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When should an administrator update a TYPO3 system?

Transcript of TYPO3 security updates

  • 1. 25 January 2010 TYPO3 + Ext Updates

2. Index Part I Recognise critical problems In extensions In the TYPO3 corePart II Update process - Extensions - TYPO3 core 3. Recognise critical problemsBe aware of TYPO3 core and extension updateswhich are solving possible security problems Subscribe and read security RSS feedhttp://news.typo3.org/news/teams/security/rss.xml 4. Part I:Recognise critical problems In TYPO3 extensions 5. Recognise critical problems - Extensions 6. Recognise critical problems - Extensions Have a look into your extension list(which extensions are installed)Note: Extension Manager is available for admins only 7. Recognise critical problems - Extensions Compare extension Keys Installed extensions in TYPO3Extensions which have to be updatedInstalled ExtensionsExtensions with sec fixesContent_help1.1.0 mk_anydropd