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Transcript of UCD CCI UCD Centre for Cybercrime · PDF file UCD CCI Training & Education Judiciary &...

UCD CCI Are academic advisors to the European Cybercrime Training

and Education Group (ECTEG) Are contributors to the INTERPOL Working Party on High Tech

Crime Have signed MOUs with INTERPOL and IMPACT Maintain a close working relationship with An Garda Siochana,

providing training for new cybercrime investigators and CPDtraining for existing investigators

Provide assistance and advice to UNODC (United Nations Officeon Drugs and Crime) on their cybercrime training initiatives

Are contributors to the Council of Europe working group on theharmonisation of cybercrime training for judges and prosecutors

Works closely with the OSCE (Organisation for Security andCooperation in Europe) to deliver training in the Balkans

In addition UCD CCI receives financial support from the Irish BankingFederation and are members of the Irish Banking Federation HighTech Crime Forum.

The 2CENTRE ProjectCybercrime Centres of Excellence Network for Training Research & EducationUCD CCI has the lead role in the 2CENTRE project.This a major international project based on collaboration betweenacademic, industrial and law enforcement participants. The goal ofthe 2CENTRE project is the development of a network of cybercrimecentres of excellence, around Europe.

UCD Centre for Cybercrime InvestigationUniversity College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Telephone: +353 (0) 1 716 2947Email: [email protected]: www.cci.ucd.ie

International Industry


International Learning


National Centres of Excellence


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UCD Centre for Cybercrime Investigation

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ResearchUCD CCI carries out applied and theoretical research into forensiccomputing, computer security and cybercrime investigation.

Research topics include: Identification of key factors in the prevention & investigation of

online financial crimes Card fraud (skimming) & card not present (CNP) detection Malware analysis of banking trojans Automated event reconstruction for digital forensics and

intrusion analysis Low level forensic analysis of magnetic and optical media Data mining for network intrusion detection VoIP investigation for law enforcement Investigation of illegal distribution of digital content on

peer-to-peer networks Mobile device forensics Digital watermarking and steganography

Tool Development and ValidationUCD CCIs research and educational activities have led to thedevelopment of a number of tools to aid law enforcement and security professionals.

The following tools have been developed or supported by UCD CCI: Decryption tool for law enforcement to facilitate the decryption

of log files stored by point of sale PIN entry device skimmers Copyright infringement detection tool to detect and measure

the scale of illegal file content sharing and digital piracy Universal mobile acquisition platform to facilitate the

acquisition and analysis of evidence from mobile devices Digital forensics automation tool for evidence interpretation

and analysis Covert monitoring and lawful interception tool Advanced tool for the investigation of computer usage traces

(TraceHunter) Highly automated, affordable forensic solution (REAPER) Mac OS X Firewire forensics tool (Goldfish) New methods and tools for file system analysis UCD CCI has validated and developed the training material

for Microsofts COFEE live forensics tool, which is distributed by INTERPOL


Training & Education Judiciary

& Prosecutors




Forensic Tool Development & Validation

UCD Centre for Cybercrime Investigation (UCD CCI) UCD CCI is a unique, world-class education and research centre withstrong and well-established collaborative relationships with lawenforcement and industry. Cybercrime presents a new challenge to theworld especially those involved in Law Enforcement (LE), the Judiciary,Regulators, Banking and Industry. UCD CCI's experienced researchersand investigators have broad knowledge of cybersecurity, cybercrime,computer and network forensics and investigation techniques. We haveformal relationships with INTERPOL, EUROPOL, the Irish BankingFederation and IMPACT and informal collaborations with manyorganisations including the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugsand Crime), OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation inEurope), Purdue University, Microsoft, Citibank, Eircom, INFACTand eBay.

EducationUCD CCI develops and delivers Accredited cybercrime education programmes for

investigators and security specialists. Law enforcement training, providing content experts and training

designers to ensure consistency and quality as well as academicaccreditation. The material is available via EUROPOL to any lawenforcement organisation in Europe and worldwide via INTERPOL.

Train the Trainer courses in collaboration with INTERPOL.

UCD CCI has also developed M.Sc. programmes for both LawEnforcement and Industry: Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation

(Law Enforcement only) Explores the concepts, principles, and professional practiceintegral to forensic computing and cybercrime investigation.

Digital Investigation Explores the concepts principles, and professional practice in digitalinvestigation and is designed for information technology specialiststo enable their investigation of computer-related incidents.

Information Security Management

For details see: http://cci.ucd.ie/content/cybercrime-msc-programmes

Typical courses for law enforcement include:

Basic Skills for Forensic Investigators Live Data ForensicsNTFS Forensics Forensic ScriptingNetwork Investigations Malware InvestigationInternet Investigations Vista ForensicsLinux as an Investigative Tool Data Mining and DatabasesWireless LANS and VoIP Mobile Phone Forensics

CCI Activities


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