Virginia tech massacre

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About the Virginia Tech Massacre

Transcript of Virginia tech massacre

  • 1. Virginia Tech Massacre By : Thomas NicholasPeriod 1

2. Why should we care?
The Virgina Tech Massacre was a traumatic event that join a number of events that dramatically changed schooling throught the 20th and 21st century. This event was a terrible tragety and we should care and remember to prevent another school shooting from occurring.
3. 2007
The decade I am picking to describe is 2000-2010. This decade consisted of the World Trade Center being crashed into. The U.S. Starting the Iraqi war. The U.Sstarting the War on Terrorism. The 1st African American President.
4. 5. Who was involved?
The shooter involved with the viginia tech massacre was Seung-Hui-Cho
32 people were killed.
Emergency Responders.
Police and Local Swat.
6. Virginia Tech Massacre
The Virginia Tech Massacre occurred on April 16th 2007. Seung-Hui-Cho Shot and killed 32 students and faculty members before taking his own life. Each shooting occurred within a hour of the other. The two shootings occurred in West Ambler Johnston Hall, where two people were killed and Norris Hall, where the remaining 31 people were found including Cho. Cho carried with him 19 10 and 15 round magazines and a remaining 400 rounds. He went from room to room peaking in and then shooting at students. At the end 33 people were killed including himself.
7. The Picture states that we should probably have more laws that oblige to the mentally ill, and that can control them.
8. Video Clip
9. Questions?
Do you remember this shooting?
How does this event make you feel?
Do you think the right to bear arms should be questioned?
10. Song
This song represents the Virginia tech massacre because it shows how we feel after this event occurred.
11. Website
12. Conclusion
Virginia Tech was a terrible event that occurred in our school system, which has changed our school system. 32 innocent people died, and it will never be forgot. It has changed the worlds though about gun control, and will always be a unwanted memory.