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Mediators of Inflammation 4, 3 (1995)

Mediators of Inflammation well on track to connect MolecularPharmacology and Therapeutics

Mediators ofInflammation has now completed itsfirst three years of publication and this prompts meto address our journal’s readers.

First of all, let me recount some of the very goodthings that have marked these three years. There hasbeen an appreciable increase in the submission ofunsolicited articles. It is also a good sign that, follow-ing the publication of their first paper, several au-thors have submitted a second paper to our journal.The constant flow of submissions has made theregular bimonthly appearance possible. This, in turn,has contributed to the fact that Mediators ofInflam-mation has qualified for a listing in Current Contentsand being covered by major abstracting services,despite its short existence. Authors can thus beassured of a broad readership of their articles.

All of this would not have been possible withoutthe permanent and creative assistance of members ofthe Editorial Board and external referees. wouldlike to take the opportunity of thanking those mem-bers who are retiring from the journal and to wel-come those who, following our invitation, are joiningthe Editorial Board. The enlargement of the EditorialBoard has become necessary to enable us to copewith the flexible profile of our journal.

would like to elaborate a little on what weunderstand by the flexible profile of our journal. Eversince its launch, in contrast with several more special-ized journals that focus on a particular class ofinflammatory mediator (e.g. eicosanoids, PAF, hista-mine, cytokines, etc.), the inherent power of Media-tors ofInflammation has been obvious. It is expectedto continue flourishing even when some individualmediators take a back seat (as they inevitably do) andare replaced by newly emerging ones. Indeed, thescene changes very rapidly. The declining interest inprostanoids and the continuing progress of cytokinesand adhesion molecules exemplify the fluctuationsof the field. Our journal easily keeps pace with theseand related trends.

It is also important to devote a few words to thesubtitle of the journal. The present issue is the firstto carry on its masthead the subtitle Molecular Phar-macology and Therapeutics. The introduction of thissubtitle does not announce a new departure for ourjournal, but simply reflects its true nature. Manyscientific domains are well represented in our jour-nal, including experimental disciplines (pharmacol-

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ogy, immunology, cell biology, etc.) a, well a. con-tributions from clinical areas. Clearly, this indicatesthat mediators of the inflammation process are ofpivotal importance in a great many fields of the lifesciences, and that our journal is on its way to devel-oping into a keynote forum for disseminating know-ledge in all these domains.The backbone of our journal remains the publica-

tion of full-length original Research Articles. How-ever, as echoes from readers indicate the usefulnessof Invited Reviews, we shall be continuing our effortsto publish this kind of paper. Also we wish tointroduce two new categories of paper, namely ShortCommunications and Letters to the Editors. For thescope and style of these, we refer the reader to therevised Instructions to Authors.One of the original goals set by Mediators of

Inflammation was for our journal to become a primeforum of the highest quality in the field of researchon inflammation. We are still some distance from thisgoal, mainly because the scientific standard of theresearch articles was occasionally variable. Now thatthe flow of submitted articles has increased appreci-ably, it is appropriate to raise the standards foracceptance, made necessary by the fierce competi-tion between journals for really excellent papers.

Finally, would like to emphasize two features,neither of which is unfamiliar to contributors andreaders of our journal. One of these is speed inrefereeing and publishing. In close collaborationwith the publishers, Rapid Communications of Ox-ford, all possible efforts will be continued to servethe research community in disseminating the latestresults with the highest speed. The other featuremaintained by our journal is the Jarts pLiple ofthe mediators’ concept. This principle of duality,namely that mediators can exert both harmful andbeneficial functions in health and disease, gathersmomentum in our journal. When some of the articlesadvocating this principle appear to be controversial,they should provoke counteropinions amongst col-leagues. Such Debate Articles are to be encouraged.

In the coniing years, my colleague Editors andlook forward to receiving the best and latest resultsfrom the scientific community of the inflammationfield.

Ivan L. BontaEditor-in-Chief

Mediators of Inflammation. Vol 4. 1995 3

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