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  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    The LEGAL STUFF The information presented herein is in no way intended as medical advice or to serve as a substitute for medical counseling. The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. Consult your physician before beginning this program as you would with any exercise and nutrition program. If you choose not to obtain the consent of your physician and/or work with your physician throughout the course of HARDCORE Strength Cardio, you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions. By beginning and participating with HARDCORE Strength Cardio workouts and supplement manual, you recognize that despite all precautions on the part of The Forged Athlete LLC, there are risks of injury or illness which can occur because of your use of the aforementioned information and you expressly assume such risks and waive, relinquish and release any claim which you may have against The Forged Athlete LLC or their respective affiliates as a result of any future physical injury or illness incurred in connection with, or as a result of, the use or misuse of your program.

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  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Hello and welcome to HARDCORE Strength/ Cardio! Before we got into the nitty-gritty here, Ive got to share with you how I fell into these Strength/Cardio type routines. One of the MOST brutal sessions of training I can remember was a session I did in a park with my buddy Joe. All we had was a sled, a half filled keg, an 80 pound dumbbell and a 70 pound kettlebell. We performed a circuit of different carries, sled drags, pulls, and ended with a few sprints. Simple. Short. BRUTALLY effective. That was the first time I ever did a focused Strength / Cardio session and even though I almost died, I knew I had to start including this type of training into my weekly routines in some way, shape, or form. This manual is a compilation of ALL of the different types of Strength Cardio variations and movements Ive done of the years that have gotten me stronger, leaner, meaner, and highly conditioned. The main reason I started doing these Strength / Cardio routines? To STAY strong while getting myself highly conditioned. This is exactly what its going to do for YOU too. So what is Strength Cardio exactly? In short, Strength Cardio (S/C) is a great way to not only build more strength, but is also geared towards keeping you STRONG while getting you seriously conditioned. One of the biggest issues that lifters and athletes run into who want to put more focus in on conditioning is that they tend to lose too much strength (and even muscle) in the process. S/C helps destroy this flaw. While this isnt the all-in-1 conditioning cure, its a great method to use, especially when you want to stay and get strong. Another term this type of training has gone by is weighted cardio, but I personally like the ring of Strength / Cardio better.

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    What do you think? Either way, I hope youre ready to get some serious results with S/C. Trust me when I say theres a lot more to these routines and movements then just adding in a few jogs between movements. Youll see what Im talking about soon enough if you dont already know ;) Get ready to discover one of the BEST ways to get and stay strong while getting highly conditioned all while not having to sacrifice your hard earned muscle and strength results. Time to Go 110% H.A.M. Travis

    BEST Ways To USE Strength / Cardio There are many different ways you can use S/C within your training programs. Below I include some of the forms you can use S/C. ==> Use as stand-alone workouts in themselves ==> Use as a post workout, high-intensity finisher for focused conditioning and fat loss ==> Add in to your normal routines for extra grip and core training (best to use @ the end of your sessions like a finisher) ==> Use with beginners to help build up a strong base of general strength and conditioning as the movements are EASY to learn and easy to implement (just TOUGH as hell to do ;) ) ==> Use as rehab for injury recovery OR prehab to prevent injuries (this works best to do a few rounds of a light S/C BEFORE a training session or after, works either way) ==> Use on planned recovery days (just make sure to use lighter loads than you normally would do for an ALL-OUT S/C session)

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    How To Set Up S/C Routines Heres a few different ways to set up different S/C movements and circuits if you want to create them on your own. ==> For Distance have a start and end point to determine length of sets

    Ex Double KB Rack Walk x 100 ft ==> For Time set a time, then get in as much distance or completed rounds of movement selected

    Ex Double KB Rack Walk x max distance for 10 mins ==> Use an S/C movement within a circuit with other movements simply select a S/C movement, then behind it into a circuit of your choice. Its best to have these S/C movements in at the beginning of the circuit.

    Ex KB Farmer Rack x 100 ft --> Burpee x 10 --> Push Ups x 10 --> 100m Run ==> Use within a superset with another NON-S/C movement same type of set up as above, but with only one of single movement. Its best to have the S/C movement in at the beginning of the superset.

    Ex Sandbag Shouldered Carry x 100 ft + Push Ups x Submax ==> Use within an S/C Deadly Circuit Good news is, Ive already done these 21 nasty set ups before and Ive got them all for you below ;)

    Key Coaching / Implementation Focuses ***When using an S/C routine as a stand-alone workout, feel free to add in a few more rounds then you would normally do (which are listed below) then if you used an S/C routine as a finisher or conditioning plug-in for your normal workouts. The key is to try and keep these routines to under 12 minutes if youre using them as a finisher. ***When using as a recovery workout, make sure to lighten up the loads that you use a bit so that you dont overtax yourself. Any S/C movement can be used for a recovery type workout to help you get moving around to help speed recovery. ***ALWAYS be safe with the movements and KNOW your LIMITS dont try to go too heavy. Always progress yourself overtime and always think: Risk vs. Reward

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Sample Weekly Set Ups Using S/C Routines For STRENGTH Focus ***This set up is geared to those that want to focus in on MAX STRENGTH GAIN while also building up their overall cardio Sample Weekly Layout:

    Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun LBF UBF REST LBF UBF REST REST S/C Finisher S/C Finisher REST S/C Finisher S/C Finisher REST REST ***LBF = Lower Body Focused Training Day ***UBF = Upper Body Focused Training For FAT LOSS / CONDITIONING Focus ***This set up is geared to those that want to focus in on Getting LEAN while also keeping their hard earned muscle and strength while also adding in a bit more focus on building up their overall cardio via S/C

    Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Full Body REST Full

    Body REST Full Body REST REST

    S/C Finisher Sprints + Quick S/C Routine

    REST REST S/C Finisher Sprints + Quick S/C Routine


    ***Sprints are OPTIONAL and can be added in BEFORE your S/C routines for added benefit to help increase fat shred, however, if youre S/C routine already has sprints in it, no need to add in sprints before. ***Make sure NOT to go over board with your sprints. For a done-for-you system, Id recommend checking out Shredded In 7 for a full detailed layout on how to implement in sprinting to your routines.

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    For TOTAL BADASS-ISM ***This set up is geared to those that are focusing in on Building more Strength, Power, Muscle, and Getting Highly Conditioned all at once. Please note, this set up is for ADVANCED lifters and trainees only. This follows a 3 Days On, 1 Off, 2 Days On, 1 Off Weekly Set Up, which youll find that I have programmed within The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint. The training days are typically FULL Body based strength sessions that include a conditioning type focus within the session as well. For the best set up, on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays, you would add in your S/C Finishers. On Tuesdays and Fridays, you would focus on whatever type of conditioning sessions youd want to do for those days.

    Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Strength Strength Strength REST Strength Strength REST S/C Finisher

    Choice Conditioning

    S/C Finisher

    REST Choice Conditioning

    S/C Finisher REST

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    S/C Movements and Variations

    Rack Carry Single DB / KB rack hold double - DB / KB

    - OH DB Carries OH KB Carries Farmer Walks w/ Handles

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    1 Arm DB Overhead Carry OH / Farmer Carry OH / Rack Carry Farmer Racks w/ DBs Farmer Racks w/ KBs DB Goblet Carry

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    KB Towel Farmer Walks Single Arm Towel Farmer Carry Snatch Grip OH Carry Push Press OH Carry

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Barbell Front Rack Carry Barbell Front Zercher Carry

    Sandbag Bear Hug Walk Sandbag Shouldered Or Loaded Carry

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    OH Sandbag Carry Sandbag Shouldered + KB Farmer Walk Sandbag Loaded + KB Rack Walk Sandbag Loaded + KB Overhead Walk

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Front Plate Carry Plate Overhead Walk

    Single Arm Keg Carry Keg Zercher Carry

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Keg Front Carry Shouldered Keg Carry

    Front Sled Drag

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Backwards Sled Drag

    Forward Sled March Or Sprint

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Sled Drag + Farmer Walk

    Sled Drag + Overhead KB Carry

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Sled Drag + KB Goblet Carry

    Sled Drag + Overhead Farmer Walk

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Sled Drag + Farmer Rack Carry

    Sled Drag + Double KB Rack Carry

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Low Handled Sled Drive / Push

    High Handled Sled Drive / Push

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Bear Crawl Sled Drag

    Backwards Sled Drag + Rack Carry

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    Sled Drag + Shouldered Sandbag Carry

    In Need Of A Sled???

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  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    21 LETHAL S/C Routines CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO Coaching Demos

    1 Farmer + Sleds x 3 Rounds

    a) Sled Drag Forward x 100 ft b) Sled Drag Back x 100ft c) Farmer x 200ft

    ***Score = Total time taken to complete + weight used 2 The Farmer Plow x 3 Rounds

    a) Farmer Walk w/ sled drag (attached via harness or around hips) x 200 ft down and back

    ***Rest x 60-90 secs between sets ***Score = Total weight used for farmers and weight on sled 3 Farmer Racks x 10 Min AMRAP

    a) Farmer Rack x 100ft b) Farmer Rack x 100ft (opposite side) c) Burpee x 10

    ***Score = Total time taken to complete + weight used 4 OH Farmer Special x 3 Rounds

    a) OH + Farmer Walk x Max Distance b) Burpee x 10 c) OH + Farmer Walk back to start position d) Burpee x 10

    ***Rest only 60-90 secs between rounds ***Score = Total distance covered+ weight used 5 Carry Complex From Hell x 3 rounds / side

    a) OH Walk w/ Farmer x max distance b) Rack Walk w/ Farmer x max distance c) Double Farmer Walk x max distance

    ***Rest 60 secs then switch sides ***Score = Total time taken to complete + weight used

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    6 Strength Cardio The Circuit x 3-4 Rounds

    a) Double KB Rack Walk x 200 ft b) Front Object Zercher Carry (Sandbag, Keg, Barbell) x 200ft c) HEAVY Farmer Walk x 200 ft d) HEAVY Forward Sled Drag x 100 ft e) HEAVY Backwards Sled Drag x 100 ft

    ***Rest 1-2 Mins then repeat ***Score = Total time taken to complete + weight used 7 The Rack Plow x 3 Rounds

    a) Double Rack Carry w/ Sled Drag x 200 ft down and back ***Rest 60-90 secs between rounds ***Score = Total weight used for rack carry + weight on the sled 8 Weight of The World x 3 Rounds

    a) HEAVY Sandbag Shouldered Walks w/ Sled Drag x 200 ft down and back ***Rest 60-90 secs between rounds ***Score = Total weight used for sandbag + weight on the sled 9 Racks and Farmers x 3 Rounds

    a) HEAVY Barbell Front Rack Walks x 100 ft total b) HEAVY Farmer Walks x 100ft total

    ***Rest 60-90 secs between rounds ***Score = Total weight used for rack walks + weight on the farmer walks

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    10 Carry Medley #1 - For Time

    a) OH KB / DB Walks x 200 ft b) Run Back To Start c) HEAVY SB Zercher Carry x 200 ft d) Run Back To Start e) Keg Carry x 200 ft f) Run Back To Start g) Farmer Walk with HEAVIEST Objects you can find / handle x 200 ft

    ***Upon Completion, immediately carry all of the objects back in the same order until everything is back to the start. ***Score = Total time taken to complete ***Record the objects used and their weights

    11 Carry Medley #2 x For Time ***With a 45 lbs weight plate (thick bumpers work the best)

    a) Weight Plate OH Walk x 200 ft b) Sprint Back To Start c) Weight Plate Front Carry x 200 ft d) Sprint Back To Start e) Weight Plate Back Carry x 200 ft

    ***Upon Completion, immediately carry all of the objects back in the same order until everything is back to the start. ***Can be done with 3 plates, 6, plates, or even 9 plates how ever much YOU want to go! ***Score = Total time taken to complete ***Record the objects used and their weights 12 Power Sled Drags x 3-4 Rounds OR For Total Distance / Time

    a) Power Sled Pulls x 100 ft OR Total Time (20-45 secs) b) Forward Sled Drags x 100 ft back to start

    ***Rest only 60-90 secs between sets OR Rest 1:1 Ratio if pulling for time ***Score = Total distance covered in the time allowed

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    13 Squat N- Carry Ladder For Time Complete The Following:

    a) Sandbag Shouldered Squat x 1 b) Sandbag Zercher Carry x 100 ft c) Sandbag Shouldered Squat (opposite shoulder) x 1 d) Sandbag Zercher Carry x 100 ft

    ***Repeat same circuit with 2 reps, 3, reps, 4 reps, then 5 reps on the squats ***Can also do a descending ladder set up where you start at 5 reps and go down from there. Going up is way tougher ;) ***You can drop the bag and rest after each FULL round if need be ***Score = Weight of sandbag + Total time taken to complete 14 Sled Sprint + Carry x 6 Rounds

    a) Sled Sprint x 40 yards b) Jog Back To Start c) Farmer Walk x 40 yards

    ***Rest 60-90 secs then repeat ***Score = Total time taken to complete 15 Carry For Distance Complete the following on a track

    a) Farmer walk x 400m or MORE (depending on the weight your using and your fitness level)

    ***Every time you drop your weighted object, do 5 burpees ***Can use heavy KBs, DBs, Farmer Handles, A Keg, what ever you want to carry! ***Score = Total time taken to complete + total burpees + weight / object used 16 Clean, Carry, and Repeat Complete the following x Total Distance

    a) Start by performing 3 power cleans with either a heavy sandbag or double kettlebells

    b) After 3rd power clean, SB Zercher Carry OR Double KB Rack Carry x 100-400m (Depending on YOUR fitness level and weight being used)

    ***Perform 3 Power Cleans @ Each 50m Interval OR set interval to your liking ***Score = Total Time taken to complete total distance goal

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    17 Heavy 100, 200, or 400m Repeats x 4-8 Rounds For these its pretty simple strap on a moderately loaded weighted vest and RUN OR, grab a med ball (14, 20, 30 lbs) and run with it. Carry it as ever you choose! ***Can also use a KB, DB, Medball, or Sandbag ***If you drop the object, do 5 burpees on the spot ***Rest anywhere from 1:1 to 2:1 and repeat the sprints. ***Do NOT allow your times to drop off too much each round, increase the amount of rest you use if need be ***Score = weight of objects used + time of runs completed 18. Triple Threat Complete 5 Rounds Of The Following:

    a) Farmer Walk + OH x 100 ft b) Farmer Walk + OH x 100 ft (opposite side back to start) c) Front Keg Carry (or any other front carry) x 200 ft d) Sled Drag x 100ft Forward 100 ft Backwards to start

    ***Rest only as much as needed then repeat ***Score = Total time taken to complete + weight used 19. 20 Min Test Continuous Sled Drag / Pull x 5, 10, 15, or even 20 mins ***Pull Sled Forward (facing away from the sled in a march) then turn around and pull the sled backwards (facing the sled) ***Goal is to NOT stop for the whole 20 mins, go 50-100 ft then turn around or find a field thats wide open with lots of space to move unrestricted ***Feel free to switch up the variations you use for this with moving the sled push, pull, drag, ect ***Score = weight of sled + total distance covered + total time

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    20. Weighted Hill Carry Medley Find a hill that stretches up at least 40 yards and Complete the following x 3 Rounds

    a) Double DB / KB Farmer Walk to the Top of Hill b) Run Down c) SB Zercher Carry to the top of Hill d) Run Down e) Sprint Up Hill @ 100 % f) Double DB / KB Farmer Walk To Bottom of Hill g) Sprint Up Hill @ 100% h) SB Zercher Carry To Bottom Of Hill

    ***Rest only as much as needed then repeat x 3 rounds total ***Can be done on stadium stairs as well. ***Score = Total time taken to complete + weighted used + distance / details of hill used 21. Death Threat (NOT EASY) x 3 Rounds Complete the following w/out dying ;)

    a) SB + Farmer Walk x 200 ft b) SB + Farmer Walk x 200 ft (opposite side back to start) c) Sled Pull / Drag x 200 ft (100ft forwards / 100ft backwards) d) SB Zercher Carry x 100 ft e) 15 Burpees Over Sandbag f) SB Zercher Carry x 100ft back to start

    ***Rest only as much as needed ***Score = Total time taken to compete + weighted used

  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

    The Aggressive Strength Training Guide

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  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

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  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

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  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

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  • Hardcore Strength Cardio

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