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Transcript of Wonders of the world

Wonders of the World

Wonders of the WorldLearning about different natural wonders of the world and where they are located

We are going to take a virtual tour to some of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. We will use Google Maps to do this and find out some fascinating information about these amazing places. Get ready to travel!

The Grand CanyonGo to Google Maps, look at how vast this Natural Wonder is!!!!

Now you need to determine in which state or states this natural wonder can be located. Also take the time to view some of the pictures taken in the area.

Now also tell me the name of the river at the bottom of this canyon.

Guanabara BayOur second natural wonder! How amazing would it be to visit these beautiful places?

Tell me how to do that by once again going to Google Maps and looking this up and telling me where this is located. Also find out one reason this is an important place.

Mt. Everest How would you like to go skiing down this mountain?

Find out where I have to travel in order to visit it.

What mountain range is this in?

ParicutinHere is another great mountain to visit!

Where can you find this?

Also tell me the last time it erupted.

Victoria FallsWhat a beautiful place to end this presentation on.

Where can you find these falls?

Compare these falls to Niagara Falls. What are some similarities? What are some differences?