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Transcript of Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System Masahiro Yamamoto Tsunami Unit Intergovernmental Oceanographic...

  • Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System

    Masahiro YamamotoTsunami UnitIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)UNESCO

  • Tsunami Early Warning System --effective utilization of existing systems---Oupstream detection, verification, tsunami forecast, dissemination of tsunami warning,intergovernmental Odownstream delivery of warnings, initiate national counter-measures, prepare and implement standardized reaction IOC co-ordinates Tsunami Warning Systems as an end-to-end system

  • IOC in UN partnership




    Warning guidanceHazard assessmentMitigation

    Communication (GTS)Multi-hazard

    Public awarenessPreparedness

  • Earthquake TsunamiTsunami Warning CenterInternational - Regional FrameworkNational Warning SystemPublic AwarenessNational GovernmentLocal GovernmentPeopleMass MediaWhere is Evacuation Route?What is Tsunami?TSUNAMI Early Warning OverviewCabinet Office Japan Hazard Risk Assessment Warning Guidance Mitigation - Preparedness

  • Indian OceanWhere are we now?All countries of the Indian Ocean participateInterim Tsunami Advisory Information from centers in Hawaii and TokyoNational 24/7 Tsunami Focal PointGovernance UN/IOC through Intergovernmental Group (ICG/IOTWS)

  • What is the System?The system must be:Based on open and free data and information exchangeBased on international and multilateral cooperationEffective utilization of existing infrastructure; seismic, sea level, communication

  • Tsunami Forecast Operation for Tsunamis from nearby OriginJMA Seismic NetworkQuantitative Tsunami forecast(arrival time and Tsunami height)Tsunami warning for 66 regionsTsunami DatabaseTsunami Warning Tidal NetworkEvaluation of Tsunami

  • Occurrence ofEarthquake GenerationofTsunamiDetection of Seismic WaveDeterminationofMagnitude and HypocenterEvaluationofTsunamiIssuanceofTsunami WarningIssuanceofTsunami InformationDetection of TsunamiNetwork of seismographsReal time data processing system Criteria for Tsunami grade Communication facility to disseminateTsunami Warning Components of tsunami warning systemNetwork of tide gauge to monitor tsunami What we need for Tsunami WarningReal time data transmission Re-evaluationof Tsunami

  • WG1: Seismic Measurements

    25 new / upgraded seismic stations by June 2006

  • WG2: Sea Level Data including DARTChair: Mr. Premkumar, India

  • 3 DART-like systemsdeployed

  • June 2005: IOC General Assembly decided resolutions on the establishment of a global and three regional Intergovernmental Coordination Groups on TEWS for

    - the Indian Ocean (ICG/IOTWS)- the Caribbean (ICG/CARTWS)- the NE Atlantic and Med (ICG/NEAMTWS)

  • Three more regions to coordinate

  • GLOBAL Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System4 Seas3 Oceans

  • WG1/ICG/PTWSInfrastructure of Seismic Networkcooperation CTBTO, FDSN (real time)Filling in the network gapslocal tsunami/national systemNew technologies for tsunami warningGPS, deep sea observationSharing operational techniquesdevelop real-time operational system

  • Next-Generation--Tsunami Warning System--Real time GPS processing systemEnhancement of real time analyzing systemReal time tsunami numerical modeling

    Strengthen cooperation between science communities and tsunami warning centers