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Summer Reading Project

Summer Reading ProjectGathering BlueBy :Lois LowryTyler Butler

Why its called gathering blueIts called Gathering Blue because Kira has everything she needs except blue thread.SummaryGathering Blue by Lois Lowry teaches us that good things come in small {and twisted} packages. To begin with, Kiras mother dies and she is left alone with a twisted leg. After that, Vandara and some other women try to take her land. Next, Kira and Vandara go to the Council of Guardians {court}. Then, Kira wins the trial but, Vandara gets her land. So, Kira stays in the Council of Edifice. Soon, she starts to work on the singers robe and needs blue thread and meets three other kids. Matt {her friend} brings blue thread and her long-lost father, who explains everything and offers her a new home. In the end, Kira decides to stay.

Elements of FictionSetting :Council of Edifice.

ProtagonistKira is the protagonist.

Antagonist Vandara is antagonist.

ConflictMan v.s. Man/ Man v.s Society.

P.O.V.Third limited.Climax Kiras father comes, explains everything, and offers her a home.

ResolutionKira decides to stay.

ThemeGood things come in small { and twisted} packages.