Xiaomi Mi3 marketing startegies| Public reviews| News reviews | Possible Results and outcome

download Xiaomi Mi3 marketing startegies| Public reviews| News reviews | Possible Results and outcome

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Understanding India's love for 'China maal' like Xiaomi, Gionee & OPPO. Brands like Xiaomi, for instance, retail exclusively on Flipkart, while OPPO Mobile is looking to build its offline retail network. But at the moment, the brand relies heavily on e-commerce portals. Most new companies cannot kick things off with a fully developed distribution system; it takes time, effort and huge spending power. Read more at: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/44610787.cms?curpg=2&utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst

Transcript of Xiaomi Mi3 marketing startegies| Public reviews| News reviews | Possible Results and outcome

  • 1. INTERNATIONAL MARKETINGKunal SheteSameer ParabRanjit YadavAshutoshShendeKartik MehtaNilesh SinghKaran Parmar

2. Xiaomi(SHA-OMI)Products sold Established directly via in company 2010websiteHugo Barra CEO Major Lei JunacquasitionCurrently Already in a a $trial 10 billion and error companyprocessSpeciality is high-end phones for low prices 3. XIAOMI STRATEGY IN INDIAFounding Registration Adapting team China carefully necessary marketing put together to be & sales eligible to strategytake to buyon AppleSolely relies on announcement made on socialExclusive Flip Kart tie-upnetworking sitesCreate Quietly hype rebranded before every as TuesdayMI 4. Flipkart fakes buzz ? Customers are unhappy with Xiaomi Mi3 saleXiaomi is turning out to create a huge buzz for its debut smartphone Mi3slaunch in India. E-commercial website Flipkart collaborated with Chinesetech-giant and hosted three sale events of Mi3 and has crashed a coupleof timesAt the first time when Flipkart announced the next date of sale, thecustomers were online since morning just to grab the device from theinitial stock. But they complained about being unable to order the deviceIs Flipkart the culprit behind mounting fake buzz of Xiaomi Mi3? Are theyon the way to hoard the device and over hype it to ensure a humongoussale? 5. How its strategy of High-end phones at low prices is lovedThe company has made a killing in China and has now got othermarkets in its crosshairs. The 'Apple of China' has recentlylaunched operations in IndiaAn array of Chinese manufacturers have been headed to Indiarecently, with Lenovo, Gionee and Oppo all boasting a goodportfolio of smartphones already. But none of these companiesare known as the Apple of China and none of them are known forproducing high-end phones for low prices 6. That is exactly what Xiaomi has been known for in the four years that ithas been building its business. The manufacturer, which was till veryrecently confined to China, already has some impressive numbers toshowThe numbers gameTo start with, Xiaomi is already a $10 billion company, which is prettyimpressive considering that the firm is only four years old and wasconfined only to the Chinese market. In 2013, Xiaomi missed its target ofselling 20 million units by a mere 1.3 million, while the company is wellon its way to selling 40 million units, which is its target for this year. Thecompany has claimed that it has sold over 10 million smartphones inChina in the first quarter of 2014Jun though also had strong words for Apples strategy in China, sayingthat the American firm doesnt care about its consumers and makes whatit thinks consumers want. Juns mission, in his own words, is to makeproducts that make the consumer scream 7. IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE CURRENTSTRATEGYCreate experimental Sell products product through for own US, web Europe sitemarketSeparate the product from Chinese TagEstablish service centers in MetrosCreate a Niche market 8. DO WE THINK THEY HAVE A SUSTAINABLESTRATEGY?Does not Consumers have own feel sales a part base of or marketing online retail scamchannel2 Seconds a hypeBuilding up the demand, not able to deliverAvoid monopolizing 9. Thank You