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This presentations sheds light on the current product trends in regards to both Juice and Dairy products and as a combination. It also gives an overview into global and european dairy trends and a further insight into juice and dairy products by country.

Transcript of 'When Juice Meets Dairy' Keynote Presentation

  • 1. When Juice Meets DairyHamish Renton | Managing Director9th September 20141

2. World Dairy - Overview 750bn litres of milk per year areproduced globally. Milk production volumes areincreasing 2% per annum and this isexpected to continue over the nextten years. Powders e.g. skimmed milk powderexpected to see the most growth.2 3. World Dairy ProductionWorld Dairy Production For Top 5 Producing Regions (m litres)Source: USDA32012 2013 2014f % change2013- 14European Union 143,750 143,850 144,750 +1India 129,000 134,500 141,125 +5United States 90,824 91,444 93,123 +2China 33,960 35,950 38,550 +7Brazil 31,490 32,380 33,375 +3 4. World Dairy DemandGlobal demand is growing by around 2.4% per year and is expected to reach515bn litres by 2024. This increase in demand due to several factors:1. Growing world population1086420World Population Growth1950 1975 2000 2030 2050Billion PeopleYear4 5. 2. Increased Global Proportion of Middle Class1.8billion 3.2billion20204.9billion5 6. 3. Increasing Reputation of Dairy as Healthyand Nutritious6 7. China 2nd largest dairy market after the USA with a marketvalue of 29bn. Worlds largest dairy importer. Partly due to distrust inlocal producers due to issues such as the Melaminescandal. Consumption expected to increase by 38% by 2022. IFCN suggests that it will soon be responsible forbuying 60% of worlds traded dairy products. Powders are particularly significant market with theinfant formula market 4x the size of the US one.7The Rise of the Dairy Dragon 8. Global Dairy Trade Flows864m tonnes traded globally per annum and this is expected toincrease to reach 90bn litres by 2024.EuropeUSANew Zealand Milk production in NZ has been The EU is an significant exporter with USA is also an important exporter,growing 8% per annum over past20 years.Germany in particular exporting around50% of its produce.exporting around 13.2% of milkproduced. It exports 95% of the 19m tonnes Russia imports substantial volumes Mexico is its number one marketof milk it produces with Chinabeing a key purchaser.from the EU with Algeria, USA, Chinaand Japan also among key importers.with Southeast Asia, Canada, China,MENA and South America alsopurchasing substantial volumes. Russian EU cheese imports = ChineseNZ whole milk powder imports. 9. EU Dairy Overview Europe is the number one cowsmilk producing region in the world. In 2011 produced 21% of worldmilk supply. Germany, France, TheNetherlands, Italy and the UK areimportant dairy producers. Post quota abolition in 2015, EUexports will double.Milk Volume Deliveries for EU-15 CountriesGermany925%France20%UK11%DenmarkSpain5%NetherlandsItaly9%10%4%Ireland5%Belgium2% Other9%(2013)Source: CLAL 10. UK Dairy Overview The UK is the ninth largest dairy producer in theworld. Produced 14m tonnes of milk in 2012. Highly domestic profile with around 52% of UKmilk going into internal liquid milk market. Pasteurised milk accounts for 83% of liquid milkvolume sales. Flavoured milk is a growing market and volumesales have risen by 10.9% over the past two years.10 11. Yogurt: Milder strainsmake less acidic so lesssugar requiredLow fatProduct TrendsReducedSugarHighproteinHealthFortifiedproductsMilk: Low % fat& skimmed.Cheese:Cottage & soft.Yogurt: Greek& frozen.High protein offers benefits ofsatiation and muscle maintenancewhich is of appeal to ageingpopulation andactive audienceHealth benefitssuch as addedvitamin D3,Omega 3 andB vitamins becomingincreasingly important11 12. Innovation TrendsProduct InnovationThe healthy eating trend has led to a number of flavourinnovations which have seen success due to their healthbenefits and sometimes unconventional flavours. Almond Milk Due to investment and marketingseeing success in USA and UK in particular. Coconut Milk Fewer calories than dairy, 50% morecalcium, rich in vitamin E and medium chain fattyacids. Vegetable Yogurt Gaining popularity in USA withflavours such as sweet potato and beetroot partlydue to reduced sugar levels.12 13. Dairy & Juice Hybrids13 14. DairyDairy vs. Juice Products come in variety of flavoursi.e. various fruits as well as indulgentflavours such chocolate. Often products contain lower levels ofsugar than juice.Source of: Calcium Protein Potassium Vitamins D, A, B1, B6, B2 & B12 Essential fatty acidsJuice Lower levels of saturated fatthan dairy. Good source of nutrients forthose lactose intolerant.Source of: Vitamins C & A Fibre Potassium Antioxidants Iron14 15. Dairy & Juice Hybrids Dairy and juice blends are becomingincreasingly popular in the global dairymarket. The health benefits from bothcomplement each other to produceproducts rich in vitamins and calcium. The blended fruit flavours also addanother dimension to the taste profileof dairy products.15 16. Juice Trend - The War on Sugar16 17. Juice Trend - Fortified ProductsCALCIUMFIBREANTIOXIDANTSOMEGA 3 PROTEIN17 18. Dairy & Juice HybridsCan take several product forms depending on:1. Type of dairy product used i.e. yogurt, milk or whey.2. Ratio of dairy product to juice.3. Dilution with other ingredients.18 19. Dairy & Juice HybridsYOGURTWHEYMILKFruitFlavouredYogurtFruitFlavouredYogurtdrinkFruitFlavouredProteinDrinkFruitSmoothie /MilkshakeJUICE19 20. NP Juice & Dairy NPD - MalaysiaNestle Bliss Blend of low fat milk, real fruit juice and ABT livecultures. Number one yogurt drink brand in Malaysia. Produce 10 flavours including mango,blackcurrant, apple kiwi and guava. Available in 200g and 700g pack sizes.20 21. NP Juice & Dairy NPD South AfricaClover Danao Smooth A fusion of yogurt and fruit juice. Boasts that it is asource of Calcium and Vitamins A, B2, B12 and C. Produce several flavours including tropical, mangoorange, peach apricot and breakfast sensation. Offer 330ml pack aimed at children and a 1 litrepack for families.21 22. NP Juice & Dairy NPD - USAFrush Yogurt An on-the-go yogurt drink with fresh fruit and creamy yogurt. Contains HOWARU Bifido probiotics, TruCal calcium and 7g of protein per bottle. Boasts health benefits of immune support, muscle and bone health. 7 flavours including pina colada and orange mandarin.22 23. Juice & Dairy NPDN - PUSANaked Protein Zone Brand recently launched Naked ProteinZone drinks containing 220 calories, 16gof protein and 150% of Vitamin C RDA ina 450ml bottle. Flavours include double berry, mangoand banana chocolate. Made with whey and soy protein.23 24. NP Juice & Dairy NPD - SpainMinute Maid Duofrutas Blend of fruit juice, skimmed milk andvitamin E. 10% fruit juice and 10% skimmed milk. Mediterranero and tropical flavours. 1 litre and 275ml PET bottles as well as200ml glass bottles.24 25. NP Juice & Dairy NPD - UKVolac Upbeat Recently launched a new low-fat, high protein dairydrink. Made from fresh liquid whey proteinconcentrate and real fruit juice. Half the sugar of leading smoothies and fruit juices. Three flavours available: strawberry, mango &passionfruit and blueberry & raspberry. Marketed at health conscious consumers, postpregnancy mothers, vegetarians and performancesports audience.25 26. NP The Future3. Sugar reduction will continue with morenatural sweeteners being used. Increasedresearch into yogurt bacteria strains willhelp allow sugar levels to be reduced.1. NPD will continue with more flavourblends being developed, particularly withcoconut and perhaps with more vegetablesbeing used as ingredients.2. likely target an older audiencedue to the ageing population. Improvedbone and muscle health claims will beincreasingly important.4. Products with high levels of proteinwill become more common asconsumers strive to feel fuller for longer.26 27. Thank YouH A M I S H R E N T O N A S S O C I A T E SRockwood House, Park Hill Road, Torquay, TQ12DU01803 203387info@hamishrenton.com27 28. Want to Know More?H A M I S H R E N T O N A S S O C I A T E SGuide to the European Dairy Industry for Juice Companies28An fully updated overview of the European dairy industry with a particularemphasis on the flavoured milk and yogurt markets, covering market size,innovation, future trends, key players and competitors. 499.Special 25% Discount for World Juice Conference attendees.Just quote Barca and email kim@hamishrenton.comFULLYUPDATED FORSUMMER2014