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Growth MindsetI N   T H E   A R T   R O O MK A R I   L O M A X

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Overview+ +   C A R O L   D W E C K+ +   I D E A S   A B O U T   G R O W T H   M I N D S E T+ +   S H I F T I N G   K I D S   M I N D S E T+ +   G R O W T H   V S .   F I X E D+ +   A   G R O W T H   M I N D S E T   S O U N D S   L I K E+ +   S T R A T E G I E S   F O R   T H E   A R T   R O O M  + +   L O O K   I N S I D E   M Y   C L A S S R O O M+ +   T E A C H E R   M I N D S E T

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Carol Dweck, Mindset GuruM e e t   C a r o l   D w e c k ,   p s y c h o l o g i s t   a n do n e   o f   t h e   w o r l d ' s   l e a d i n g   r e s e a r c h e ri n   t h e   f i e l d   o f   m o t i v a t i o n .

Dweck found that students’ mindsets—how they perceive their abilities

—played a key role in their motivationand achievement, and found that if wechanged students’ mindsets, we could

boost their achievement.

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Ideas about growth mindset



According to  psychologist Carol

Dweck, those with a fixed mindset

believe that your intelligence is

innate and cannot be improved.

Those with a growth mindset believe

the opposite; they believe your

intelligence can be stretched and


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5 ways to shift kids mindset

1. Collaborate

2. Practice

3. Encourage

4. Embrace Challenges

5. Embrace Criticism 

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Growth vs. Fixed A “fixed mindset” assumes that

our character, intelligence, and

creative ability are static givens

which we can’t change in any

meaningful way. A “growth

mindset,” on the other hand,

thrives on challenge and sees

failure not as evidence of

unintelligence but as a

heartening springboard for

growth and for stretching our

existing abilities.

So, how do I get a growth mindset?


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Think like an artist!Have you ever heard

this in the classroom?

"I can't


"I'm notcreative"

"I give up!"

"I messed up, I

need to start


"This is asgood as it willever get" "I don't care to

try this"

"They are somuch betterthan I will everbe!"

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A growth mindset sounds like...From the student:

From the teacher:

"I'm on the right track!"   

"I can try my best!"

"Mistakes help me learn"

"This is going to take some time"

"What can I do to make it even


"I won't give up, I can ask for


"What am I missing?"

"What can you try next?"

"The point isn't to get it all

right away. The point is to

grow your understanding step

by step"

"That feeling of drawing being

hard is the feeling of your

brain growing"

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Strategies for the art room

Mindful Moments

My favorite mistake

Reflective writing & journal prompts

Class critiques

Mindset survey

Exit tickets


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Strategies for the art room

Beautiful Oops


The Dot

Extra Yarn

The Most Magnificent Thing

What Do You Do With An idea?

Fantastic Elastic Brain


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Strategies for the art room

TED Talks: Carol Dweck,

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit.

Austin's Butterfly


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My Classroom

Page 13: Growth Mindset Presentation

My Classroom

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My Classroom

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My Classroom

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Teacher Mindset MattersDon’t neglect the growth

mindset for yourself either.

You should embrace the

challenges and embrace the

mistakes right along with

your students. A growth

mindset will help you as a

teacher, and more

importantly, it will help your

students be successful in

your art room.

1. See yourself as a learner

2. Try new things & learn fromyour mistakes

3. Self-Reflect

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