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Vertical blinds are often used to cover patio doors and sliding doors. This type of blind is also especially well-suited for covering very large windows. There are dozens of styles and hundreds of colors and materials you can choose from, making it easy to match to any decor.

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2. Vertical blinds are oftenused to cover patiodoors and sliding doors.This type of blind is alsoespecially well-suited forcovering very largewindows.There are dozens ofstyles and hundreds ofcolors and materials.What are vertical blinds? 3. Control Light & Maintain PrivacyVertical blinds allow for very effective light and privacy controlsince they can be drawn closed or opened completely for anunobstructed view.There are several different high quality brands that manufacturevertical blinds. Each vertical blind brand brings unique materialsand colors to choose from. 4. Nulite Vertical BlindsNulite vertical blinds are available under the NulitePrestige, Nulite Value Plus, and Nulite Premium brand names.Sizes up to 120 wide x 144 high are available.Prices are quite reasonable, starting at around $40 with freeshipping including next day shipping on some models. 5. Levolor vertical blinds exudequality and fashion.Levolor is a very popular brandpreferred by manyhomeowners, Levolor deliversa very high quality product andoffers many unique options.Levolor Vertical Blinds 6. Graber Vertical BlindsGraber vertical blinds offer more color and material options than mostother brands.Another preferred brand known for excellent window coveringproducts, Grabers high-end products are considered by many to bethe icing on the design cake. 7. Timber Vertical BlindsTimber vertical blind offeringsare a little different! Timberoffers beautiful unique verticalcellular blinds in bothtranslucent light-filtering andblackout styles.Available in over two-dozencolors, the Timber verticalcellular blinds offer privacy andinsulation. 8. If you need any assistance or have questions or commentsyou can visit and click on the Live Chatbutton.Or you can give us a call at (888) 305-8020. Thank you forvisiting.Find Your Perfect Vertical Blinds