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Presented at the Florida Association of Realtors' Annual Conference, 2011 in Orlando FL. Covers 10 tips that will help you incorporate Twitter into your real estate business plan. Lesley Lambert, social media trainer and speaker can be found on Twitter at

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2. ARE YOU ON TWITTER?DO YOU HAVE A BUSINESSPLAN FOR TWITTER? 3. PERSONA & VOICE1 4. PERSONA & VOICE Tweeting as a business vs. an individual Remember your legal and ethical guidelines Determineyour goals Be YOU! 5. PROFILE & PICTURE2 6. PROFILE & PICTURE Faceless = friendless Currentand friendly Complete Uniqueand memorable 7. TARGET 3 8. TARGET Whatis your ultimate goal? Who do you hope to meet? Geographical vs niche Toolsto use:, Hashtags 9. FOLLOW ME4 10. FOLLOW ME Youfollow them, now how do you get them to return the favor? Say hello! Hashtags - yes, again! Share information of use Ask 11. CONVERSATION 5 12. CONVERSATION Not a one-way stream Openconversation, public dialogue Being seen - use @ and hashtags. Be bold and engaging Commoninterests, events, questions and answers Share 13. GIVE BEFORE YOU GET6 14. GIVE BEFORE YOU GET Shareother businesses and individuals links Retweet Offer assistance and information Givelocal tips FollowFriday Klout + 15. FACE TO FACE 7 16. FACE TO FACE Takethe conversation off-line Tweetups Lunch Local events Foursquare and Gowalla check-ins combined with Twitter 17. FREQUENCY8 18. FREQUENCY How much is too much? How much time should you spend? Scheduled tweets 19. PERMANENT RECORD 9 20. PERMANENT RECORD Archived forever Deleted tweets Range and reach Professional and ethical 21. SPOKES AND HUB 10 22. SPOKES AND HUB Twitter as a spoke Whatis the hub? Useyour spoke to drive potential clients to the hub Call to action 23. QUESTIONS ANDANSWERS @LesleyLambert