Tycoon Medical Final Asia Practicum

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Stacci Barosso Owen Fayer Ilango Gopalan Vicky Patzer Holly Weston David Wroth Prepared for: Visutha Vorasucha, Director – Tycoon Medical 10 March 2010
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Final Recommendation for Tycoon Medical, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Transcript of Tycoon Medical Final Asia Practicum

  • 1. Stacci Barosso Owen FayerPrepared for:Ilango GopalanVisutha Vorasucha, Director Tycoon MedicalVicky Patzer10 March 2010 Holly Weston David Wroth

2. Company OverviewSales Volume70%60% Mission: Providing quality50%medical products and superior 40%medical engineering services30%60%20% 40%10% Distributor of medical 0% BangkokUpCountryequipment and supplies 160M Sales Turnover (US$5M) 50 employees, Founded 2000Supplies, 30% ~200 CustomersEquip, 70 Only serving the Thai market% Product Mix 3. Nebulizer and CompressorIncentive LaryngoscopeSpirometerModular Operating Theatre Operating Room Table 4. Market/Industry TrendsUniversal Health Care Free Access for all Thai Citizens Public Hospitals Struggling to CopeInflux of Medical Tourism United States EuropeSophistication of Devices Disposable Products Increasingly Complex 5. SWOT AnalysisStrengths WeaknessesSynergistic PortfolioLimited Product Line Superior Customer Service Communication Staff Experience Limited Trend Analysis TYCOON MEDICAL CO., LTD ThreatsOpportunitiesCompetitors Broader Product Line Enhance Product Line Government Restrictions Sales Lead Tracking New EntrantsEmployee Retention Website/Co-op Advertising 6. Sales Organization Dilemma Diverse Products &Sales TechniquesSales, GeneralAdministration Expenses & Coordination 7. Bangkok Sales Team (Existing)Sales Manager Bkk Metropolitan AreaProduct Specialist Sales SalesSales SalesPublic Hp = 10Public Hp = 10 Public Hp = 10Public Hp = 10Private Hp = 25 Private Hp = 25Private Hp = 25 Private Hp = 25 * Private Hospital >50 Beds 8. Potential Sales Structures TerritoryHybrid Models Product Hospital Size / Type 9. Bangkok Sales Team (Proposed)Account Team Sales AccountPipelineExecSystem TopCustomers Product InsideSpec Sales Inside SalesMid Tier CustomersPostSales SupportAll Others 10. Sales Tracking & Follow UpSalespersoncalls or faxes leadSales SalesCoordinatorCoordinator Updates enters data into database databaseSalesperson Periodic Reports informs sales to Sales coordinator of Manager resultSalespersonSales manager follows up contactswith lead salesperson 11. Breakeven Analysis30,000.00 200 quotes/month Monthly Margin/Costs Average size of Quote 25,000.00 Supplies ( 15K)20,000.00 Equipment ( 700K)15,000.00 Incremental Conversion Ratio10,000.00(