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Why Pinterest Is Important For Your Business [Infographic]Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks with a wide user-base of keen customers looking to buy. Some Facts to PonderPinterest is the 3rd most popular social network in the USFounded in: March 2010Number of users : 110 Million Total Number of Pins: 50 Billion+80% of site traffic comes from Mobile devices.The number of Pinterest users has DOUBLED in the last 18 months.25% of Fortune Global 100 companies have Pinterest accounts.Pinterest retains and engages visitors 2-3 times better than Twitter.User Demographics81% of Pinterest users are females.70% of Pinterest users are between 16 and 34Pinners are 10% more likely to buy than visitors from other social sites.Users spend 70% more money than customers from non-social channels.Users share branded content 150% more than non-branded ones.Popular BoardsFashion: 300 millionFood / Drink: 180 millionHome Dcor: 130 millionEducation: 30 millionPinterest & Business89% of daily users have bought something they found on Pinterest.Users pin 14 million articles each day.39% of B2B marketers use Pinterest.86% of the daily users have used Pinterest in stores to find products.Pinterest visitor-to-lead rate is 15%.Best Time to PostDuring the day 2.00 PM 4.00 PMEvening 8.00 PM 1.00 PMWhat to Post on PinterestSunday : Food / CraftsMonday : FitnessTuesday : TechnologyWednesday : Inspiring QuotesThursday : FashionFriday : HumorSaturday : Travel