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Tyler Shelton. ABC BOOK. A. Alliance Close association between nations formed to advance common goals. Abolitionist Person who wanted to end slavery. Ambush Surprise attack. Alien Immigrant living in a country in which he or she isn’t a citizen. b. Backcountry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tyler Shelton

Tyler SheltonABC BOOKAAbolitionistPerson who wanted to end slavery

AmbushSurprise attackAlliance Close association between nations formed to advance common goals

AlienImmigrant living in a country in which he or she isnt a citizen

2bBackcountryRegion of hills & forest west of tide water

Blockade-runnerShip that sails into & out of blockaded areas

BurgessesElected representatives to an assembly

BoomtownA community experiencing sudden growth in business and population


CabinetGroup of advisors to the president

CanalArtificial waterway

CapitalMoney for an investment Cash cropFarm crop raised to be sold

dDesert To leave without permission

DraftThe selection of persons for required military servicesDepreciateFall in valueDebtorPerson or country that owes moneyeEmancipateFree from slaveryEmbargoOrder prohibiting trade with another countryEmigrant A person who leavesa country or region to live elsewhereExportSell goods abhroad

fFamine extreme shortage of foodFrigatewarshipFugitive Runaway or trying to runawayFreedmanA person freed from slavery

gGuerilla warfareHit and run techniqueGuerilla tactics Referring to a surprise attackGreenbackPiece of money first in the north during the civil warGlobal warming increase of average world temperature

hHuman rights Rights reguarded as belonging to all persons Horizontal integrationA combing of competting firms into oneHenry, PatrickMember in the house of burgesses

House of burgessesTwo representatives from tens towns met in a church

IImportBuy goods from foreign marketsImpressmentsForcing people into serviceInflationContinues rise in prices of goods and servicesIroncladArmed naval vessel

jJoint occupationThe possession and settling of an area shared between to countriesJackson, Andrew7 presidentJudicial branchThe branch of government including the federal court

Judicial reviewThe right of the supreme court to be determine if a law is uncostitutional

kKnox Henry1st secretary of warKansas Nebraska act 1 free state for every free state Kansas bleeding Mini civil warKey Francis ScottAuthor of star spangled banner

lLandslideOverwhelming victoryLee, Robert e.Leader of confederate army

LiteracyAbility to read and write LoyalistA person who wanted to stay Loyal to great Britain

mMaizeEarly form of corn grown byNative AmericansMajorityMore than halfMission religious settlement Militia Group of citizens trained to fight

nNullifyTo cancel or make ineffectiveNeutral Taking no side in a conflictNeutrality A position of not taking sidesNormal schoolTwo year school for training high school grads. To become teachers

oOffensivePosition of attackingOrdinanceA law or regulationOverride Overturn or defeat as a bill in congressOverseerPerson who supervises a large opperationpPrecedentA traditionPrivateerArmed private ship

PerjuryLying when one has sworn the oath PetitionFormal request

qQuakersPeople who settled for religious freedomQuechanIncan language Quartering troopsAllow soldiers to live in your house and eat your foodQuebec, battle ofBritish general john Wolfe attacked an wonrRadicalextremeRancheroMexican ranch ownerRecruitEnlist soldiers in the armyRatifyGive official approval tosSecedeLeave or withdrawSecessionWithdrawal from unionSectionalismLoyalty to a regionSuffrageThe right to voteTTariffA tax on imported or exported goodsTributeMoney paid for protectionTerraceA raised piece of land with the top leveled off to promote farmingTidewaterA region of flat low lying plains the seacoastuUtopia Perfect societyUnalienable rightsA right that be surrenderedUnconstitutionalNot agreeing with the constitutionUnderground railroadA system of routes across the u.s. that led from the south to the northvVaqueroHispanic ranch ownerVetoTo prevent a bill from becoming a lawVigilantesPeople who take the law into their own handsVertical interrogationCombining of companies AND SUPPLIES FOR A PARTICULAR INDUSTRYwWar hawksRep. during Madison's presidency that wanted war with great BritainDepartment of war Department dealing with warWashington, George1st U.S. presidentWrites of assistanceDocument that allowed officers to check homes for smuggled goodsxXyz affairs3 French agents came to AmericaYYankeeUnion soldierYorktownBritish surrender to U.S.YEOMANSouthern farm owner without slavesZZenger, John PeterNew York journal faced charges of libel for printing a critical report about the royal governor of N.Y.