Typhoon Haiyan

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Typhoon Haiyan By Tash, Steph and Taylah

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Typhoon Haiyan. By Tash, Steph and Taylah. Before and after…. Winds were equivalent to a category 5 hurricane (the strongest category a hurricane can be). When and where?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Typhoon HaiyanBy Tash, Steph and Taylah

Page 2: Typhoon Haiyan

Before and after…

Winds were equivalent to a category 5 hurricane (the strongest category a hurricane can be)

Page 3: Typhoon Haiyan

When and where?• Typhoon Haiyan was one of the

strongest storms to ever make landfall and hit The Phillipines with devastating force on November 8th .

• The damage was particularly focus on the village of Tacloban, Samar and Abucay in Leyte province.

• When Haiyan landed at Guiuan, gusts hit 315kpm, which some consider to be the highest ever recorded. Little may have survived in Guiuan and the town is still largely inaccessible.

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Response• “Designer clothes donated by David

and Victoria Beckham are to go on sale at a charity shop in London to aid victims of Typhoon Haiyan in The Phillipines.”-updated 11 hours ago

• China originally donated $100,000 in aid but after receiving criticism from other leading donators they amped up their donation to 1.6 million, which is still smaller than IKEA’s donation which was 2.6 million.

• A group of Australian volunteers are helping provide water purification supplies to the victims.

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• Australian trauma surgeon David Reid assisted by a Phillipino surgeon are working together to operate on people in need.

• “I wish to express my closeness to the people of the Philippines and of that region. Unfortunately there are many victims and the damage is enormous. We pray now in silence ... for our brothers and sisters, and we will seek to also send concrete help.”

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Impacts…• The reconstruction of the two main islands

of Philippines is estimated to cost five billion dollars.

• The coastal, remote village of Tacloban was completely swept away by this massive wave.

• Over 12 million people are now in need of emergency aid relief

• 12.9 million people across 8,000 villages in 9 regions devastated

• More than 1,000 bodies were found floating in Tacloban

• 80,000 houses completely flattened• 11 million people have been affected by

this natural disaster

Page 7: Typhoon Haiyan

Death Toll…• Typhoon Haiyan has a climbing death

toll. The death toll was first estimated as 10,000, then reduced to 2,000-3,000. The death toll from the monster typhoon has reached 4,200, an official tally of 1,179 people missing and assumed deceased… bring the toll to around 5,000. Around 12,000 people were injured.

• Three million people in the Philippines are displaced and more than half a million are left homeless and living without food, water or shelter in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

Page 8: Typhoon Haiyan

Impact on Families…• The separation between

family and friends is devastating.

• “A neighbouring family of five was not so fortunate…They drowned, the five of them holding each other's arms. So that was a very touching family, because even in death they’re always together, so no one's sad," she said.

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