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  • The new, even more powerful HIL, with 32 analog outputs and Gigabit/s serial link. Tailored for the most demanding

    industrial test, verification, and pre-certification tasks.


    Typhoon HIL602.

  • HIL made for Power Electronics Engineers.

  • Typhoon HIL602.Deploy industrial grade ultra-high fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop system

    for the most comprehensive power electronics controls test, verification, and pre-certification.

    ApplicationsTyphoon HIL602 real-time power electronics emulator is an ideal tool for development, test-ing, optimization, and quality assurance of grid connected converters (i.e. PV, wind, active fil-ter), automotive converters, electric propulsion drives, micro-grids, and industry automation.

    Easy to use software tool-chainUser friendly and intuitive software is easy to use and master, even for first time users. Build your models and perform sophisticated test scenarios, in the comfort of your office, in four simple steps:

    1. Define converter model in the schematic editor and compile circuit with one click.

    2. Run the model from the simulation control center and change sources, toggle contac-tors, load machines etc.

    3. Capture signals, zoom in, and explore the waveforms around critical events.

    4. Automate steps 1 to 3 via Python test scripts and let the HIL602 comprehensively test your controller around the clock.

    Features and Benefits Unleashthenew6-coreprocessorHILfor

    real-time emulation of up to 6 converters.

    Testyourcontrollerwith20nsPWMresolu-tion ultra-high fidelity HIL.

    Emulateyourpowerstagewithupto2MHzupdate rate.

    Quicklyfindproblemsanddebugyourcon-troller with new Scope/Capture Function.

    Diveintoyoursignalswith1Megapointcap-ture record length for all 16 channels.

    Interfaceyourcontrollervia32analogout-puts, 16 analog inputs, 32 digital inputs, and 32 digital outputs.

    Buildconvertermodelsusingourextensivelibraryofpowerelectronicscomponentsandprepackaged examples.

    AutomatetestingwithPythonscriptsforthemost comprehensive control software test-ing.


  • HIL602 highlights.

    Test your controller with high fidelity, 20 ns sampling HIL.

    20nsPWMresolutioncombinedwith1ms latencyenablesthemostrealisticpowerelec-tronics controller test and development. For converter switching frequencies up to 200 kHz emulation error and latency are so small that itisdifficulttotellthedifferencebetweenrealconverter and HIL emulator measured wave-forms.

    Automate testing with Python: the ultimate ease of use.Automate controller testing processes with Python scripting and HIL602 platform. Discov-er the most comprehensive power electronics control software testing environment where faultinjectionsuchasgriddisturbances,shortand open circuits are just one Python com-mand away. Use Python scripting and rich mathfunctionlibrarytoquantifysystemper-formance in spectrum of operating conditions under standard operating conditions and fault conditions (internal and external).

    Zoom in voltages and currents with Scope/Capture Functions microsecond microscope.

    Quicklydebugcontrolcodewithdeepmem-ory scope/capture function. Trigger on fault injection events and quantify the converter systemresponse.With1Megapointcapturerecord length, on all 32 analog channels, and 1MHzsamplerateeventinyglitchesinmodu-lator algorithm are quickly identified.


    CaptureHILsignalstoquicklydetect,debug,and characterize your controller performance.

    Automate testing with Python scripts to comprehensively andreproduciblytestandqualifyallyourcontrollers.

  • HIL602 use case.Controller for centralized PV inverter with MPPT.

    Control software development

    In this case, complete control software for cen-tralized PV inverter system, including four parallel MPPTconvertersisdeveloped,testedandqualifiedusing HIL. All the fast controller functionssuch asPWMmodulation,currentandvoltagecontrolloops, maximum power point tracking etc.as well as protection functions and high-level control functions (i.e. dynamic grid support) were tested and characterized using HIL. Control loop tuning and optimization was done on real controller platform interfaced with HIL602. MPPTcodewastestedandverifiedusingvariousillumination profiles (including partial shading) to confirmconvergencetoglobalmaximumpowerpoint of PV panel. In addition current harmonic content was measured to verify filter parameters.

    Testing and qualification

    HIL602,withitsdeepmemory1Msample/sec/channeland1MHzsampleratescope/capturefunction, up to 6 parallel computation cores, and 20 ns sampling resolution, provides the most comprehensive, high-fidelity HIL emulation envi-ronment. It is tailored for test and qualification of grid connected converter systems grid compliance including dynamic grid support. Automated test scripts cover test cases required forobtaininggridcompliancecertificates,i.e.BDEW.Automatedfaultinjectionprovidescom-prehensive environment for test and verification of control performance under grid faults (sags, dips, frequencydisturbances,overvoltages),compo-nent failures, and environmental conditions (i.e. solarillumination).Capturefunctionenablesde-tailed analysis of converter dynamics and analyti-cal verification of grid code compliance.

    Typhoon HIL602 real-time emulator

    Controller platform

  • MicroGridEnergystorageconverter.Develop Micro-Grid energy storage converter control system.

    Energy storage inverter.

    In this case, a complete control software for a bat-tery energy storage inverter system is developed using HIL. Complete micro-grid is simulated with the HIL602 Cluster. Micro-gridmodelimplementedprovides the most realistic environment for devel-opment and testing of micro-grid power electron-ics systems. In this system micro-grid model comprises intermittent photovoltaic power source, perma-nentmagnetsynchronousmachinewindturbinegenerator, diesel powered synchronous generator, variablespeedmotordrive,resistiveload,nonlin-ear current load, utility grid and main contactor thatemulatesbothgrid-connectedandoff-gridoperationalregimes.Atrulyflexibleandeasytouse ultra-high fidelity real-time simulation environ-ment.

    Test, optimize, pre-certify. Control loops design and optimization for the energy storage inverter is done on an industri-al controller platform directly interfaced with the HIL602 Cluster via HILConnect. All controller functionsi.e.PWMmodulator,PLL,currentandvoltage control loops etc.as well as protection and high-level control functions (i.e. dynamic grid support) are tested for different operating condi-tions. Indeed, HILCluster is ideal for test and pre-certi-fication of micro-grid power electronics converter controllers. Automated test scripts cover a spec-trum of test cases (including fault conditions and systemunbalance)thatprovideacosteffectivesolution for compete test and verification of con-trol system performance. In addition, HILCluster provides easy to use development and test envi-ronment for system level micro-grid controller.







    C +





















    Energy storage grid-tie inverter


    Diesel powered synchronous generator

    PV inverter


    PMSM wind generator


  • TyphoonHILMicroGridSolution.Complete HIL solution for micro-grid control system development,

    testing, and pre-certification.

    MicroGrid HIL solution.

    HIL602 provides a comprehensive environment for design and testing of control systems for micro-grid power electronics converters. Ty-phoonLink-Gigabitpersecondseriallink-enablesseamless connection of multiple HIL602 units into one unified HIL system that can simulate 16 or more converters.Whetheryouaretestingasingleconvertercon-trol or multiple converter control (centralized or decentralized) HIL602 in the cluster configuration provides a unified environment that is as easy to use as if you were working with single HIL unit. Compile schematic diagram from the Schematic Editor; control the real-time emulation process via HIL Control Panel; quickly access all simulated sig-nals via the Scope/Capture function-the same way as if you were using a single HIL. Finaly, automate testing with Python scripts via Typhoon API.

    Features and Benefits

    Connect4ormoreHIL602 units in HILClus-ter configuration.


    Testoneormultiplecontrollersinmicro-gridenvironmentforbothcentralizedanddecen-tralized micro-grid control configurations.

    Testbothlowerlevelandapplication/mi-cro-grid level control layers.

    Interfaceseamlesslyyourindustrialcontrol-lers to multiple HIL units via HILConnect.

    Automatetestandpre-certificationprocess-es with Python scripts via Typhoon API.

    signal conditioning

    Control System Under Test

    signal conditioning

    Control System Under Test

    signal conditioning

    Control System Under Test

    signal conditioning

    Control System Under Test


  • Unified HIL Software Environment.Experience integrated HIL software with automated testing.

    Intuitive and easy to master, our software provides a unified environment for power electronics design, test automation and quality assurance.

    Unified experience.