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Transcript of python training | python course | python online training

  • Getting StartedHistoryA Python Q&A SessionHow Python Runs ProgramsHow You Run Programs

  • Types and OperationsIntroducing Python Object TypesNumeric TypesThe Dynamic Typing InterludeStringsLists and DictionariesTuples, Files and Everything Else

  • Statements and SyntaxIntroducing Python StatementsAssignments, Expressions, and Printsif Tests and Syntax Ruleswhile and for LoopsIterations and Comprehensions IThe Documentation Interlude

  • FunctionsFunction BasicsScopesArgumentsAdvance Function TopicsIterations and Comprehensions II

  • ModulesModules : The Big PictureModule Coding BasicsModule PackageAdvance Module Topics

  • Classes and OOPOOP : The Big PictureClass Coding BasicsA More Realistic ExampleClass Coding DetailsOperator OverloadingDesigning with ClassesAdvanced Class Topics

  • Exceptions and ToolsException BasicsException Coding DetailException ObjectsDesigning With Exceptions


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