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Works of Alvar Aalto

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  • 1. P R E S E N T E D B Y : V A R S H A M A L L Y A , 2 9 D A M I N I B H A R D W A J , 3 0 WORKS OF ALVAR AALTO

2. WORKERS CLUB (1924) ARCHITECTURAL SYLE: Nordic Classical FEATURES: Discontinuous glazing on all four sides at entrance level. This building houses a restaurant and a coffee bar which supports the auditorium above. He employs various classical devices: 1. Circular atrium 2. Doric columns 3. Palladian window 4. Cartouches to decorate the stuccoes wall 3. B. C. A. A. B. C. GROUND FLOOR PLAN FIRST FLOOR PLAN 4. SECOND FLOOR PLAN D. D. SECTION AA 5. Implied Symmetry on the longer elevation but its symmetrical on the shorter sides. The elements of the building are either squares or multiple of squares. The Palladian window is symmetrically placed relative to the auditorium. Vernacular timber detailing for the stairs 6. PAIMIO SANATORIUM (1929-33) ARCHITECTURAL SYLE: Functionalism FEATURES: Uses RCC frame with infill being an insulating brick cavity wall which is then rendered an painted white. Sun trapped balconies are cantilevered from the tapering RCC frame. Free form cantilevered canopy. Exposed lift shaft on the external wall. 7. Orientation: south of the balconies and the roof top sundeck was determined by the dedication to the supposed healing powers of the sun. West: doctors houses; North : staff flats. Plan was meant to be functionally zoned and biodynamical aligned to the compass so that the direction of each wing was defined according to its requirements for sunshine and view. SITE PLAN GROUND FLOOR PLAN 8. It had a lot of natural light due to double-height windows, the sun blinds outside prevented glare. Dining room was an enclosed mezzanine suspended from steel hangers form above. A continuous sundeck that runs over the patient wing is protected with RCC canopy to reduce solar gain. Main staircase has natural light which is further enhanced by the yellow color of the stairs. 9. Door handles designed to prevent coat sleeves from being caught in them. Alvar_Aalto%2C_Paimio_Sanatorium%2C_Bedroom_lamp.jpg Each patient had their own wall mounted cupboard and basin. Designed lamps that were placed out of the patients line of vision. 10. VILLA MAIREA(1924) ARCHITECTURAL SYLE: Modernism FEATURES: EXTERIOR The courtyard of the villa was inspired by the organization of vernacular farmstead. The massing was inspired by the falling waters by Frank Lloyd Wright. 11. Ground floor plan First floor plan The interiors follow the grid of 2850 x 2850 m A Dining room B Sauna C Living room D- Library E - Studio F - Staff G - Kitchen H- Restroom I children play area J Guest wing K Childrens room L - Master bedroom C C HC I K K H K L B F G C C E H D 12. Teak clad living room projects forward to create shallow balconies that lead on to the principle bedroom above. Bedroom windows project out at an angle to address the line of approach to the house through the forest. The main entrance to the the door is approached under a two level canopy supported by compound timber column and screened by miniature forest of poles. 13. Main staircase inspired by Japanese bamboo screens. Sculpturally elaborate fireplace forms a strong visual and symbolic focus. Rattan wrapped columns continue to evoke the Finnish forest. 14. Screening by vertical poles help to differentiate the interlinked spaces. To enter this inner sanctum, columns are made to resemble tree trunks are located at certain points to create the impression similar to that of emerging through the fringes of a forest clearing. 15. REFERENCES 1) Richard Weston, Alvar Aalto, 1995, Phaidon Press Limited 2)Alvar Aalto, 1978, Architectural Monographs & Academy Editions