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Ekkaphan Phantana-angkul, 37, from Bangkok, Thailand

The winners of the 2016 EyeEm Photography Awards have been revealed. Five category winners and one Photographer of the Year were chosen from more than 270,000 images submitted by more than 38,000 photographers.

The 2016 EyeEm Photographer of the Year title was awarded to Zacharie Rabehi, 28, from Paris, France, for his photo of an acid attack victim in Agra, India

Jomel Bartolome, 34, from Mandaluyong City, Philippines

The Street Photographer category winner: Reuven Halevi, 43, from Rome, Italy

Mayank Gautam, 30, from Lucknow, India

Alena Matey, 33, from Voronezh, Russia

The Architect category winner: Ralph Pollack, 55, from Berlin, Germany

The Photojournalist category winner: Pantea Naghavi Anaraki, 31, from Tehran, Iran

Mankichi Shinshi, 32, from Nagoya, Japan

Leonardo Papra, 22, from Lucca, Italy

The Portraitist category winner: Can Dagarslani, 31, from Istanbul, Turkey

Todd Bischoff, 43, from Petaluma, California, US

Femi Onipinla, 41, from London, UK

Nitzan Assaf, 33, from Tel Aviv, Israel

Anita Marquardt, 56, from Berlin, Germany

Willy Lamers, 34, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Zach Louw, 24, from Cape Town, South Africa

Chris Layton, 30, from Carmel, NY, United States

Yin Jiang, 32, from Stuttgart, Germany

Dmitri Popov, 46, from Aarhus, Denmark

Isara Pittayasiri, 28, from Bangkok, Thailand

Jun Michael Park, @junmichaelpark, (The Photojournalist). On April 16, 2014, the MV Sewol sank off the coast of South Korea. The tragedy claimed 304 lives.

Michele Liberti, 57, from Naples, Italy

Glenn Asakawa, @GJA29, (The Street Photographer). This funny snapshot was taken in the streets of Kyoto, Japan.

Jadsada Inaek, @JsdJadsada, (The Street Photographer). This image was taken at Siam Park City, an amusement park in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tong Ka Leung, 32, from Hong Kong

The Great Outdoors category winner: Jihyun Park, 34, from Jeollanamdo, Korea

Micha Czekaski, 30, from Rzeszw, Poland

Chu Yau Wai, 25, from Hong Kong

Some Finalists

ByRichard Gray

By Lidia Lou

By Jeffrey Widjaja

By Cristian Klen

By dina Alfasi

By Maria Simonova

By Steven Ritzer

By Joncheol Park

By Snappy

Khairel Anuar, @khairel, (The Great Outdoors). A beautiful shot taken at Inle Lake in Myanmar.

By Ivanchik

Mohammad Hamza, @amirbangs, (The Portraitist). This shot of a colorful man was taken at a colorful wedding in India.

By Julian Li