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  • Wonders of nature
    Miracle of Georgia and Australia
    The auther of the presentation:MaiaGrdzelidze
  • What is the cave?
    . Cave is a natural underground
    . Caves have been natural attractions since prehistoric times.
    A simple classification of caves:
    1.Solution caves are formed carbonate and sulfate rocks.
    2.Sea caves are formed by the constant actions of waves.
    3.Glacie caves are formed by melt water which excavates drainagetunnels through the ice.
    4.Lava caves are formed by hot lave that flows out from a volcano.
    5.Sandstone caves are formed when wind or storm knock into the very unsteardy sand like rock.
    6.Gypsum caves are very rare caves.
  • Solution Cave
    Sataplia in Georgia
    Sandstone Cave
    Uluru in Australia
  • Sea Cave, ApolstleIslands,Wisconsin
    Fish Greek Ice Cave
    Near Calgary in Canada
  • Lava Cave in Jeju
    Countesy of spesial
    Self- Governing Province
    Gypsum Cave
    In the Noth American
  • Have you seen any caves in Georgia?
    Sataplia a cast cave.
    1.Location:Near Kutaisi.
    2.Discovered by PeterChabukiani.
    3.The cave is named after Mt. Sataplia.
    4.Now it is a Natural Preserve.
    5.The preserve was intended to protect the five caves of the area and the dinosaur footprints.
  • Footstep of
  • Have you seen any caves in elsewhere?
    Uluru-Ayers Rock a sandstone cave in Australia
    1.Location:440km. South west of AlisSprings.
    2.Discovered by Aborigines and bilongs to the aboriginal Pitjantara people.
    3.It contains reflactive minerals and change colours according to the altitude of the Sun.
  • Remakable
    Of aka
    Ayers Rock