Wifi vdm ucandus diagnostic scanner tested on bmw x5

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Transcript of Wifi vdm ucandus diagnostic scanner tested on bmw x5

1. Item No: Link: SP169 original WIFI VDM UCANDUS http://www.diyobd2.fr/wholesale/ucandas-vdm-wireless-automotive-diagnosis-system.html SP190-D autocom CDP http://www.diyobd2.fr/wholesale/v20142-bluetooth-version-multidiag-pro-cdp-plus-for-car-truck- obd2-3-in-1.html WIFI VDM UCANDUS diagnostic scanner tested on BMW X5 VDM UCANDAS diagnostic system comes without automobile wire but WIFI wireless connection instead, perfect replacement of Autocom CDP. Following is the diagnosis test done for BMW X5, including read/clear fault codes, do special functions (clear adaptations and CO adjustment etc) NOTE: VDM UCANDAS supports cars only. Diagnostic Kit: VDM Ucandas WIFI interface Tested windows system: Win 7 64 bit Tested vehicle model: BMW X5 E53 Starting: First of all, well load VDM UCANDAS software on laptop VDM interface allows us to connect via both USB and WIFI. Here we directly connect the interface with vehicle via OBD2 socket using USB main test cable. The interface indicator light turn green means well communication is built between the vehicle and the diagnostic system 2. Go to the computer. Mount UCANDAS software icon on the desktop and run software Go to Settings and click on Link Mode to check the connection, we are allowed modify the SSID (blue shadow area) and click on the Connect button on the right bottom to set a new SSID 3. Select vehicle region, make, model etc, here follow this way: EUROPEAN-> vehicle make: BMW->X Series->X5 E53 4. Come to Main function menu. Select certain control unit, e.g. Drive 5. Run a Quick test and check all stored fault codes in control units In the left program we will be able to view some control modules, DME, EGS, EWS immo etc, and value /short description to the fault code on the right There is a Quick delete button which allow to erase fault codes by a quickly press 6. Go for some Special function test, different models may have different special function options, here is the X5 E53 special functions list For example, two special functions: Clear adaptations and CO adjustment offered under Digital Mortify Electronics module. Select specific one and follow the UCANDAS prompt