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  • 1. University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations

2. Three different exams:* Starters* Movers* FlyersAll of them give a consistent measure of howwell712 yearolds are doing in the skills oflistening,speaking, reading and writing. 3. StartersCambridge English: Starters sets your child off on their languagelearning adventure, introducing them to everyday written and spokenEnglish in a fun and motivating way. 4. MoversCambridge English: Movers shows a child is beginning to deal witheveryday written and spoken English at a very basic level. 5. FlyersPaperC o nte nt 5 p a rts /L is t e n in g25( a b o u t 2 5 m in u t e s ) q u e s t io n s 7 p a rts /R e a d in g & W r it in g 50( 4 0 m in u t e s ) q u e s t io n sS p e a k in g 4 p a rts( 7 9 m in u t e s )Cambridge English: Flyers shows a child can deal with everyday writtenand spoken English at a basic level.