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ERIAFF Conference 2014 Seinäjoki, Finland Willemine Brinkman, Deputy Team Leader EIP-AGRI Service Point "The EIP-AGRI and the EIP-AGRI service point" "The EIP-AGRI and the EIP-AGRI service point"

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  • The European Innovation Partnership Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability or EIP-AGRI and the Service Point ERIAFF Conference: SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS June 10-12, 2014 Seinjoki, Finland Willemine Brinkman, EIP-AGRI Service point
  • EIP-AGRI in a nutshell Aim: To foster a competitive and sustainable agriculture and forestry sector that "achieves more from less Approach: Closing the innovation gap between research and practice (forming partnerships) by: Using the interactive innovation model ("two-way road") Linking actors via an EIP Network Funding: Existing Union policies: "Rural development regulation" (EAFRD) and "Horizon 2020" No double funding!
  • EIP-AGRI: Interactive Innovation Model Far beyond speeding up transfer from laboratory to market Forming partnerships - using bottom-up approaches and linking farmers, advisors, researchers, businesses, and other actors in Operational Groups New insights and ideas, shape existing knowledge into solutions Solutions put into practice very quickly thanks to the co-ownership generated during projects. Help to target the research agenda.
  • Means to Implement the EIP-AGRI Rural Development Programmes: Setting up "operational groups" (key actors of the EIP AGRI) Combining the setting up of operational groups with project funding (investment, knowledge transfer, advisory services) Establishing "innovation support services", e.g. to facilitate the formation of operational groups European Union Research Policy (Horizon 2020) Funding research projects, also involving on-farm experiments, to enhance the knowledge base for innovation Interactive formats such as multi-actor projects and thematic networks
  • The EIP-AGRI Network
  • What is an Operational Group? Are built around concrete innovation projects targeted towards finding innovative solutions for a specific challenge or new opportunity Are "hands-on" groups and include people relevant for the project Benefit from the interactions between the participants of the group and the sharing of the respective expertise Are funded by Rural Development Programmes Share results through the EIP-AGRI network OPERATIONAL GROUP
  • Setting up an Operational Group Farmers NGOs Advisors Researchers Agri- business Operational Group
  • Operational Group projects New grouping, new project Existing grouping, new project Existing grouping, existing project X The OG must demonstrably have an active project which will contribute to RD priorities * See updated innovation guidelines * See updated Art 35 guidance
  • Getting an Operational Group started
  • Getting an Operational Group started INNOVATION SUPPORT SERVICES, AT YOUR SERVICE!
  • Innovation support services Promoting innovation and innovation funding formats Brainstorming events and animation of (thematic) groups Brokering function for setting up operational group projects Coordination and facilitation of running projects as an intermediate between partners Dissemination of innovative results
  • EIP-AGRI Service Point connects all actors within the network
  • The goal
  • Current website ec.europa.eu/agriculture/eip/
  • www.eip-agri.eu , the one-stop-shop for agricultural innovation SHARE WITH US SEARCH AND FIND FOCUS ON DEEPEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE STAY UP TO DATE MY EIP-AGRI
  • Monthly newsletters Subscribe: http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/eip/service- point/index_en.htm Upcoming events Results from events Innovative projects EIP AGRI news Publications and fact sheets (Horizon 2020, Operational Groups, Innovation Support Services, )
  • Ideas for operational groups Priorities for innovative actions Research needs from practice Propose projects to test solutions EIP-AGRI Focus Groups, tackling agricultural challenges Exchange practical knowledge
  • EIP-AGRI Focus Groups tackling agricultural challenges Open calls for interest of participation 20 participants, different types of actors Short duration, focused 7 running Focus Groups inspiration to set up Operational Groups
  • Potential cooperation with networks such as ERIAFF Mutual dissemination of information (eg Focus group call on alternative supply chains) Exchange of newsletters Announcing events Etc. Other activities may be agreed on a case to case basis
  • Thank you for your attention! servicepoint@eip-agri.eu +32 2 543 73 48 EIP-AGRI Service Point Avenue de la Toison dOr 72 1060 Brussel Belgium http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/eip/