

    October) with many attractive activities of culture, art

    and sport.

    Vietnam ranked among topgrowth tourist destinations



























    Thursday 23.09.2010

    The PATA Travel Mart 2011 in New Delhi, India is one

    of the most exciting events and activities planned to roll

    out next year. We have a very special relationship with

    India, which is a rapidly emerging market, and we are

    delighted they are hosts for the PTM2011, Said Hiran

    Cooray, PATA Chairman.

    India is gearing up

    for PTM 2011 in NewDelhi


    24 - 25

    12. Vietnam looks to five million interna-ional arrivals this year

    14. UNESCO General Director to attend

    Hanois anniversary

    17 - 20. Schedule for the 1000th anniver-

    sary of Thang Long - Hanoi

    1,000 YEARS OF



    22.Bring on the ATF 2011: Cambodia

    23.Marina Bay Sands launches airportcheck-in services

    26.Kick-Off Times for Rugby World Cup2011

    28.Shanghai continues to lead Asian hotel


    28 - 29.Private Spa Wellness Centre

    opens in Bali

    32 - 37.My Hanoi


    Vietnam has an overwhelming beauty and is rich in nat-

    ural sceneries and beauties such as deltas like the Red

    River Delta and Mekong Delta, as well as other beauties

    including green rice-paddy fields, divine beaches and

    many more. Especially, according to the World Tourism

    Organisation (UNWTO) affirmed that Vietnam ranked

    among top growth tourists destination.

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    4/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    Vietnams first International Choir

    Festival and Competition will

    take place in Hoi An, the central

    province of Quang Nam, from 16-20

    March 2011. According to the Min-

    istry of Culture, Sport and Tourism,

    the festival gives a chance for the

    Vietnamese singers to exchange

    and gain more experience from for-

    eign colleagues as well as promoteVietnamese music to the world.

    VND452 billion for Binh Son sea

    tourism urban area project was

    started construction on 13 Septem-

    ber. The 24.39-hectare will include

    entertainment area, resort and

    public areas for local people. The

    project help improve marine eco-

    logical environment and create new

    appearance for Phan Giang spread

    Ninh Thuan Seas beauty as well as

    attract tourist and investors. Thanh

    Dong Property Investment JSC isthe works investor.

    Vietnams first Interna-

    tional Choir Festival to

    held in Hoi An

    Work on Binh Son sea

    tourism area starts

    Bhaya Cruises opens

    new Vietnam offices

    Thailand and Vietnam will co-host

    a cultural programme from 27

    September to 2 October to mark

    the Hanois 1,000th anniversary.

    The programme, arranged by the

    Thailand-Vietnam Association of

    Tourism, will feature a group of Thai

    scholars, artists, business leaders

    and media, who will travel from

    Bangkok to the Vietnam capital, viaSavannakhet, Laos. The group will

    present a sculpture of HCMC to the

    Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi.

    Bhaya Cruises has officially opened

    its new office in HCMC. The

    Halong Bay cruise operators new

    premises is located on Nguyen Thi

    Minh Khai Str, in HCMCs District 3.

    Meanwhile Bhayas sister company,

    Hai Long Junks, has opened its new

    Hanoi Sales office. The new office

    is located on Ma May Str in the

    heart of the citys Old Quarter.

    Thailand-Vietnam plan

    cultural programme

    The East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum (EATOF)

    themed, For sustainable development in East Asiawrapped up in Ha Long city, the northeastern province ofQuang Ninh on 16 September, affirming its commitment to

    sustainable development in the region.

    The three-day EATOF 2010 reaffirmed the significance

    and role of the regional organisation in the new context,and stressed provinces commitments to fulfill their re-sponsibility and rights as EATOF members.

    Within the framework of the forum, a travel fair was heldwith the participation of over 30 booths from member

    provinces promoting their images and tourist products.Also, a series of workshops and bilateral meetings amongEATOF took place, offering opportunities for cooperation,

    investment and tourism development in each locality.

    At the closing ceremony, Quang Ninh provinces leaderstransferred EATOFs flag to Cebu province of the Philip-pines, the host of the next forum.

    The Cham people will organise their biggest and mostimportant festival, Kate, next month with processions, rituals,and cultural activities at the Po Sah Inu Tower in Phan Thiet.

    The highlights will include colorful traditional rituals like apalanquin procession carrying the costumes of GoddessPo Sah Inu and the Tong On ceremony to keep away poi-

    sonous winds. The Cham believe these winds can causediseases and bring bad luck to families.

    Then there will be a ceremony to bathe the lingam-yoni altarand make an offering of wine. The lingam is a phallic symbolof the Hindu god Shiva and the yoni represents the female.

    The festival will also feature the paranung drum dance, otherethnic music and dance, and folk games.

    For the benefit of tourists and other visitors, Champa artisanswill demonstrate traditional brocade and ceramic production.

    There will be a contest to make cakes like banh tet (cylindri-cal glutinous rice cake filled with green bean paste and fattypork) and banh gung (ginger cake).

    The Kate festival falls on the first day of the seventh month inthe Cham calendar (September-October in the solar calen-

    dar). It is celebrated in honor of Po Sah Inu, who according tolegend helped the Cham grow wet rice.

    It also marks harvest and is an occasion for childless couplesto entreat Po Sah Inu to bless them with children.

    EATOF focuses on

    sustainable development

    Phan Thiet sets for

    Charming Kate Festival


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    5/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    Vietnam, with its beautiful landscape, fast

    developing services and a safe and stable

    political environment, occupied fifth place

    among the ASEAN countries in terms of at-

    tracting foreign visitors during 2008.

    According to our research report Viet-

    nam Tourism Industry Forecast to 2012,

    international tourist arrivals in Vietnam are

    projected to grow at a CAGR of around 15%

    during 2010-2013 on the back of aggressive

    marketing campaigns, increasing govern-

    ment expenditure and high FDI flow in the

    tourism sector. Besides, its attractiveness

    as a new tourist destination is positioning

    the country as a global tourism hub.

    Experts have found that Hanoi, Ho Chi

    Minh City and Da Nang are three major

    cities in Vietnam as far as the tourism

    industry is considered. Hanoi, the Capital

    of Vietnam, has been registering continu-

    ous increase in tourist arrivals for the past

    few years.

    China was the largest tourist market for

    Vietnam in 2009, accounting for around14% of the total tourist arrivals. Due to the

    recovery of global economy and business

    activities between Vietnam and rest of the

    world increasing, the confidence of tourists

    is boosting up, resulting in ballooning of

    inbound tourism.

    The report has also found that Vietnam is

    emerging as one of the popular destina-

    tions for cruise tourism and holds immense

    potential to develop its cruise tourism in-

    dustry. This is because the country, located

    between North and South Asia, is in close

    proximity with the regions two cruise hubs

    Hong Kong and Singapore. The industry

    has demonstrated a gradual growth for

    the past few years. In 2009, the number of

    cruise passengers reached 100,000 pas-


    Vietnam Tourism Industry Forecast to

    2012 provides valuable information

    regarding Vietnam inbound and outbound

    tourism industry with forecast till 2013. The

    report has analyzed recent industry trends

    and growth drivers.

    Our report also includes a brief description

    of key players in the tourism industry. The

    report has analyzed every aspect of tour-ism industry in order to provide the best

    consultancy to clients.

    Vietnam inbound tourism

    poised to zoom during 2010-2013


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    6/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    Swiss hotelier Mvenpick celebrated thegrand opening of its Mvenpick Hotel

    Saigon on September 16, following a $15

    million renovation that included each andevery room, public space, restaurant and

    retail outlet positioned behind the propertys

    shimmering new modernist facade.

    Located in the bustling Phu Nhuan District,

    ust 5 minutes from Ho Chi Minh Citys

    nternational airport, the Mvenpick Hotel

    Saigon has been redesigned in high style- the bright, new lobby design takes shape

    around four incandescent, central pillars -

    but with the business traveller firmly in mind.

    Twenty-seven new rooms have been added,

    bringing the propertys total to 278, while

    a pair of new chefs have invigorated eachexciting dining option.

    Kiefer presided over the celebrated 2008

    renovation of Mvenpicks sister property,the Mvenpick Hotel Hanoi, and he has

    brought to Vietnams largest city and busi-

    ness capital a similar blend of the practicaland inventive, of the modern and traditional,

    of East and West.

    Mvenpick Hotels & Resorts are known

    throughout Europe and the Middle East

    for their Swiss precision, hospitality and

    elegance. Kiefer and his local designers

    have again infused this sound formula with ayouthful exuberance and organic, sophisti-

    cated Vietnamese style.

    It starts with the rooms, where earth tones

    have been accented with touches of orange

    and naturally lit by ceiling-to-floor windows.The bathrooms are separated from the living

    quarters by more glass - full-length windows

    with blinds - that provides privacy with the

    feeling of more open space.

    Iki is a new concept, a Japanese bistro

    where top-quality, super-fresh sushi, tempu-ra and other East Asian favorites are served

    in a decidedly non-traditional setting. Japa-

    nese restaurants often reflect Japanese calmand reserve. There is nothing staid about the

    Iki menu, however, thanks to the flair of Chef

    Kittisukd Sujaritvetee, who arrives in Saigon

    from Bangkok. Likewise, there is nothing

    formal about Ikis dcor, with its vibrantcolours, youthful staff and modernist dcor.

    Lotus Court will continue to serve what

    many believe to be the citys finest Chinese

    cuisine, including dim sum that maintains a

    large and devoted following among Saigonsresident Chinese population. However, a

    new chef, Brendan Ng, has arrived from the

    Mandarin Oriental in Jakarta, bringing with

    Movenpick Hotel Saigon

    debuts following full-scale



  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    7/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    him a new menu that emphasises tradition-al favourites, some fusion elements, some

    surprises (like salmon), and an obsession

    with freshness.

    Our restaurants, bars and lounges will

    all draw from one of the largest wine listsn Vietnam - more than 300 labels - and

    we will sell them at the lowest prices of

    any 5-star hotel in the country, Kiefer said.

    Our approach is to offer superb variety

    and selection that is affordable, so peoplecan enjoy premium wines without feeling

    hat they are paying a premium.

    Caf Saigon, the propertys all-day din-

    ng restaurant, returns with its signature

    elements in tact: the most interactive andvibrant buffet-style dining experience in

    he city. New to the Mix is the Cay Da Caf,

    a brand new bakery that serves up home-

    made ice creams pastries, cakes and thebest European style bread in Ho Chi Minh

    City. This casual venue also features an

    outdoor, street-side terrace.

    Kiefer added that the Mvenpick Hotel

    Saigon is newly equipped with all thetechnical amenities guests - business and

    otherwise - have come to expect at 5-star

    accommodations in Asia. But again, the

    goal is to present each one with a practical


    Instead of a full-blown spa, the hotel of-

    fers a Wellness Studio that values privacy

    and individual treatments over sheer

    expanse, ubiquitous mirrors and mounted


    The work environments in each room

    are exceedingly comfortable thanks to

    ergonomically correct chairs and generousdesk spaces. The latter are made possible,

    in part, by inconspicuous-but-compre-

    hensive communication ports that sit justbeside the tabletop, leaving workspace


    There is little danger the Mvenpick

    Hotel Saigon will relinquish its reputation

    as the most convenient, best-equipped

    business hotel in HCMC. No hotel is closer

    to the airport and MICE coordinators willappreciate the two large meeting rooms,

    a ballroom for up to 400 guests, and three

    boardrooms. All meeting rooms have built-

    in LCD projectors, motorised screens and

    fabric panelled walls that absorb sound.


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    9/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    The Oktoberfest 2010, a German beer festival willbe held on 24-25 September in Hanoi.

    The organising board said that during the festival,together with best-selling fresh beers of Germany,and those imported from other countries, partici-

    pants will have chance to enjoy German traditional


    This years festival will have the participation of theGerman band the Happy Bavaria from Munichwhere the Oktoberfest originated.

    This is the second time the Oktoberfest comes toHanoi. Last year, the festival attracted 2,000 partici-


    Speaking at a press briefing on 15th September, Mr.Andreas Otto, Second Secretary of the German Em-

    bassy in Vietnam said that the Oktoberfest 2010 willhave a larger scale than last years festival and is a

    cultural event to celebrate the 1,000th anniversaryof Thang Long - Hanoi and the 35th anniversary ofVietnam - German diplomatic ties.

    The Oktoberfest 2010 is expected to attract the par-ticipation of thousands of local people and foreign


    The Oktoberfest festival an-nually takes place in Septem-

    ber in Munich. The festivalwas held in 1810 to

    celebrate a royalwedding with horse

    races and variousculinary delights.

    German beer

    festival to cometo Hanoi


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    10/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    The program, co-organised by the Thailand Vietnam Associa-ion of Tourism, will take place from 27th September - 2nd October

    o celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi.

    In a press brief in Bangkok, Deputy Chairman of the Thailand

    Vietnam Tourism Association, Vu Nguyen Anh Tuyet said that the

    program aims to discover the culture and customs of Vietnam-ese people as well as to enhance the relationship between the

    wo countries.

    The program will include an auto-procession attended by a

    group of famous scholars and artists, businesses, and reporters

    of Thailand. The group will depart at Bangkok on 27th September

    on the Road 8 through Savannakhet and Khammuon Provinces tovisit the House of Uncle Ho in Vietnams Nghe An and the Hoa

    Lu Ancient Capital in Ninh Binh. The group is scheduled to be in

    Hanoi in the morning of 30th September.After enjoying diverse activities to celebrate the giant celebra-

    ion of the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi, they will

    eave the capital on 2nd October.Also on this occasion, the group will present a sculpture picture

    of President Ho Chi Minh with 24 gilded carats to the Ho Chi

    Minh Museum in Hanoi.

    Also at the press brief, Ambassador Extraordinary and Pleni-

    potentiary of Vietnam to Thailand, Ngo Duc Thang highlightedhe meaning of the decision of the King Ly Thai To of choosing

    Thang Long as the capital city. Thang Long in the past and the

    present has always been politic, economic and cultural center of

    Vietnam; with the affirmed position in the region and the world.

    Mr. Thang also introduced foreign press week which will be co-

    organised by the Hanoi Peoples Committee and the VietnamsMinistry of Foreign Affairs from September 9th to 15th in Thailand.

    At the event, activities of the great celebration of the 1,000th an-

    niversary of Thang Long - Hanoi will be launched.

    Bangkok - Hanoi cultural

    tourism programme


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    11/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)assessed that in the first six months of 2010,

    Asia and the Middle East had the highest

    ourism growth.

    The UNWTO said that the number of foreign

    ourists around the globe has been 421 mil-ion, a 7% increase compared to the same pe-

    riod last year. With this, the worlds tourism

    sector will likely reach a growth of 4% for the

    whole year of 2010.

    Tourism growth was seen in emerging mar-kets such as the Middle East with 20% and

    Asia Pacific with 14%. Some destinations in

    Asia had impressive growth, including Sri

    Lanka with 49%, Japan with 36%, Vietnam and

    Myanmar with 35%, Hong Kong and Macao(China) with 23%, Singapore with 23%, re-

    ported the UNWTO.

    The UNWTO said that the tourism industry

    will continue to grow during the rest of the

    year but will still face difficulties from the

    global recession of 2009. For the period, re-gional and local tourism will play important

    roles in the worlds tourism growth.

    With being ranked among top destinations

    with the highest growth, Vietnams tourism is

    striving to rise to the world level with manyattractive destinations and high-quality prop-

    erties honored and recognized by many ofthe worlds media websites.

    Specifically, Hanoi and Hoi An have been se-

    lected among 10 Asian destinations by one of

    Southeast Asias most widely read travel-trademedia outlets, Smart Travel Asia. Some hotels

    and resorts in Vietnam were also named in

    the Top 25 Leisure Hotels and Resorts by

    Smart Travel Asia, including the Nam Hai,

    Hoi An at 2nd place, Sofitel Legend Metro-

    pole, Hanoi at 3rd place, Sofitel Dalat Palace,Dalat at 21st place and Princess dAnnam

    Resort&Spa, Binh Thuan at 25th place.

    In addition, Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh prov-

    ince, a UNESCO recognised world heritagesite, has jumped to second place among 28finalists of the online voting for the worlds

    new seven wonders, by New Open World


    The Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club has announced it will organise an international yacht

    race from Hong Kong to Vietnams central coast next month.The club said the 656-nautical-mile, category-one VinaCapital Hong Kong to VietnamRace 2010 would start on October 20 and finish in the resort city of Nha Trang.

    The organiser is taking registrations from teams.The biennial competition has been in place since 2006, with the HCMC-based Saigon-tourist Holding Company being the local partner. The 2008 edition was attended by 13

    yachts.A source from Saigontourist told the Daily that the company was waiting for approval

    from the Government to bring international boats to Vietnam to promote the local tourismimage.In a related development, the central coast province of Binh Thuan will organise an inter-

    national sailing festival in December, with yacht performances and other activities suchas music and dance performances.The World Match Racing Tour (WMRT), a professional sailing series that features nine

    World Championship events worldwide, will come to Nha Trang next year.

    Hong Kong-Vietnam Vinacapital

    yacht race set for next month

    Vietnam ranked among

    top growth tourist destinations


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  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    12/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    Vietnams tourism authority is pinninghopes on a strong recovery of the inbound

    sector and aiming for a record high of fivemillion foreign visitor arrivals in the coun-

    ry this year.

    Vu The Binh, head of the Travel Department

    under the Vietnam National Administrationof Tourism, told that the high expectationwas based on the sectors encouraging

    growth rate of over 30% in the year to date.Positive feedback from overseas partners

    for the high inbound tourism season by theyear-end is another factor for optimism,Binh added.

    The country welcome over 3.8 million inter-

    national visitors last year, down 11% fromhe previous year, but international arrivalsn the first eight months of this year reached

    3.35 million, up 35.2% year-on-year.

    In an original plan, the tourism authorityexpected 4.5 to 4.6 million international

    visitors to come to the country this year.

    The tourism sector has been active in pro-moting the countrys image abroad, withpromotions carried out in Germany, France

    and Belgium from late August to early thismonth. The country also plans to bring atourism promotion program to some Chi-

    nese provinces next month.

    In the promotion program for Europe, Binhsaid, the tourism sector found a good chan-nel able to help Vietnam promote and sell

    tourism products to hundreds of thousandsof overseas Vietnamese there.

    Along with the promotions, the tourismauthority is asking for policy incentives tospur foreign arrivals in the country, he said.

    Weve received approval from the Minis-try of Public Security and the Ministry of

    Foreign Affairs to extend visa-fee exemp-tions to international travellers.

    But the incentive for package tour takerswill need a final decision by the Govern-

    ment, and might take effect next month, hesaid.

    The United Nations World Tourism Orga-nization (UNWTO) has put Vietnam in the

    list of Asian countries with strong tourismperformance in the first half of this year.

    The organisation said Asia had once againshown a strong capacity for recovery with

    14% growth in the period. Vietnam andMyanmar had the same growth of 35%, justbehind Sri Lanka and Japan.

    Vietnam looks to five million

    international arrivals this year


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi

    Thursday 23.09.2010

    UNESCO General Director to attend Hanois anniversary

    The General Director

    of the UNESCO willarrive in Hanoi on

    October 1 to attend

    celebrations of the 1,000th birth-

    day of the capital city and hand

    over certification of UNESCO

    recognition of Thang Long Roy-al Citadel as a world cultural


    Head of the UNESCO Office inHanoi Katherine Muller Marin

    announced the visit at a songand dance festival in Hanoi on

    September 18.

    The 35 th session of the UNES-

    CO General Assembly in 2009passed a resolution on UNES-

    COs participation in the grand

    ceremony of the 1,000th anniver-

    sary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

    Almost one year later, the UNES-

    COs World Heritage Com-mittee recognised Vietnams

    Thang Long Royal Citadel as a

    world cultural heritage at its 34th

    session in Brazil on July 31.

    The site won the recognition

    thanks to its three outstanding

    characteristics: the length of its

    cultural history, the continuity of

    the citadel as a power centre,and the variety of relics it con-


    The citadel will open to visitorsin time for Hanois 1,000th anni-


    The cleanup at relic site of the

    Thang Long citadel is also ex-

    pected to finish by September

    20. On September 16, Perma-nent Deputy Prime Minister

    Nguyen Sinh Hung paid a visit

    to the site to check the arrange-

    ment of artifacts found at the 18

    Hoang Dieu Street, the archae-

    ological excavation area for the

    planned exhibition.

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi

    Thursday 23.09.2010

    1,000 photos about Hanoi to be display

    1,000photos aboutHanoi will be displayed and auc-tioned at an exhibition, entitled:1,000 outlooks about Hanoi,

    held from 2-5 October at the Ha-noi Library, 47 Ba Trieu Street.These photos were selected

    from the competition: HanoiNostalgia, organised by the

    Vietnam Photographers Asso-ciation and VNPhoto network.The auction of the 1,000 photos

    is to raise funds for outstandingstudents of the Hanoi CultureUniversity.

    The exhibition will be arrangedinto areas: hanging 200 photos inthemes, displaying the model of

    Khue Van Cac made from Nes-cafe tea caddies, and putting

    1,000 photos together to createTortoise Tower (Thap Rua). At the exhibition, amateur and

    professional photographersat home and abroad will havechance to exchange skills

    through a photo competition in-side the exhibition.

    The event is among a series ofactivities, in celebration of the1,000th anniversary of Thang

    Long - Hanoi.

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi

    Thursday 23.09.2010

    Hanoi decorates for its giant celebration

    Lighting projects to welcome the 1000th anniversary of

    Thang Long-Hanoi were inspected by Hanoi Party ChiefPham Quang Nghi on 18 September.

    He was satisfied with the coloured lights around Sword Lake thatmake it more beautiful. He suggested highlighting the nearby

    scenery, including The Huc Bridge, Ba Kieu Temple, Turtle Toweras well as trees near the lake.

    Streets including Hang Khay, Trang Tien, Trang Thi and Dien

    Bien Phu have been decorated with different lights presenting

    the nations history, peace and international integration.

    The areas around Sword Lake, the National Conference Centre,My Dinh stadium, West Lake and Thien Quang Lake will be lit upat night from 25 September to 15 October.

    More than VND25 billion will also be invested in lights for somebridges over the Red River.

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi

    Thursday 23.09.2010

    Schedule for the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long Hanoi

    Thang Long Hanoi has 1000-

    year history and is the concentra-

    ion of countrys quintessence.The 1000th anniversary of Thang

    Long Hanoi (1010 2010) is

    he opportunity to express grate-

    fulness to ancestors effort and

    honour countrys traditional val-ues. This is also the occasion to

    ntroduce and enhance image of

    Hanoi Capital in particular and

    Viet Nam in general. The 1000th

    anniversary of Thang Long

    Hanoi will take place in 10 days(from October 1 to 10) with many

    attractive activities of culture, art

    and sport.

    Time Event Place

    October 1

    8h The opening of the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long Hanoi

    The park of King Ly Thai To

    statue (Dinh Tien Hoang


    9h30 Art performances 5 stages around Hoan KiemLake

    14h The opening of the exhibition named Art and literatureworks through different periods

    Viet Nam Exhibition Center

    for Culture and Arts (2 Hoa Lu


    15h The opening of the exhibition of Hanois art images Showrooms at 45 Trang TienStreet

    19h30 The opening of the exhibition named Social andeconomic achievements of Vietnam and Thang Long


    Vietnam Exhibition and Fair

    Center (138 Giang Vo Street)

    19h30 The opening of historical and revolutionary film week National Cinema Center (87Lang Ha Street)

    20h The special art program named The whole country withHanoi (live)

    The park of Ba Kieu Temple

    (Dinh Tien Hoang Road)

    20h Concert named International integration faith in thefuture

    Hanoi Opera House (1 Trang

    Tien Street)

    October 2

    8h Display of typical documents, items, antiques of ThangLong - Hanoi

    Imperial Citadel of Thang

    Long (9 Hoang Dieu and 19

    Nguyen Tri Phuong streets)

    9h Introduction of the bookshelf named 1000-year cultureof Thang Long

    National Library (31 Trang

    Thi Street)

    14h Checking and announcing result of science research workat state level named Researching and promoting natural,

    economic, social conditions and historical, cultural

    values of Thang Long Hanoi for comprehensive


    Hanoi Opera House (1 Trang

    Tien Street)

    20h Performance of selected songs composed in honour ofThang Long Hanoi

    The park of Ba Kieu Temple

    (Dinh Tien Hoang Road)

    20h The opening of Thang Long international tourism festival Bao Son Paradise (An KhanhCommune, Hoai Duc District)

    October 2

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi

    Thursday 23.09.2010

    October 3

    7h Marathon for the peace Around Hoan Kiem Lake

    20h The art program named Thang Long Hanoi in Ho ChiMinh age

    Hang Day Stadium (10 Trinh

    Hoai Duc Street)

    October 4

    8h30 The closing and prize awarding ceremony for the contestnamed 1000-year culture of heroic Thang Long


    Hanoi Opera House (1 Trang

    Tien Street)

    15h The opening of the exhibition named Vietnamese heroesand cultural celebrities

    Revolution Museum (25 Tong

    Dan Street)

    15h30 The opening of the exhibition named Famous battlesand campaigns in Vietnams history

    Viet Nam Military History

    Museum (28A Dien Bien Phu


    17h The opening of Thang Long Hanoi calligraphyexhibition and festival

    Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam

    (58 Quoc Tu Giam Street)

    20h Announcing and awarding the nationwide press prizeabout Thang Long - Hanoi

    Au Co Art Center (8 Huynh

    Thuc Khang Street)

    20h Performance of ancient dances The park of King Ly Thai Tostatue (Dinh Tien Hoang


    October 5

    9h Introduction of art work named Pottery Road Yen Phu Road

    14h The opening of the exhibition named Bat Trang Pottery tradition and modern

    Bat Trang Pottery Village (Bat

    Trang Commune, Gia Lam


    14h The opening of the exhibition named "Hearts with ThangLong Hanoi

    Friendship Culture Palace (91

    Tran Hung Dao Street)

    20h Performance of Vietnamese famous artists Hanoi Opera House (1 TrangTien Street)

    20h The art performance named of "Thang Longs strongimpetus and the countrys song

    Hang Day Stadium (10 TrinhHoai Duc Street)

    October 6

    8h The opening of Hanoi kite art festival Square of My Dinh Stadium(Le Duc Tho Road)

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi

    Thursday 23.09.2010

    8h Vietnamese martial art performance named Thang LongSpirit

    Quan Ngua Sport Palace (55

    Doc Ngu Street)

    8h30 The opening of Hanoi Museum Hanoi Museum (Pham HungRoad)

    14h The opening of statues of Ho Chi Minh and Ton DucThang

    Thong Nhat Park (354 LeDuan Street)

    14h The opening of Hoa Binh Park Hoa Binh Park (Co NhueCommune, Tu Liem District)

    14h The opening of exhibition on ancient Thang Long Hanoi

    Hanoi Museum (Pham Hung


    14h30 The opening of Kim Dong Theater Kim Dong Theater (19 HangBai Street)

    20h The opening of Hanoi Worker Theater Hanoi Worker Theater (42Trang Tien Street)

    20h The opening of Dai Nam Theater Dai Nam Theater (89 Pho HueStreet)

    20h The opening of Hanoi gastronomy festival Ho Tay Water Park (614 LacLong Quan Road)

    October 7

    8h The opening of international conference namedSustainable development of heroic and cultural capital,

    the city for peace

    International Convention

    Center (11 Le Hong Phong


    9h The closing and prize awarding ceremony for theinternational contest named Hanoi Your Rendezvous

    Hanoi Opera House (1 Trang

    Tien Street)

    20h Traditional music performance Hanoi Opera House (1 TrangTien Street)

    October 8

    7h Art and culture programs of Hanois youth Outdoor stages in the wholecity

    20h Exchange program named Thang Long spirit of thecountry

    National Convention Center

    (Pham Hung Street, Me Tri

    Commune, Tu Liem District)

    20h Street festival State Bank Square (49 Ly ThaiTo Street)

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi

    Thursday 23.09.2010

    8h The opening of Thanh Tri and Vinh Tuy bridges The southern h ead of b ridgesof Thanh Tri and Vinh Tuy

    9h30 The opening of Thang Long Boulevard Intersection of Pham Hung andTran Duy Hung roads

    20h Performances of international art troupes Outdoor stages i n the wholecity

    October 10

    8h The 1000th anniversary of Thang Long Hanoi Ba Dinh Square

    20h The art and culture program to c elebrate t he 1000thbirthday of Thang Long - Hanoi

    My D inh Stadium (Le Duc

    Tho Road)

    October 9

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue


    days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi

    Thursday 23.09.2010
  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    22/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    Retailers in Delhi will take part in

    a shopping festival to coincide the

    Commonwealth Games. From 25

    September, markets in various parts

    of the Indian capital, such as Karol

    Bagh, Connaught Place, Chandni

    Chowk, Greater Kailash, Kamla Na-

    gar and Preet Vihar will offer major

    discounts for visitors. A group of 40

    volunteers has come together undera scheme called Personal Shop-

    pers India to help tourists find their

    ways to markets.

    One hundred haute couture pieces

    from the renowned Italian designer

    Maison Valentino will appear in

    an exhibition at Singapores first

    integrated resort, Resorts World

    Sentosa 15 December-31 Janu-

    ary. Retrospective: Past/Present/

    Future will feature haute couture

    looks from founder Valentino Gara-

    vanis early designs to present-day

    creations. The exhibition arrives

    from Paris via Brisbane.

    The Kingdom of Cambodia was chosen to host the 30th Asso-ciation of Southwest Asian Nations (ASEAN) Tourism Forum

    (ATF) in 2011.

    The annual event will be held between 15-21 January at the

    Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Centre in PhnomPenh with the multicultural theme Wonders and Diversity,Express Travel World reported.

    ATF 2011 Host Committee Chairman Pan Chantra said theevent opens up a channel for buyers and sellers to exchange

    information and learn about the ten ASEAN member coun-tries.

    ATF 2011 will offer a golden opportunity for all participantsto discuss the development regional and individual tourism

    products of ASEAN member countries, Mr Chantra said.It is also a cooperative regional effort to promote ASEAN, aworld of wonders and diversity, as a single tourism destina-


    Mr Chantra noted that while the ATF is a great forum forinformation exchange its main purpose is to attract tourists

    particularly from countries like India with growing interest totravel in the ASEAN region.

    There is a huge interest among the Indian tourists about theUNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Vat in Cambodia,Mr Chantra said.

    The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) will

    launch a public awareness campaign to educate Thais about

    the potential benefits, which could result from hosting the World

    Expo 2020.

    Well conduct a feasibility study of three potential locations,Chon Buri, Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya provinces and educate

    Thais about the World Expo, Thailand Convention and Exhibi-

    tion Bureau president, Akapol Sorasuchart told the Bangkok


    They should understand how the country could benefit from

    organising this important event.Mr. Akapol said it would cost 20 billion baht to organise the

    World Expo and the event has the potential to generate eighttimes that amount in revenue.

    He also said that all industries would benefit if Thailands World

    Expo bid is successful, especially tourism.

    Sea World officially launches its

    new Castaway Bay. The AU$6

    million (US$5.7 million), 800m

    family attraction caters for kids

    with themed rides, including Battle

    Boats, featuring pirate boats armed

    with eight water cannons. Another

    attraction, the Sky Fortress, is a

    huge fort-like attraction featuring

    five levels of rope bridges, tunnels,

    slides, games and puzzles.

    The Chinese government com-

    pleted the first phase at Beijings

    Forbidden City. Aimed at alleviating

    congestion, the expansion saw the

    restoration and opening of previ-

    ously closed sections of the former

    imperial palace. The central axis of

    the Forbidden City has long been

    open, but its thousands of court-

    yards on the sides have largelyremained closed. The renovations

    have concentrated on opening

    these previously closed courtyards.

    Delhi to launch Games

    shopping festival

    Fashion exhibition at

    Sentosa Singapore

    Bring on the ATF 2011:


    Castaway Bay opens at

    Gold Coasts Sea World

    Forbidden City com-

    pletes first phase of



    TCEB promotes benefits

    of World Expo 2020

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    23/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    Marina Bay Sands and SATS have

    ointly introduced a new citycheck-in and baggage acceptanceservice the first of its kind in

    Singapore for hotel guests andvisitors heading to Changi Airport.

    With the launch of the Baggage Ex-press service, Marina Bay Sands

    guests and customers departingon Singapore Airlines (SIA) and

    SilkAir flights can enjoy the conve-nience of checking-in at least threehours before their flights depart.They can receive their boarding

    passes and baggage claim tagsat Marina Bay Sands. Checked-in

    guests can also proceed directlyo clear immigration at Singapore

    Changi Airport and be at the

    boarding gate before it closes.

    Checking in at a downtown loca-

    ion offers users greater flexibility

    o maximise their time before leav-ng Singapore. This service will beextended to cover more participat-ng airlines in the coming months.

    Marina Bay Sands is proud to

    partner SATS in launching thisfirst-ever city check-in service inSingapore. It speaks volumes of

    our ability to provide innovativeand first-to-market services to ourguests. All our hotel guests and

    visitors to our property are able toenjoy this one-stop check-in ser-

    vice. This is another value-addedoffering that Marina Bay Sands is

    providing for the convenience ofour guests, and we will continue tointroduce more innovative servicesin the coming months, said Ma-

    rina Bay Sands President and ChiefExecutive Officer, Mr. Thomas


    Said Mr. Denis Marie, Senior Vice

    President, Passenger Services ofSATS: This new initiative under-scores our drive in leveraging our

    core competencies in gateway

    services to offer innovative prod-ucts and services to our customersand their guests. We are pleased topartner Marina Bay Sands in pro-

    viding a delightful and hassle-free

    travel experience for its guests.We remain strongly committed todeveloping and delivering su-

    perior value propositions to ourcustomer.

    Located at Marina Bay SandsCoach Terminal, the check-in

    counters will initially operate fromThursday to Monday from 10 am to

    6 pm.

    The Baggage Express service isfree for guests without any check-

    in luggage. A handling charge ofS$25 for every two bags applies.

    The check-in service is also opento hotel guests staying in otherparts of Singapore.

    The accepted baggage will betransported to Changi Airport with

    regular transport runs and will

    undergo security screening at theairport. The counters at Marina BaySands are manned primarily bySATS personnel.

    Marina Bay Sands launches

    airport check-in services


    Marina Bay

    Sands is

    proud to

    partner SATS

    in launching

    this first-ever

    city check-in

    service in Sin-

    gapore, said

    Mr. Thomas


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    24/39Thursday 23.09.2010


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    25/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    The final day of the three-day PATA Travel Mart 2010 (PTM 2010), Sep-

    tember 14-17, saw international buyers, sellers and media delegatesgather at the dinner reception hosted by the Ministry of Tourism, Gov-ernment of India. Rajen Habib Khwaja, Secretary of Tourism, Ministry

    of Tourism, Government of India, welcomed delegates to PATA TravelMart 2011, New Delhi, India.

    Said Hiran Cooray, PATA Chairman: The PATA Travel Mart 2011 in New Delhi, Indiais one of the most exciting events and activities planned to roll out next year. We havea very special relationship with India, which is a rapidly emerging market, and we

    are delighted they are hosts for the PTM2011.

    Said Arjun Sharma, managing director, Le Passage to India: The travel fraternity inIndia is excited that PATA has chosen New Delhi as the venue for PTM2011. With

    the explosive outbound numbers emanating from our country it is not uncommon forincreased and newer destinations to woo the Indian traveller. The Mart returning to

    India after a gap of only three years is appropriately positioned and bears testimonyto the growth of Indian tourism. The capital city is presently gearing up to host theCommonwealth Games next month. With the increased capacities and greatly mod-

    ernised tourism infrastructure, we wish to assure you that New Delhi will be a bigger,better and more satisfying venue for the best trade show of the year. We look forwardto welcoming all delegates to Incredible India.

    Said Ashok Kapur, CEO, Khiri DMC: India is a fantastic choice as it is a rapidlyemerging destination and market. With its incredible diversity and population, India

    deserves much more business, both as an inbound and outbound entity. As a travelspecialist focussing on Thailand and Indochina, Khiri Travel will continue to investstrongly in the Indian outbound market. We see huge potential there for sectors such

    as leisure, MICE, honeymoon and top-end incentive trips. Indias rapidly increasingurban middle class as also more direct flights from the primary and secondary cities

    to Southeast Asia are both very encouraging trends.

    Said Nicoline Dolman, director of sales and marketing, Bali Dynasty Resort: We willdefinitely participate in PTM in India. The Indian family market has a huge potential

    for the travel-and-tourism of Bali. Balinese cultures and religion are the main attrac-tions for the Indian market.

    Said Ashwani Gupta, managing director, Dove Travels, India, and a first-time at-tendant at PTM: I am very excited about my attendance. PATA Travel Mart is world

    famous for its travel trade networking opportunities and also for its high level oforganisation. It is a truly international event, very well organised, with meetings withyour existing business partners spread into perfect time slots, and meetings with new

    exhibitors made accessible so as to improve our way of working and business.

    India is gearing up for

    PTM2011 in New Delhi


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    26/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    The kick-off times for the Rugby World Cup 2011 in

    New Zealand have been unveiled.

    Eden Park, the scene of the venue for the inauguralRWC Final in 1987, will herald a nationwide six week

    celebration of world-class Rugby and REAL NewZealand Festival events when it hosts the Opening

    Ceremony on Friday, 9 September 2011 starting atapproximately 19:30 (08:30 GMT). The opening matchbetween New Zealand and Tonga will kick-off at 20:30

    (09:30 GMT).

    We have achieved a good balance, said Martin

    Snedden, CEO for Tournament Organisers Rugby NewZealand 2011. If New Zealand is to make the most ofthe platform RWC 2011 gives us to showcase our coun-

    try to the world, then we need to ensure we maximisethe global television audience for key matches.

    What has now been agreed with event-owner RugbyWorld Cup Ltd will help all hosting regions to promotethemselves to the world and help fans, both domestic

    and international, to get on with planning their RWC2011 experience with the start of the Tournament nowless than a year away.

    Ten of the 48 matches will be played in the afternoonincluding the New Zealand v Canada pool match at

    15:30 (03:30 GMT). A further 12 matches will begin by18:00 and another seven at 19:30.

    Englands first game against Argentina on 10 Septem-

    ber 2011 will take place at 20:30 (09:30 GMT). Australiaplays the following day against Italy at 15:30 (04:30

    GMT). South Africa get their tournament underwayagainst Wales on 11 September 2011 at 20:30 (09:30GMT).

    The tournament will culminate in Auckland at the

    redeveloped Eden Park with the semi-finals and final.The kick-off time for these matches was confirmed at21:00 (09:00 GMT) when the Match Schedule was an-nounced in March 2009.

    Kick-Off Times

    for Rugby

    World Cup 2011


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    27/39Thursday 23.09.2010

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    28/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    The Asia/Pacific hotel development pipeline com-prises 1,037 hotels totalling 255,208 rooms, according

    to the August 2010 STR Global Construction PipelineReport released this week.

    China reported the most rooms in the total activepipeline among the regions countries with 134,832, fol-

    lowed by India with 47,477 rooms. China also reportedthe most rooms in the In Construction phase with92,559 rooms.

    Among the key markets in the region, Shanghai, China,ended the month with the most rooms in the total ac-

    tive pipeline with 13,227 rooms. Two other marketsreported more than 5,000 rooms in the total active

    pipeline: Bangkok, Thailand (9,138 rooms) and NewDelhi, India (7,215 rooms).

    Four of the seven Chain Scale segments each ac-counted for more than 15 percent of rooms in the totalactive pipeline: the Upscale segment (24.6 percent

    and 62,671 rooms); the Upper Upscale segment (24.4percent and 62,153 rooms); the Unaffiliated segment(18.6 percent and 47,574 rooms); and the Luxury seg-

    ment (17.7 percent and 45,246 rooms).

    Asia/Pacific pipeline by Chain Scale segment for Au-gust 2010 (number of rooms):Chain Scale Existing Supply In Construction Total

    Active Pipeline*Luxury 136,959 32,850 45,426Upper Upscale 193,540 43,463 62,153

    Upscale 247,068 41,009 62,671Midscale w/ F&B 175,293 12,882 21,225

    Midscale w/o F&B 27,382 1,943 5,673Economy 104,629 4,961 10,666Unaffiliated 1,531,451 30,896 47,574

    Total 2,416,322 168,004 255,208* Includes those projects in the In Construction, FinalPlanning and Planning phases.

    Shanghai continues

    to lead Asian hotel


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    29/39Thursday 23.09.2010

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    30/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    A panel of leading tourism and biodiversity experts will

    meet in China on World Tourism Day (WTD) to ex-

    plore the synergies between tourism, biodiversity and

    sustainable development in an event marking the officialcelebrations of WTD 2010 (27 September).

    WTD, is held this year under the theme Tourism andBiodiversity, in support of the United Nations Interna-

    tional Year of Biodiversity. China, one of the worlds most

    biologically diverse countries and a major tourism desti-

    nation, will lead the 2010 official WTD celebrations.

    The High Level Dialogue on Tourism, Biodiversity and

    Sustainable Development, meeting in the southernChinese city of Guangzhou, the host of the WTD celebra-

    tions, will debate issues ranging from the economic

    value of biodiversity for tourism, to how to integrate bio-

    diversity protection into planning for sustainable tourism.

    Participants include representatives from the Conven-

    tion on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the InternationalUnion for Conservation of Nature (IUCN); the President

    and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council

    (WTTC) and the CEO of Six Senses Resorts; as well as

    the Ministers of Tourism of China, Kenya and Malaysia.

    The conclusions of the High Level Dialogue will be pre-

    sented to the tenth Conference of the Parties to the CBDas part of UNWTOs contribution to the post-2010 targets

    of the CBD (Nagoya, Japan, 18-29 October).

    The official WTD celebrations, organized by UNWTO,

    the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and

    Guangdong Province, are held in conjunction with the

    Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival

    and also include a road parade for WTD Celebrationsand the Asian Games and a photo exhibition along the

    streets of Guangzhou, featuring photos from this years

    WTD photo competition.

    World Tourism Day 2010


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    Tailor-made Travel Specialistin


    Add: 130 Pho Duc Chinh - Ba Dinh DistrictHanoi - VietnamTel: +84-4 37153538

    Fax: +84-4 3715 3540Email: [email protected]
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    32/39Thursday 23.09.2010


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    33/39Thursday 23.09.2010


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    34/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    Long Bien Bridge

    Hoan Kiem Lake by night

    A Stele on turtle statue at

    Literature Temple

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    35/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    The Huc Bridge

    Hanois Flag Tower

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    36/39Thursday 23.09.2010


    The simple life of

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    37/39Thursday 23.09.2010


  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue

    38/39Thursday 23.09.2010

  • 8/8/2019 travelweekly magazine 35th issue