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UNESCO monuments. Region of Prešov. Historical center (Levoča). maintained church of St.James (14.century) with ten altars (15./16.century) 18,6 meters high altar 1510 Master Paul the largest wooden Gothic altar in the world. Historical center (Bardejov). Basilica of Sv.Egídia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Region of Preov

  • Historical center (Levoa)maintainedchurch of St.James (14.century) with ten altars (15./16.century)18,6metershighaltar1510Master Paul the largest wooden Gothic altar in the world

  • Historical center (Bardejov)Basilica of Sv.Egdia 11 woodenaltarsandhallmost advancedfortificationsinSlovakiain1986 it was awardedthe European Award-GoldMedal included in UNESCO since 2000

  • Spis castlehistorical landmark complex formed Spis Castle, Spisk Kapitula and Spis settlementsone ofthe largestcastlesinCentral Europe

  • erven kltorGothic Carthusian monasteryPieniny National Park in the district Kemarok14th centurynamed by red roofs action of two religious orders - Carthusians and Camaldulsmuseum in the monastery

  • Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel (Ladomrov)Belfry1742village Ladomirovbuilt without nailsincluded in UNESCO since 2008

  • Church of St. Francis of Assisi (Hervartov)wooden Roman Catholic churcholdest and best preserved wooden church in Slovakia 15. centurylocated in the village Hervartov, Bardejov district1968 = national cultural monumentChurch dominates the altar of St. Catherine, Mary and BarbaraGothic styleincluded in UNESCO since 2008

  • Temple of St.Nicholas (Bodrual)

    part of a unique town-planning scheme1658separate bell tower, cementary and a wooden fence with entrance gatepreserved section of wall paintings from the late 18. centuryInternal decoration = baroque, white-painted

  • BardejovSpa5 kmfrom theBardejov Spahouses,hotelsandtwoswimming poolsandtwo exposuresSarisMuseumatBardejovsix springs mineral water (example- Hlavn,Lekrsky,Herkules,Albeta...)The first mention=1247 type of water = alcoholic - salty

  • Kristna Platkov II.BPavlna Pirochov II.B