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  • 1. WrestleMania

2. What To Get At The GRANDESTSTAGE OF THEM ALL. 3. What to do: WATCH. 4. LISTEN 5. Picks. 6. ARE U ROCK OR CENA. 7. STUDY TIME.!!!NAMES OFMOVES.Choke SlamRock Bottom619RKOA.A (Attitude Adjustment)Peoples ElbowTorture RackTombstone Pile driverCobraSkull Crushing FinaleFive Knuckle ShuffleDDTA German Suplex 8. Names of submission holds STFCross Arm BreakerHells GatesCamel ClutchSharp ShooterMaster LockAnaconda ViseAnkle LockEducationThe Walls Of JerichoLebell Lock 9. Names of supperstars Cm Punk Curt HawkinsDaniel Bryan David OtungaCody Rhodes Dolph ZigglerZack Ryder EpicoKofi KingstonHunicoEvan Bourne John cenaKaneAlberto Del Rio Rey MysterioAlex RileyBig ShowBooker. TBroudous ClayChris Jericho 10. Championships WWE Championship World Heavy Weight ChampionshipIntercontinental ChampionshipUnited states championshipTag Team ChampionshipsDiva Title 11. WWE championship and currentWWE champ Cm punk 12. World Heavy Weight Championand current champ Daniel Bryan 13. Intercontinental championshipand , well u know the rest Cody Rhodes 14. UNITED STAES CHAMPION Zack Ryder 15. Tag team titles Air Boom( Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne) 16. NICKNAMESThe Rock: The Peoples ChampKane: The Big Red MonsterRey Mysterio: The BIGEST little man Of the WWE.John Cena: Chain Gang CommanderAlberto Del Rio: The Mexican Aristocrat.Undertaker: The Dead ManMark Henry: Worlds Strongest Man.Big Show: THE WORLDS LARGEST ATHLETE.Cm Punk: Best in the WorldChristian: Captain CharismaJack Swagger: The all AMERICAN AMERICAN.Chris Jericho: y2jThe Miz: The Clevand ScreamerJohn Morrison: the Shaman of sexy 17. SEE YA THERE I HOPE 18. Different Paper Views Money in the bankOver the LimitExtreme RulesWRESTLEMANIAVengeanceRoyal Rumble T.L.CElimination ChamberBragging rights between Raw and Smack DownSummer SlamNight of Champions (all of the championships are on the line) Hell in a cell Survivor Series Capitol Punishment Fatal Four way 19. Matches 1 on 1triple threatfatal four wayChampionship matchFalls Count anywhere matchhardcoreladder matchchairs matchTables matchT.L.C matchcell matchSteel cage No Holds BaredNo DQLast Man StandingI quit Loser leaves WWE 20. shows RAWSMACKDOWN 21. ARE U ROCK OR CENA TELL ME !!!!!!! NOWWWWWW DWAYNE THE ROCKJOHNSON OR JOHHHHNNNNNNCENNNNNNAAAAAAAAA TELL ME NOW!!! NOW!!!! NEXTSLIDE IS A PICTURE SO TELL ARIE NOW ORBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22. NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!