White Mountain Fly Fishing give a power point presentation and short video on Fly Fishing the Cody...

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Transcript of White Mountain Fly Fishing give a power point presentation and short video on Fly Fishing the Cody...

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    NEWSLETTER wmflyfishing.com

    Established 1996 P.O. Box 2187, Pinetop, AZ 85935 February 2014

    WMFFC Mission Statement:

    The Mission Statement of the White Mountain Fly Fishing Club is: “To assist in the development and maintenance of fly fishing opportunities and to promote and participate in fly fishing in its many forms." We support the practice of “Catch and Release.” We support the use of barbless hooks and harmless netting-and-release practices. Fish should never be held out of water for longer than you can hold your breath.

    “Tight Lines” — President's Column We want to thank everyone who responded to the priorities survey, especially those of you who wrote your narrative

    comments. To date 50 survey forms have been returned and processed for the numerical statistics and narrative suggestions. The survey information will require much more analyzing before we can start to draw some conclusions that can be implemented. We hope to get more public involvement in that process also. The survey indicates that we certainly have a diverse group, the study tally sheet looks like a target that was hit with a shotgun blast. It has the expected concentration of scores and a spray of outliers. This is not a survey where the highs and lows are thrown out; all scores will be given a share of the final total. Below is a brief account of how the data was collected and what steps are expected to complete the analysis.

    The amount of Club involvement in fishing and non-fishing activities has been discussed in and out of board meeting

    for the past two years. It was recognized that since there were not enough members (from over 140 total potential volunteers) engaged in completing tasks that priorities needed to be determined and the number of activities (over 40) reduced. At a board meeting a three-person committee was formed to develop a survey of the membership. Committee members submitted ideas and outlines which were merged into the final survey. The survey had two sections: one, an email with background and reference information (6 pages) and two, the survey form to be mailed out to all members (2 pages). Emails were sent to all members (99) for them to designate or update their current mailing addresses. Emails returned with ‘failed delivery’ were telephoned to update email addresses. Email address and mail address changes were made to the membership list which established the master mail address list. A group of 5 members prepared mail out sets, about 90 for mail and 10 for hand delivery. The email section (6 pages) was sent out (to 99) and mail out section mailed (90). Club self-addressed and stamped envelopes were provided. Mail out letters that were returned with “Insufficient Address” were contacted by email for current address updates. A second mailing was made to updated addresses.

    Activity scores (0-5) on returned survey forms were dot tallied by activity (30 activities) and recorded on a tally

    sheet. 50 survey forms were tallied with 1,412 total entries. Narrative comments written on individual survey forms were separated and summarized by activity (97 narrative comments). The tally was converted to numeric scores and weighted-average numeric scores were calculated for each activity. Activities were ranked according to weighted average scores.

    Numeric and narrative summary tables will be emailed to all members with a call for comments. The Board of Directors and member volunteers will review the statistics, narrative comments and feedback and prepare a ranked list of a limited number of priorities for club administered activities. A protocol will be developed for conducting non-club- administered low-priority activities by individual members as private actions. That is the activity and plan to date, if you have any comments please contact me.

    ….……………. Dennis Jones, President

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    2013-2014 WMFFC Board Members

    President: Dennis Jones (928) 367-6124

    Past-President: Bob Bowers (928) 367-5579

    Vice President: Richard Dreyer (928) 368-3562

    Secretary: Ellen Hofmann (602) 320-6388

    Treasurer: Sparky Snyder (928)-521-0929

    Board Member #1: Steve Hofmann (623) 262-7491

    Board Member #2: Gary Miller (602) 439-3262

    Board Member #3: Jaime DeZubeldia (928) 242-4386 Membership Chairman: Dick Davis (480)-220-4501 & Steve Hofmann backup (623) 262-7491 Conservation Chairman: Gary Miller (602) 439-3262 Newsletter Chairman: Steve Hofmann (623) 262-7491

    Outings Chairman: John Stoner (928) 242-0325

    General Monthly Meeting Minutes for January 15th, 2014…Submitted by Ellen Hofmann Meeting was held at the Lakeside Fire Station on January 15 and started at 6:30 pm with the Pledge of the Allegiance. Membership: Steve Hofmann introduced 2 new members: John Clark and Lee Everroad. “Captain” Bill Harris is still in the valley for medical treatment. Treasurer: Sparky Snyder gave a report of the current bank account balance. Newsletter: Anything you want in the newsletter contact Steve Hofmann. He can always use pictures from the outings. Outings Report: The Outing in January was at Show Low Lake. In February outing is scheduled for Fool Hollow Lake. We always need volunteers to pull the trailer. If interested, Contact John Stoner. Conservation: Gary Miller, chairman, not present and nothing new to report. Library: Gail Allgood not present. Dennis Jones explained to the new members the club library set up. Fly Tying: Rich Tesinsky, last years’ coordinator, will not do it this year so anyone interested in taking over contact Dennis Jones. Fly tying will start up again in March or April. We will be able to use the new vises this year.

    Fly Swap: At this time there were not enough participants to start a fly swap.

    Survey: The survey was mailed and maybe by next meeting we will be able to give information of the results.

    On January 8th there was a Board Meeting and the following items were discussed.

    - Ted Lambert informed the Board that the fishing tournament at X- Diamond Ranch was now going to cost $600 (was $500). The Board decided not to go to the X-Diamond Ranch but maybe do a lake competition or go to Silver Creek. No final decision was made at that time.

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    - It was decided to pay the annual dues for the IFFF (International Federation of Fly Fishers).

    - No membership renewal to the Chambers of Commerce of both Show Low and Pinetop-Lakeside for 2014.

    - WMFFC donated money to WMLF for aerators to be placed at Crescent Lake. At this time WMLF and AZF & G are testing one of the aerators at Bill’s Lake.

    - The Troops boat “Float for the Fallen” needs the Waiver from revised: At this time it states in the waiver that the maximum flow rate is 3000 and the minimum flow rate is 480. Below above 3000 and below 480 it could not be used. It will be changed to a minimum of 350, but at that flow rate the boat will have to stay in Texas Hole. This year we are taking not more than 3 veterans to the San Juan River and they will be from Arizona.

    - Our president talked about the possibility of a club sponsored swap meet in June or July.

    -Some members had requested for midweek outing. No decision made.

    -A 2014 Outing schedule was developed (see below)

    -Troops first outing at the San Juan River: This year October 14-17 was designated as the dates. October 14 and 17 will be travel days and the fishing will take place October 15 and 16. Contact Bob Bowers for more info or if you want to volunteer.

    Fish Tales: Fishing at Silver Creek was good.

    The raffle followed and the business meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm. At that time our guest speaker, Lorraine Avenetti from AZ F&G, took the stage and showed a slide presentation about the local lake aquatic vegetation, insects and water quality. She talked approximately 45 minutes.

    Meeting was adjourned at ~ 8:00 Pm

    The Outings Schedule for 2014

    Month Outing 2014 Alternative Lake

    January Show Low Lake Silver Creek

    February Fool’s Hollow Lake Becker Lake

    March Horseshoe Cienega River Reservoir

    April Hawley Lake Earl Park

    May Becker Lake the 17th;

    Christmas Tree 23rd & 24th 17th, Becker Best

    June (Banquet) Becker Lake X Diamond

    July Big Lake Reservation Lake

    August Crescent Lake Reservation Lake

    September Reservation Lake Big lake


    San Juan River/Troops 1st

    Oct. 14th - 17th Club Outing

    Oct 14th-17th

    November Sunrise Lake Horseshoe Lake

    December Christmas Party NA

    Weather and Forest Service Conditions permitting!

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    January 15th Monthly Meeting- at 6:30PM – Lakeside Firehouse Agenda: - Social Hour – (5:30PM) (Buy your Raffle Tickets!!!) - Call to Order -- (6:30PM) - Pledge of Allegiance - Introduction of Guests and New Members - Committee Reports - Business & Raffle - Fish Tales - Speaker

    The February 19th Speaker will be Emmitt Doane from Circle Valley Anglers, Circleville, Utah. (Note: Circleville is ~25 miles north of Panguitch, UT on Highway 89) Emmitt is going to talk about his guide service in the Circleville area. He will talk about fishing rivers, small streams and Lakes for wild Rainbow, Brown, Tiger, and Cutthroat trout.

    Upcoming Programs: