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2. AN UNCOMMON SENSE OF THE CONSUMER. Understand what people watch, what they buy and how they see you online. We measure over half of all global advertising. Provide TV ratings for 30 countries around the world. Track 80 percent of all internet usage. Scan billions of puchases every year. 3. household income classification 3 WE ARE NIELSEN Whether youre eyeing markets in the next town or across continents, we understand the importance of knowing what consumers watch and buy. Thats our passion and the very heart of our business. We study consumers in more than 100 countries to give you the most complete view of trends and habits worldwide. And were constantly evolving, not only in terms of where we measure, or what we measure, but also in how our insights can help you drive profitable growth. So lets put our heads together. Well bring our insight to your business and help you grow. 4. household income classification4 WE KNOW VIETNAMESE CONSUMERS Established in Vietnam since 1993, Nielsen has become the countrys leading provider of marketing and consumer information, offering strong capabilities and local knowledge across qualitative, quantitative, media and retail measurement led by teams covering FMCG, Consumer Products, Automotive, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Industry and Manufacturing, Real Estate and Tourism. Nielsen Vietnam conducts over a quarter of a million interviews annually and has a continuous monthly retail audit service covering over 90% of the urban population as well as regular rural measurement since 2004. 5. household income classification 5 OUR SOLUTIONS Segmentation We analyze billions of data points from a host of sources, and from that, we can help show you consumers as they really are: unique segments instead of opaque lines on a spreadsheet or points on a map. We create custom segments to reach consumers that live between, or across, demographic segments. Innovation It might seem like a simple question, but the truth is, consumers often dont know themselves. Our innovation approach identifies not only what consumers say they need, but also needs that havent yet been articulated. Thats where breakthrough product opportunitiesthose with true potential to achieve sustainable growth for your business reside. CONSUMER INSIGHTS FOR SMARTER DECISIONS COMPREHENSIVE END-TO-END CONSUMER INSIGHTS FOR FASTER, SMARTER, BETTER DECISIONS TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW. IDENTIFY DESIGN COMMUNICATE DISTRIBUTE SEG M ENTATION I N NOVATION SOCIAL S H OPPER AUDIENCE MEAS UREMENT MARKETI N G EFFECTIVENESS 6. household income classification6 Marketing Effectiveness We collaborate with manufacturers, retailers and media companies so you can evaluate your marketing strategy from every angle. Our shared goal is to make the critical connection between your marketing and sales. Did your most profitable audience see your message? Did consumers respond positively? Did your activities influence them to buy your product, watch your show or sign up for your service? Which of your messages and media delivered the best results? Social Were on top of social media because we know its intensity and immediacy cant be overestimated. Our social media gurus have the inside track on the billions of social media conversations happening right now. By diving into the sea of digital chatter, we can provide you with real-time data to help you fine tune your market research. Well also help you uncover new customer segments, track brand health and advance your messaging. Shopper Thats where Nielsen comes in. Not only will we help you understand who your shoppers are, but well pinpoint what theyre buying, where and when and why. Then, well help you reach them. Understanding shopper attitudes, motivations and behaviors is crucial in creating a roadmap that funnels traffic in your direction. With this complete picture, well help you reach your shoppers effectively and improve the performance of your stores, categories and brands. Audience Measurement Our audience measurement data and advanced solutions provide a comprehensive picture of how, when and where your consumers are connecting with content. With this insight, you can create programming that viewers love, which will make you a hit with advertisers. 7. household income classification 7 NIELSEN VIETNAM TRACKED CATEGORIES Beverage Beer Biscuits & Pie Hair Conditioner Dishwashing Liquids Deodorants Fabric Softener Milk Powder Syndicated Baby Cereal Cigarette Baby Diaper Spoon Yoghurt Sweetened Condense Milk Facial Tissue Household Cleaner Laundry Products Tissue Household Insec. Aerosol & Coil Household Insec. Lotion Facial Care Products Feminine Protection Mouth Wash Personal Wash Shampoo Toothbrush Toothpaste Body Cream Lotion Bouillon MSG Chili Sauce Cooking Oil Gums Instant Noodles Mayon- naise Meal Maker Sauces Snack Energy Drink Fruit Juice Instant Coffee Packaged Water RTD Tea* RTD Milk* RTD Coffee* Sport Drink Tea bag Tonic food Drink Food Personal Care Household Care Milk Based Products Baby Products CIG 8. household income classification8 MD NOTE Its extraordinary how much the Vietnam landscape has changed since the first edition of the Nielsen Pocket Reference Book back in 2006, and the hunger for more information in Vietnam continues to grow. The last 12 months have certainly been very challenging for many companies in Vietnam, but we must remember for the most part, we continue to live in one of the most dynamic, volatile and exciting markets in the World. With this, the need to understand the changing landscape becomes increasingly more important. Equally, the companies that continue to succeed in Vietnam will be those that increase investment, increase innovation and most importantly, increase their understanding of the consumer. The use of technology continues to grow in Vietnam and as a result we have consumers and shoppers that not only are more informed about products and services, but they are also more demanding than ever before. This consumer is not only sourcing information from traditional formats such as TV and print, but they are accessing the internet and doing this more on the go, via mobile phones and tablets. With one of the fastest growing middle classes in the world, the thirst for innovation and exciting propositions will only grow. As a result, we are confident that Vietnam will continue to be a major destination for investment. Welcome to the 8th edition of the Nielsen Pocket Reference Book. This years version is a compilation of Nielsen findings over the past year, and our hope is that it helps you to identify trends in Vietnam and serves as a first stop reference when you have questions about the market and your specific area of interest. We have again included our own proprietary research as well as figures from the Vietnam Government Statistics Office. Sincerely, Vaughan Ryan 9. household income classification 9 WHATS IN THE BOOK? 1.INTRODUCTION 03 Company profile 04 Tracked Categories 07 MD Note 08 2.NIELSEN INSIGHTS - AT A GLANCE 10 Vietnam Consumer Confidence Survey Q4 2012 12 Business Barometer Survey 2nd half 2012 23 Vietnam Grocery report 35 Personal Finance Monitor study 45 3. VIETNAM RETAIL OVERVIEW 52 Shopper Trends 2012 54 4.HOUSEHOLD INCOME CLASSIFICATION 58 5. VIETNAM BY THE NUMBERS 62 Demographic 64 Economy 81 Industry structure 83 Output and Trade 90 Statistics by key cities 99 Health and Living Standards 109 Key international economic data 121 10. NIELSEN INSIGHTS AT A GLANCE 11. 2 12. 12 nielsen insights At a glance NIELSEN GLOBAL CONSUMER CONFIDENCE SURVEY Concerns and Spending Intentions Around Asia Pacific in Q4 2012 The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Survey is conducted online in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and the Middle East about consumers confidence levels and economic outlook. The Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index is developed based on consumers confidence in the job market, status of their personal finances and readiness to spend. The survey is conducted quarterly across 58 countries. The following results are from Quarter 4, 2012 survey. Australia AU China CN Hong Kong HK India IN Indonesia ID Japan JP Malaysia MY New Zealand NZ Philippines PH Singapore SG South Korea SG Taiwan TW Thailand TH Vietnam VN ASIA PACIFIC (AP) COUNTRY ABBREVIATIONS 13. 13nielsen insights At a glance 2007 2012 VIETNAM CONSUMER CONFIDENCE INDEX 14. 14 nielsen insights At a glance REGIONAL CONSUMER CONFIDENCE 15. 15nielsen insights At a glance PERCEPTIONS OF LOCAL JOB PROSPECTS OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS - VIETNAM Q3. Do you think job prospects in your country over the next 12 months will be: Base : All respondents n=10110 Base : All respondents n=10110 PERCEPTIONS OF LOCAL JOB PROSPECTS OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS 16. 16 nielsen insights At a glance PERCEPTIONS OF STATE OF PERSONAL FINANCES OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS Q4.:Do you think the state of your own personal finances in the next 12 months will be Base : All respondents n=10110 17. 17nielsen insights At a glance PERCEPTIONS OF STATE OF PERSONAL FINANCES OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS Base : All respondents n=10110 18. 18 nielsen insights At a glance PERCEPTIONS OF GOOD / BAD TIME FOR PEOPLE TO BUY THE THINGS THEY WANT AND NEED OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS Q5. Considering the cost of things today and your own personal finances, would you say at this moment the time to buy the things you want and need Base : All respondents n=10110 19. 19nielsen insights At a glance PERCEPTIONS OF GOOD / BAD TIME FOR PEOPLE TO BUY THE THINGS THEY WANT AND NEED OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS Base : All respondents n=10110 20. 20 nielsen insights At a glance HOW TO UTILIZE SPARE CASH AFTER COVERING ESSENTIAL LIVING EXPENSES Q6. Once you have covered your essential living expenses, which of the following statements best describes what you do with your spare