Winners : 2016 The British Wildlife Photography Awards

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Overall Winner George Stoyle, Hitchhikers (Lions Mane Jellyfish)St Kilda, off the Island of Hirta, ScotlandWinners : 2016 The British Wildlife Photography Awards1

Animal Behaviour2Winner : Jacqueline Spindley Back Garden Babies (Garden spider)Nottinghamshire, England

3HIGHLY COMMENDED Paul Colley, Hello Ducky (Brown Trout and Mallard Duck) Hampshire, England

4HIGHLY COMMENDED Jamie Hall, Preys Eye View (Little Owl)Suffolk, England

5HIGHLY COMMENDED Michael Durham, Predator and Prey (Sparrowhawk)Dumfries, Scotland

Animal Portraits6WINNER Jamie Mina, Mountain hare, Tomatin, Inverness, Scotland,

7HIGHLY COMMENDED Jonathan Gaunt, Eider Duck, Northumberland, England

8HIGHLY COMMENDED Phil Johnston, Rabbit Wonderland, Edinburgh, Scotland

9HIGHLY COMMENDED Ian Haskell, Rook at Sunset, Lincolnshire, England

10HIGHLY COMMENDED Jamie Hall, Grey Seal Pup in a Sandstorm, Norfolk, England

11HIGHLY COMMENDED Adrian Clarke, The Remains of the Jay (Sparrowhawk)Staffordshire, England

12HIGHLY COMMENDED John Moncrieff, Merest Glimpse, Mainland, Shetland

Botanical Britain13WINNER David Maitland, Bird Seed (Silver birch and Garden spider web)Norfolk, England

14HIGHLY COMMENDED Penny Dixie, Catching the Sun (Round-leaved Sundew)Westhay Moor Nature Reserve, Somerset, England

British Nature in Black and White15WINNER Chaitanya Deshpande, Free Bird, London, England

16HIGHLY COMMENDED Raymond Besant, Fulmar Winter Sky, Northern Fulmar, Orkney, Scotland

17HIGHLY COMMENDED Stephanie Footem, Elegant (Puffin)Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales

British Seasons18WINNER Robert E Fuller, Common Weasel (Pic 1)North Yorkshire, England

19WINNER Robert E Fuller, Common Weasel (Pic 2)North Yorkshire, England

20WINNER Robert E Fuller, Common Weasel (Pic 3)North Yorkshire, England

21WINNER Robert E Fuller, Common Weasel (Pic 4)North Yorkshire, England

Close to Nature22WINNER Jeanette Sakel, Tadpoles, Bristol, England

23HIGHLY COMMENDED Cal Cottrell, Hidden Beauty (Emperor Moth)Lancashire, England

Coast and Marine24WINNER George Stoyle, Hitchhikers (Lions Mane Jellyfish)St Kilda, off the Island of Hirta, Scotland

25HIGHLY COMMENDED Drew Buckley, Sad Ending (Northern Gannet)Pembrokeshire, Wales

26HIGHLY COMMENDED Adam Hanlon, Welcome to the Party (Grey Seal)Farne Islands, Northumberland, England

Documentary Series27WINNER Nick Upton, Monitoring Harvest Mice (Pic 1)

28WINNER Nick Upton, Monitoring Harvest Mice (Pic 2)

29WINNER Nick Upton, Monitoring Harvest Mice (Pic 3)

30WINNER Nick Upton, Monitoring Harvest Mice (Pic 4)

31WINNER Nick Upton, Monitoring Harvest Mice (Pic 5)

32WINNER Nick Upton, Monitoring Harvest Mice (Pic 6)

Habitat33WINNER Charles Everitt, Living Space (Bass)Bass Rock, East Lothian, Scotland

34HIGHLY COMMENDED Andy Rouse, A Mountain Hare by an Ice Cave, Highlands, Scotland

35HIGHLY COMMENDED Peter Cairns, Life and Death (Golden Eagle)Assynt, Scotland

36HIGHLY COMMENDED Mark Hamblin, Red Grouse in Spindrift, Cairngorms, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Hidden Britain37WINNER Stephen Darlington, Emergence ,Goring, Oxfordshire, England

38HIGHLY COMMENDED Ross Hoddinott, Eye to Eye (Emerald Damselfly)Cornwall, England

Urban Wildlife39WINNER Geoff Trevarthen, The Supermarket Starling, Cornwall, England

40HIGHLY COMMENDED Sam Hobson, Red Light District (Mistle Thrush)Leicester, England

Wild Woods41WINNER Steve Palmer, Twisted Green, Derbyshire, England

42HIGHLY COMMENDED Andrew Parkinson, Forest Badger, Derbyshire, England

43HIGHLY COMMENDED James Roddie, Mid-winter Cairngorms, Scots pine, Cairngorms, Scotland

WildPix 1218 Years44WINNERR Rebecca Bunce (age 18)Kung Fu Puffin, Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales

45HIGHLY COMMENDED Gideon Knight (age 16)Under Londons Eye (Great cormorant)London, England

46HIGHLY COMMENDED Joshua Myers (age 13)Alert Woodland Weasel, Woolley Wood, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

47 Harry King (age 14)What a Cracking Evening (Short-eared owl)Barbury Castle, Wiltshire, England

48 Sebastian Dunne (age 16)Glazed Over (Common toad)Abbey Home Farm, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England

49 Elliot Montieth (age 17)The Urban Misconception (Common tern)Birkenhead Dock, Wirral, England

50 Joshua Burch (age 18)Suburban Spirit (Red fox)Sutton, London, England

51 Robbie Evans (age 17)Camouflaged Tawny Owl, Welshpool, Shropshire, England

52 Matt Wall (age 18)Regality (Mute swan)Bushy Park, London, England

WildPix Under 12 Years53WINNER Seren Waite (age 10)Cygnet with Swan, London, England

54HIGHLY COMMENDED Hannah Murden (age 7)Feed Me (House sparrow)Near Loch Garten, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

55HIGHLY COMMENDED Thomas Fragel Clareborough (age 10)How to Make a Frog, Preston, Lancashire, England

56 Magnus McLeod (age 11)Resting Common Darter, Elmley National Nature Reserve, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England

57 Seren Waite (age 10)Water Vole, Rainham Marshes, London, England

58 Michael Sinclair (age 11)Scarlet Elf Cup Fungi on Moss-covered Log, Lochwinnoch Nature Reserve, Scotland

59 Lucy Robinson (age 11)Grey Heron Fishing on the River Don, River Don, South Yorkshire, England

60 Hannah Denford (age 10)Fox Lick, British Wildlife Centre, Lingfield, Surrey, England

61September 5, 2016 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.CAll photos were taken from BWPA. Musuc : Kevin Kern - BittersweetTHE END Hannah Denford (age 10)Rabbit Chewing Grass, Basingstoke Canal, Hampshire, England