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Mrs. Eggie’s 4 th Grade Class Welcome! I’m glad you are here!!!

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Mrs. Eggie’s 4th Grade Class

Welcome! I’m glad you are


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What will we do in 4th grade?

• 4th grade is a new and exciting year for you.• Basic programming classes in the Computer

Lab.• New clubs and sports to join.• More choices in your classwork.• Collaboration with other 4th grade classes.• Field trip to Chicago!

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3rd Grade vs. 4th Grade

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3rd Grade, so sad….. 4th Grade, happy days ahead…

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Expectations in 4th Grade

• Keep track of your assignments in an assignment notebook. This year, teachers aren’t checking your book every day, it’s your job to make sure you know what your homework is.

• Turn in your homework each and every day. Teachers will not be reminding you over and over and giving you a gazillion chances. Turn in your homework every day.

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Expectations in 4th Grade (cont.)

• Come to school each and every day unless you are very ill. Each day we will be having homework and learning new things. Every day you miss, you have catching up to do.

• Be respectful of teachers, adults and your classmates. This is an absolute rule, no exceptions. Our classroom is a community filled with varying talents and abilities. All will be respected in our classroom…No exceptions or excuses!!!!

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What will my teacher do for me?

• I promise to teach you the skills you need to learn for 4th grade.

• I promise to respect your ideas, thoughts, concerns and individualism.

• If my door is open, you can come in for extra help. I will stay late to help you if you are struggling and will even come in early to help you. I want you to succeed!!!

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What will my teacher do for me? (cont.)

• I promise to communicate with your parents to let them know how you are doing.

• I promise to maintain an environment where students feel welcome and comfortable. That means no bullying will be tolerated.

• I promise to make this school year one of the best you’ve ever had!!!

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Meet your Teacher!

• My name is Christene Eggie, most kids call me Mrs. E.

• I’m from Tennessee, but grew up in the Chicago area and now live in Wisconsin with my dogs, Bear and Sabrina and my family!!

BearSabrina and Kailey

Kailey and Jack

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Meet your Teacher! (cont.)

• I love to read, write, bike, kayak and travel.• My goal is to visit a new state every year.

Thus far, I have visited: Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, California, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas and had layovers in North Carolina an Colorado!!!

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Feel free to stop into my classroom anytime with questions or concerns or

make an appointment if you need to see me outside of school hours or need a

longer appointment!!

I can be reached at school, just ask for me or via email at [email protected].

Thank you for coming tonight, please enjoy our room and the refreshments!