Xiaomi Mi 3 Maverick Detail Review

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Xiaomi Mi 3 The ‘Maverick Detail’ Review

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As Xiaomi enters India with Mi 3, it's important to understand what it brings to a market which is dominated by Samsung, Nokia and Micromax. When it come to hardware, the Mi 3 is a clear winner. Top of the line hardware at one-third the cost of a Samsung S5 is a no brainer. But what's really going to make it successful is the software it carries. MiUi V5, while inspired, is a clear winner; using the best of iOS and stock Android. It has something for both the Average Users and the Power Users. For more details, check: IdeasMaverick Blog - http://www.ideasmaverick.com

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  • Xiaomi Mi 3 The Maverick Detail Review
  • Lock Screen :| Shortcuts to the most used features: Call, Messaging and Camera! Double Tap on the centre, reveals the next screen
  • Music Player :) Double Tap on the Lock Screen to access Music Player! Simple controls for Play/Pause, Previous and Next
  • Home Screen :) Looks like a combination of iOS 6 (icons/folders) and Android (search bar)! Unlike in most Android devices, and like in iOS, there isnt a back layer of apps. All installed apps are on the home screens. Theres no system of shortcuts. ! I like this way better [Personal Opinion]
  • Folders :) Folders have a similar look to iOS! You can add both apps and web page shortcuts to folders! The full screen blur effect is far better than iOS 7s boxed effect [Personal Opinion]
  • PageTransitions :) You can change the effect on page transitions of the home screen! Screen shot shows the Tumble effect, which gives the transitions a View Master feel! Page transitions on both iOS and Android are a basic slide, making it quite predictably boring
  • Contacts :| Searchable! Scrub-able with alphabets on the right! Maverick Detail: Shows the total contacts on the search bar and not towards the end of the directory (iOS stupidly does this to date)
  • Contact Detail :) Shows call log! Maverick Detail: Shows call specic details. Interestingly, shows the number of times the phone rang before the caller disconnected.
  • Edit Contacts :| Simple 5 eld reveal-able form, as opposed to a uselessly exhaustive iOS or Android Contact details form
  • Calling Pad :) Basic Features: Speakerphone, Dial Pad, Additional Features Drop Out! Additional Features: As seen on rst two rows on the screenshot! Maverick Detail: Record. Thats right, you can now record conversations. Expect more Comcast Customer Service like recordings to surface!
  • Call Settings :) Maverick Detail: Record all calls or create a custom list! Whats awesome is that it compresses these calls in MP3 format and uses up just 1KB/ second. So an hours worth of recording is just 3.6 MB. Basically, a user can record all their calls without utilising much space.! Expect more more viral call recordings to ood Social Media, and well, more lawsuits
  • Camera :( When compared to S5 or iPhone, this is the only part thats a little disappointing! Features like anyone else, with nothing exceptional to write about, except when you switch to the front camera
  • Selfie Camera :| Maverick Detail: Predicts the gender quite accurately, but not much can be said about age. Clearly Im not 28 :)! Just a nice little fun feature
  • Notifications :| Simple notications and system toggles, are side by side! As in any Android, Notications can be removed with a swipe! System toggles can be customised based on what you most use, making it quite handy
  • Home Screen Edit :| Moving Apps has never been easier. I would suggest using this any day instead of iOSs lame hold, move and drop! Quick access to Widgets, Wallpaper and Page Transitions Effects as well! You can move page positions (like in most Android devices and unlike on iOS devices)
  • Power Panel :| Long press of the Power button gives you quick access to the most basic deice features! The one thing I still miss, is a simple physical switch to toggle between Silent and Ringer modes. I suspect Apples patented this :(
  • Themes :) The Killer Feature, where Xiaomi sets itself apart, enters the big league and kicks some serious a$$! Choose from a wide array of stable, fully-integrated themes! Maverick Detail: The level of detail in any of the themes you select will be astounding
  • Calendar :) Clean elegant look and feel! Love this more than I love the calendar on my iOS or stock Android OS
  • Clock :) The attention to detail on this one is fabulous! Maverick Detail: When on the selection, the device has a slight vibrate for every second of the ticking. Bring it close to your ears and youll discover the whirring and tick tock of old table clocks.
  • Alarm :| Under the Clock app! No jazz, Simple and elegant.! Loud alarm, with a tap to snooze and slide to silence options
  • Weather :) Graphical movement represents the weather in your area! Maverick Detail: Area level detail (where available, AccuWeather) and not a generic city-level detail! Love the look and feel of the expected forecast
  • Compass :) Maverick Detail: Its important to note that MiUi follows an elegant combination of Skeuomorphic and Flat design principles! Shows, Lat, Long, Altitude and Atmospheric Pressure
  • Radio :) Maverick Detail: At rst glance, youll think this is a Dieter Rams radio, but then youll realise its not! While MiUi has denitely been inspired by Apple, Apples Skeuomorphic design was in turn inspired by Brauns Dieter Rams
  • Transfer :| Device to device transfer is easy! Maverick Detail: Device pairing is done using audio, making the process simpler and faster! Look and Feel is denitely inspired
  • Memory Management :) Simple icon based purge! Way better than multi-screen scrolling as in the case of iOS! Maverick Detail: Tap on the brush to purge all apps and clear memory
  • Security Management :) Maverick Detail: Visualisations are fantastic! Each section provides a detailed understanding of whats under the hood! Allows users to change settings in order to manually better optimise their systems (essentially just for power users)
  • Data Management :) With data transfer on mobile devices having limitations, its important to manage your data! Maverick Detail: Personally love the depleting water level visual that shows how much data has been used and how much is left! Manage data transfer app wise after getting to understand which apps use the most data. WLAN stands for data over WiFi.
  • Power Management :) Maverick Detail: Provides you with both App level and Hardware level details of power usage! Unsurprisingly, its Screen, WiFi and Mobile Standby that use the most power (here in Singapore, we dont make too many calls from our mobile)
  • Drive Management :| Simple interface which shows what kind of media is using up the most space! Not too impressed with the interface, but it does make it easy for users to access categories and remove les if and when needed