Zina’s Hungarian Folk Singing .I sing traditional Hungarian folk songs - meaning songs collected

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Transcript of Zina’s Hungarian Folk Singing .I sing traditional Hungarian folk songs - meaning songs collected

  • Hungarian Americans Together 2013 Conference San Mateo, CA 2-3 March 2013

    Hungarian Music:

    Zinas Hungarian Folk Singing Circle

    Zina Bozzay

  • I sing traditional Hungarian folk songs - meaning songs collected from rural village singers in all areas where Hungarians live, who learned the songs from generation to generation in the context of a living folk tradition.

  • Village singers in Magyarszovt, with Zina Bozzay

  • These are the songs that have been collected by Bla Bartk, Zoltn Kodly, and many others over the last century. These source recordings of Hungarian village singers were brought to Budapest -- feeding the tnchz movement of the 1970s-80s, the international fame of Mrta Sebestyn and other performers, and recently the popular tv show Flszllott a pva.

  • I moved to Budapest to immerse myself in this music and to learn these songs directly from archival source recordings.

  • Studied at buda Folkmusic School Budapest, Hungary

  • with traditional folk singers

  • with va Fbin of Kalamajka and Egyszlam bands

  • ... and learned from village singers themselves.

  • Researched in archives at the Hungarian Heritage House Budapest, Hungary

  • Institute for Musicology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest

  • I moved back to California, and my goal here is to be a bridge between Hungary and the US. I have been sharing the songs with Hungarians in the Bay Area, professional Eastern European folk musicians, beginners, and everyone else who is interested in traditional Hungarian folk singing.

  • I use the same learning and teaching methods as are used in Hungary, always using source recordings, with additional support for my students stemming from my own educational and professional background in music. I teach a wide variety of songs - the many regional styles, older and newer songs, fast and slow, easy and challenging, solo and group, dance songs and rhythmically free songs, mens and womens, secular and religious, and special songs for each season.

  • Research (gathering the songs)

    Learning songs well (melody, details, text, origin)

    Singing, sharing information in personal one-to-one interactions (private lessons, small classes, singing circles)

    Giving performances

    Zinas Singing Circle

  • Leading singing circle of local Hungarians Foster City, CA

  • I hope to

    continue to learn about this beautiful music and heritage

    pass it on in a manner authentic to its origins

    make it available and accessible to all people who may be interested in it, whether to sing, play, dance, or listen

  • Please contact me with any interest or inquiries: Zina Bozzay


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