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  • 1. Video & Podcasting East Bay WordPress MeetupOctober 17, 2010

2. 3. Sponsor 4. Overview 5. WP Audio Player Settings 1 6. WP Audio Player Settings 2 7. WP Audio PlayerInserting mp3 8. WP Audio Player in a Post 9. Audio Link Player 10. Talkshoe Internet Radio 11. WP-Talkshoe Plugin Config 12. WP-Talkshoe Plugin Display 13. Podcasting: PowerPress 14. PowerPress Episode Settings 15. Blubrry Podcast Statistics 16. PowerPress Feed Options 17. PowerPress iTunes Info 18. PowerPress Player Options 19. PowerPress in Action 20. PodPress: Feed/iTunes Settings 21. PodPress General Settings Statistics Method Post Editing (# media files per post) Premium Content Post Content (e.g. player location) System Information Credit Link on/off Donation Button 22. PodPress Player Settings 23. PodPress Statistics 24. oEmbed (introduced in 2.9) 25. Smart YouTube 26. Stream Video Player 27. WordPress Video Plugin Lets you use a shortcode (e.g. [youtube id]) to embed video from zillions of sites, more than oEmbed caters to. Complete documentation on the developers site. No settings, nothing to configure or show. 28. Vipers Video Quicktags 29. VideoPress 30. Ustream Ustream is the leading live interactive broadcast platform that enables anyone with an Internet connection and a camera to engage with their audience in a meaningful, immediate way. Users can copy and paste URLs of live streams, videos and highlights from into their WordPress blog posts. This plugin automatically pulls in the video embed using the oEmbed protocol. 31. Cincopa: Create Account 32. Cincopa: Create Gallery 33. Add from Cincopa