Typhoon Haiyan Appeal

Typhoon Haiyan Appeal A reflection and prayer


Typhoon Haiyan Appeal. A reflection and prayer. Super typhoon ‘Haiyan’ hit the Philippines on November 8. It is the worst storm to ever have made landfall in modern history. Lord, our refuge and strength. In suffering, you are still our hope. Hear our prayers today. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Typhoon Haiyan Appeal

Typhoon Haiyan AppealA reflection and prayer

Super typhoon ‘Haiyan’ hit the Philippines on November 8.It is the worst storm to ever have made landfall in modern history.

Lord, our refuge and strength. In suffering, you are still our hope. Hear our prayers today.

Typhoons are extreme storms, with very heavy wind and rains. Typhoon Haiyan winds were more than 330km per hour and the waves were 15 metres high.

Loving God, we pray your comforting presence be close to all children, women and men affected during this time.

• A typhoon in the Philippines on November 8 has forced millions of people to leave their homes.

• Typhoons always bring strong winds and heavy rain, but this was one of the strongest typhoons ever

• Parts of the Philippines were affected by an earthquake last month

• Our partners have been providing shelters and emergency supplies to thousands of people who lost their homes

• Local churches are now working with CAFOD to help those who are affected by the typhoon

The islands of Samar and Leyte in the eastern area of the Philippines islands were most affected by the typhoon.

Lord, we ask that you protect our brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

During these times, it can be difficult to access people and give them help. Roads are closed and it is difficult to communicate.

Lord, bless those who maintain efforts to reach people in difficult areas. May help reach those who are in need as quickly as possible.

Thousands of homes have been completely destroyed. Parts of the Philippines had already been affected by a strong earthquake last month.

Lord, you are our refuge. We pray the church in the Philippines is able to protect and show your unfailing love to all


Many thousands of people have already died. More than 9 million people will need assistance.

Loving Father, comfort those who mourn.

Caritas Australia is supporting local partners who are present in the affected areas to provide assistance such as food, shelter and clean water.

Lord we ask that you encourage and protect those who are helping the suffering, the wounded and the grief stricken.

People are worried about having enough food and water to survive in the aftermath of this disaster.

Lord, in times of fear and confusion, let your love hold all people together. Let there be peace amongst the panic, and co-operation in the chaos.

Caritas Australia and our partners began preparing before the storm hit, and will continue to be there in the long term to assist the people of the Philippines recover from the typhoon.

Lord, please fill all hearts with hope and strength as rescue and rehabilitation continues.


You can donate to the Caritas Australia Typhoon Haiyan Appeal. www.caritas.org.au/typhoon-haiyan

May we open our hearts in compassion and give generously.May we offer our hearts and hands to your work.


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