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White Handed Gibbon. By:Brittany. Introduction. My animal starts with a G and ends with an N. It lives in the rain forest. It has white and black fur. What is it?. Description. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of White Handed Gibbon

  • White Handed GibbonBy:Brittany

  • Introduction

    My animal starts with a G and ends with an N. It lives in the rain forest. It has white and black fur. What is it?

  • Description

    Gibbons have a white ring around their face. The gibbons have black fur on their body. They also have black skin on their face, hands, and feet.

    Gibbons have a people-shaped body, but they are not as tall as people. The gibbons height is 18-25 inches and their weight is 11-17.5 pounds.

  • `Lifespan

    Gibbons live up to 30 to 40 years. The males and females live about the same amount of time.

  • Predator/Prey People hunt gibbons. The gibbons hide in the trees. These animals are fruit eaters. They get food from the trees.

  • Protection

    They protect themselves by running away. The gibbons keep the hurt gibbons in their habitat to help protect them.

  • Young

    The gibbons have babies one time every 2-3 years. Gibbons have a baby one at a time. The parent gibbon takes care of them until they are up to six years old. First when gibbon is small the mom takes care of it. When the gibbon gets a little bigger it gets taken care of by its dad. Dad teaches it to swing from tree to tree. The babies are called young.

  • Behavior

    The gibbon just swings from tree to tree in the wild. Gibbons like to sing in the morning. They stay in their habitat in the winter. Gibbons are active during the day.

  • Environment

    The gibbons live in trees of a tropical rain forest. Gibbons are found in the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Thailand.

  • Endangered

    The white-handed gibbons are endangered animals. People keep cutting down trees in their habitat. The people hunt the gibbons because they want to eat them.

  • Other Interesting Facts

    An interesting fact about the gibbon is they sing. The gibbons swing from tree to tree. The gibbons have the longest arms of the primates.

  • Conclusion

    I picked the gibbons because they sounded interesting. I sort of like monkeys. The White handed gibbons are endangered. We can help them by keeping people from cutting down the rain forest. We can also keep the gibbons in the zoo so people will not hunt them.

  • Bibliography

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