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1. JD.com Make Joy Happen Version: 2015-05-29 2. 1. E-commerce in China 2. Introduction of JD.com 3. Integrated Market Entry Solution 3. E-commerce in China 4. 649 Million Internet Users 316 Million Online Shoppers 1. IResearch Industry Report; by Feb., 2015. Numbers are for the year 2014 13% E-retail/Retail >$500 Billion E-retail Market E-Commerce in China1: Unlimited Opportunities 5. Unlimited Opportunities in Chinese E-commerce Market 6. Introduction of JD.com 7. Largest Retailer in China The Largest Online Direct Sales Company in China with 56% Market Share 1. Source: iResearch. Market share in terms of total GMV of China online direct sales market in Q4 2014. 2. Source: iResearch. Market share in terms of total GMV of China overall B2C market in Q4 2014. 56.3% 6.5% 8.8% 4.2% 3.7% 3.4% 3.2% 2.7% 12% (Tencent) Others 58.6%22.8% 3.2% 2.9% 1.7% 1.4% 1.3% 1.3% 1.1% 7.0% Others (Tencent) Leading Market Share in China Online Direct Sales Market1 Second Largest in Overall China B2C Market2 8. Note: Data as of Mar 31,2015 . unless otherwise specified below. 1. Data as of Dec. 31, 2014 2. Data from the 2014 annul report 3. Data as of Dec. 31 2014, fulfilled orders in the first quarter 2015 were 227.2million 105.2million active customer Accounts 3,539 delivery stations in 1,961 counties and districts 143 warehouses in 39 cities 689 million orders3 40.2 million SKUs1 72,604 total employees The Largest Online Direct Sales Company in China (Contd) USD41.9 billion GMV2 9. The Top 3rd Largest Internet Company in the World Data Source: Yahoo Finance; data until April. 2014; JD Research Center JD.com ranks the 3rd among the top 10 Internet Companies in the world, by revenue. Rank Company Region Revenue (Billion $) 1 Amazon.com US 89 2 Google US 66 3 JD.COM China 18.5 4 eBay US 17.9 5 Tencent China 12.7 6 Facebook US 12.5 7 Alibaba Group China 11.4 8 Priceline US 8.4 9 Baidu US 7.9 10 Yahoo US 4.6 10. Extended Leadership in Fulfillment Capacity 1. Map and numbers as of Dec 31, 2014. Nationwide Network of Warehouses and Last-mile Reach1 Fast Expansion and Best-in-class Fulfillment Capabilities Geographic expansion substantially completed with nationwide presence and penetration into lower tier cities As of Dec 31, 2014 Front Distribution Centers 12 cities Warehouses 123 in 40 cities GFA ~2.3 million sq.m. Geography Coverage 1,862 counties and districts Delivery and pickup Stations 3,210 Same-day Delivery (211) 134 counties and districts Next-day Delivery 866 counties and districts Cities with fulfillment centers (7) Cities with standalone bulky item warehouses (40) Cities with front distribution centers (12) Cities with new front distribution centers built after IPO Jinan Shenyang Shanghai Wuhan Xian Nanjing Beijing Qingdao Zhengzhou Xiamen Chongqing Chengdu Guangzhou Urumuqi Hefei Kunming Nanning Harbin Changsha Suqian National Customer Service Center Customer Service Center Baotou Dalian Fuzhou Foshan Guiyang Hangzhou Jinhua Lanzhou Nanchang Nanchong Ningbo Shenzhen Taiyuan Suzhou Shijiazhuang Tianjin Xiangyang Yinchuan Changchun 11. Absolute Zero Tolerance to Counterfeits AUTHENTICITY JDs Core Business Value Zero-tolerance policies over counterfeit products Domestic marketplace sellers must be a sizable entity registered in China for at least two years, with a registered capital of over ~US$85,000 Professional team of quality control personnel 3 on-site spot checks to screen products every week Strategic partnership with Intertek1 . Heavy fines of up to US$150,000 if counterfeits are found Note: 1. Intertek is a leading multinational inspection, product testing and certification company. 12. JD.COM Ranks First in the Customer Satisfacation 13. Significant User Traffic Level-1 Access Points Launched During Dec 2014 815 mm Aggregate QQ MAU 576 mm Mobile QQ MAU1 500 mm Weixin + WeChat MAU2 Enhanced Mobile Engagement through Tencent Partnership 1. Total number of QQ monthly active users that logged in via applications on smart devices (iOS, Android) and sent a message, or conducted an activity in Moments, Games, etc., as of December 31, 2014. 2. Monthly active user accounts of combined Weixin and WeChat, which is the total number of user accounts which logged in Weixin or WeChat and sent at least one message, or conducted an activity in Moments, Games, etc., as of December 31, 2014. 3. Including JDs native mobile app and traffic from Weixin and Mobile QQ. Source: Tencent filing. Weixin (Launched in June 2014) Mobile QQ (Launched in August 2014) Weixin/mobile QQ GMV more than doubling sequentially in Q4 and contributed roughly 20% of new customers in Q4 14. Market Entry Solution & Case Study 15. Clothing & Accessories Consumer Electronics Maternal & Baby Cosmetics Food & Health care JD Worldwide Foreign Companies' Pathway to China JD Worldwide is a designated business unit to bring quality overseas products to JD. 16. Integrated Market Entry Solution JD as Your Trusted Partner 17. Your Dedicated Project Team to Offer One-stop Shop Solution 18. USA-East USA-West Europe HK Australia Japan Korea International logisticsPartnered warehouses, air/sea freight Network coverageHong Kong, USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Germany, etc. Continually expanding international logistic network International LogisticsGlobal Supply Chain Capability 19. Thank You!